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A list of gods- very useful for clerics and for praying

Character Creation help page- Racial stats


Planes List, a useful guide for the enterprising Interplanar Traveller… With commentary by the Creation Goddess herself.

We are using the Alternate Turning Rules found in the Complete Divine book:
Alternate turning rules: Turn attempts deal 1d6/ Cleric Level total damage to undead or Healing to undead (If the cleric is of an evil alignment, worshipping a blight duke, or uner the control of the Aegis by DM’s discretion) within 30ft. Undead may make a DC10+Cleric Level+ Cleric Cha Modifier for half damage. Turning Resistance decreases this damage. Line of effect is needed, so undead in cover cannot be turned. The turning check applies in this way to creatures that can be turned or rebuked that are not undead. The damage is apportioned out either evenly (rounded up) among the undead or as the cleric wishes.


Treasure List
Rules List

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