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Good Morning, Redscales!

An unexpected guest starts off a day on the town.

The session opens on a sleepy morning at the Red Scale Mercenaries guild hall. The calm in the air is soon broken as a fuming half giant storms her way through the door. The woman growls out her demand to see her husband…none other than our unfortunate Hrsag. Sol, keeping her cool as always, explains the situation; Hrsag has been posted at Harro and is unavailible. The half giant’s rage is not satisfied, but continues to grow as she directs it at Soleas. Melanath and Alva, already on their feet at the first sign of hostility, cautiously make their move. Alva moves slowly to re-position herself, catching Sol’s eye as she does so and nodding her intent to come to the Saris’s aid. Mel, looking a bit pale in the scales, slinks quietly out of the room in search of his shield. Hrsag’s so-called wife, now nearly boiling over with rage, begins to turn her demands into wild accusations that range from racial slurs to hidden affairs. Solaes remains steadfast as ever, hardly twitching a whisker as the half giant grows more violent. Melanath returns just in time, positioning himself (and his sturdy shield) between the two. He tries to reason with the barbaric woman, now revealed as “Valna”, a crime lord and apparently quite the figure in Mahagra. Valna, however, will have none of it. Refusing one last insistent request to leave from Soleas, the half giant surges forward with a roar to attack. Melanath and Soleas both sidestep the charge nimbly as Sol relays the plan of action. Mel is to go find Sir Fangthoth. NOW. With a salute, the dragon speeds off down the cooridoor to alert the Guildmaster of their rather sudden guest.

Melanath comes to a sliding halt, foot first into the forge door. His breach attempt failed, Mel is instead left wincing and hopping one-footed as he calls to Guntzheg through the all-too-thick barrier. Guntzheg is roused from his mourning however, and opens the forge door with a grumble. After a hasty report from Melanath on the state of their once peaceful dining hall, Guntzheg puts some suspicions to rest. Hrsag is in fact a true “man’s man”, but the poor bloke was bullied right into his marriage. It’s beginning to sound like none can refuse the demands of Valna in Mahagra, but Melanath and Guntzheg make their way back to where the rest of the party is still putting up a fight.

Rounding the corner, the two are greeted with quite the sight. Much of the surrounding furniture is destroyed, the party themselves are spread about the room strategically. Valna is in a rage, hefting any immediate objects to smash or hurl toward Soleas, who in turn has crouched, rolled, or dodged out of the way of every one. Alva is behind the half giant, arms spread before her, eyes scanning frantically through the rubble. Nathanew remains at his table with a stunned expression on his face and a small bit of breakfast hanging out one side of his open mouth. Hathril is nowhere to be found, having gone out much earlier in the morning on the hunt for chestnuts, so the little squirrel was not among those to see what happens next. Valna hefts a table up over her head, readying it with a roar for a final swing. The battle cry is cut off abrubtly as the half giant’s limp body crashes to the floor. As the dust clears, Alva is revealed standing over her… makeshift bludgeon in hand.

As everyone catches their breath, the scene in the guildhall slowly returns to normal. Many set about tidying up remnants of furniture, while the party themselves make a combined effort of dragging Valna’s unconcious body out to the streets (after brief discussion and dismissal of other means of disposal). Guntzheg mercifully grants them the rest of the day’s leave, so Melanath, Alva, and a reluctant Nathanew head out to their favorite spot for relaxation; the local tavern. Hathril manages to come scurrying along just in time, so they all enter the dimly lit room together. The tavern is much more crowded than one would expect at such an early hour, and no sooner than they walked through the door Alva is met with a slightly familiar pair of drunken eyes looking her over. Playing along, she offers the man a flirtatious smile, laughing to herself under her breath as she turns to follow her companions to the bar. Mel and Alva start the morning off with a few strong rounds whilst Nath and Hathril opt for something a bit more tame. The group has a bit of time to enjoy each others company, laughing, toasting, and recounting the morning’s events before a stranger approaches. The same man from before, to Nath’s annoyance…and Mel’s amusement. Alva herself stands to greet him, seeing the perfect opportunity for a fun little game to start off their day. The rest of her group looks on in snickering amusement as the drunken man does most of the work against himself. At just a few words and a wink later, the whole tavern is enjoying a round at their new friend’s expense.

Good music, long tales and plenty of strong ale make a day pass quickly, and soon evening was upon them. The party stumbles out of the noisy tavern and into town’s streets , heading toward the market just before then vendors start to pack their wares. The sweetly scented air of twilight cools their faces as another day in Bristugo comes to a close well spent.




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