Blights edge

Into the Observatory

Subtlety was never our forte.

The session opens on the discussing of a plan of action. Ruling out launching anyone from a cannon, the squad decides to infiltrate the observatory with use of spells and their collective climbing abilities. Making their way to the wall under gnomish distractions, they quickly prepare for scaling the stony structure, Alva tying a secure harness around Lorn to help hoist him up. Nath goes about casting invisibility on everyone, whoever drew the short straw downs the invisibility potion and up they go. Ten minutes of climbing later, they arrive at the top of the observatory. Upon reaching the top, they see a large dome housing the telescope. The only door leading inside the dome was left propped open, so the group makes their way cautiously inside. Nothing greets them but a few potted blight plants, one of which had a hand written note underneath. Getting over the shivers of the rather disturbing message, they pocket it and move on to the door ahead of them adorned with a name plate. Two traps later, they manage to make their way into the office of Eddison Rindlecup.

The office appears to be riddled with traps, enchantments, and other sources of potentially dangerous magics. After only a few moments of searching, the party is interrupted by a warning from Solaes. Voices make their way to everyone’s ears, and hiding and ambush spots are quickly found or made. The door opens slowly, a sudden rush of six ghostly body guards enter and have a look around. escaping detection by using their spider walk to cling to the ceiling, the party retains the element of surprise. Hathril, much braver than his size relays, decides to use this opportunity to drop down on the demon nearest the door. Racing off out of the dome with a wild squeak of a bluff, the squirrel creates the perfect distraction. Several guards are now out of the equation, but this does not stop the gnomian necromancer from entering the room and heading straight for the desk…the very same desk Agnartaki and Lorn have made their hiding place.

Terrified, but thinking quickly, Agi fascinates the ghostly guards and demon. The necromancer, however, manages to ignore her poetry. It’s now or never for the rest of the party to make their move, and Mel opens with a mighty roar. Dropping down from the ceiling sword-first, the dragon carves deep into the necromancer, stealing a spell as he hits. Lorn sees an opening and dives for the gnomes ankles, pulling him violently to the floor. Alva drops down from the ceiling, landing gracefully and drawing her bow all in a single fluid motion. She looses her arrow into the flickering skull of a nearby ghost. Sol then joins in the fray, pushing off the ceiling’s surface and going into a flying kick. The saris’s foot connects audibly with the demons collar bone, and a howl of anger escapes the beast’s throat. Taken by surprise, but not out of commission, the necromancer casts chain lightning from his staff which the party just barely manages to dodge. Forcing them into acrobatics was all the necromancer needed, and he uses the opportunity to scramble to his feet. Mel charges to counter the gnome, cracking the caster’s flimsy wrist and procuring the staff. Lorn tries for another trip, but his jaws snap closed on nothing but the robe of his enemy. Alva changes target to the demon, two arrows hitting their mark and staggering the beast. Before the fight can continue, Hathril dashes back in to the room, squeaking a reminder to leave their main adversary alive. Sol, seemingly unfazed by the warning, finishes the demon off with a few more crushing blows from her bloodied fists. The necromancer makes yet another suspicious move, dashing under the desk and focusing for a teleport. Agnartaki, unable to stop him, can only look on as the gnome escapes. Nathanew yells for assistance from Sol, taking on the chase after the teleporting gnome. Mel and Alva take a few painful musket bullets from the remaining ghosts, but soon finish off the enemies with a few well aimed shots, a stab of Niatha’s fang, and a bit of help from Lorn’s gnashing jaws. Despite springing a nasty poison trap, all undead are eliminated (aside from Mel’s new ghostly recruit) and Alva, Mel, Lorn and Agi take a hurried moment to finish up their business in the office.

Taking a look around, the group decides anything of importance would have to be contained in the desk. Forgoing stumbling through the many nodes of magic Hathril detected, everyone stands back as Mel heaves the entire piece of furniture against the wall. Managing to avoid any lasting injuries, everyone is now free to rifle through its contents. With Agi’s help, they find a letter that bears an interesting message addressed to a Rachival facility. Tucking this letter into a secure place, they decide to take what other documents and artifacts they can safely procure along with the gnome’s staff. As they finish gathering everything up, Alva takes a critical look around. Her eyes catch a few oddities around the room and they stay to investigate, first finding a locked safe embedded in the floor under the rug. Checking for traps the best they can, Alva and Mel open it up with the help of the ghostly sniper. Cranes, explosions, and bursts of flare-fire later, they’re no closer to any treasure. What other surprises could a closer inspection of the room bring? And where did Hathril, Nathanew, and Sol get to?




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