Adar Clendepth

An adventurer hating smith... now there's a paradox


Adar is female, as many a would-be swordslinger has found out the hard way. Granted, she does not make this too obvious; the dwarven virtues of feminimity generally including numerous tattoos, long silky beards and musculature of a cage fighter. She is also bald and lacking eyebrows, though this likely has more to do with working in temperatures suitable for melting iron than an attempt at catching a Dwarven eye.

A somewhat reluctant blacksmith, Adar would much rather be hammering out ornamental fencing or ploughshares than weapons and armour, but the requirements of the war often put her at odds with her desired path in life. No matter how quickly or competently she works, there is always another idiot walks into her smithy with a notched sword or dented helmet. As a consequence she can be somewhat gruff and unwelcoming, though is generally accepted as the best metalworker in Bristugo and its environs.

Actually finds short jokes funny, albeit mostly because she is at the perfect height to bite the perpetrator in the groin.

She is somewhat more cordial to the Veilo, since they share her appreciation for ornamental metalworking, albeit small-scale.

Adar Clendepth

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