Boris Mikal Isason

A quiet young tragically crippled Animal trainer who always has a smile on his face



Winter Wolf Female
Ezra is Boris’s loyalest companion and best friend, ever since he nursed her back to health after being abandoned and left to die by her pack as a pup. She is extremely devoted, and wont hesitate to protect him with deadly force if necessary. She is considered the most dominant/leader of his pets. She also serves as his helper-wolf, keeping him balanced and safe.
She will make her approval or disapproval or anybody known with a nod or a growl.

Raven Female
One of the same clutch as Pernunculus, Joulathi is essentially the same. But Female. She is rude, raucous, and nasty and loves to torment her brother. Her second favorite thing is to shout insults at the villagers and to dodge their projectiles while laughing her raucous laugh

Raven Female
Amarynth is another sibling of Pernunculus and is the biggest of the clutch and a general bully. She fights with her Sister often, and that is only second to her harrying the hawk. She loves to steal things, though Boris often admonishes her.

Wolf Pup Male
Loy is a wolf pup healing from a broken leg and with a massive crush on Ezra, who bats the ordinary little pup away. He is energetic and silly and loves nothing more than to play. He thinks that Kaiu is funny. The feeling is not mutual.

Lynx Male
Kaiu sort of ‘adopted’ Boris and occasionally brings him rabbits. otherwise, he is aloof and annoyed-ly tolerant of Loy’s games. He dislikes the birds but greatly respects Ezra, who seems to order him around.

Eagle Male
Nolin is a big hunting eagle who Boris sometimes rents out to the hunters in the area as one of his sources of income and as one of the ways that he can force them to appreciate and not harm him any more then they already have. Nolin tends to be quieter than the other pets and mostly is on the lookout for anything, be it game or harm.

Languages spoken:
Imperial, Fiendish, Draconic, Mahgran


Boris Mikal Isason is Nathanew’s younger, human fraternal twin brother. He is very pale and definitely resembles his Fiendish brother, but has a kinder disposition. He is very fond of Nathanew, even though his mother hates her fiendish son.
Boris trains birds such as Hawks, Ravens, and Falcons, for hunting and as wizard’s familiars. It, and what he knows of his mother’s herbalist trade, is how he makes a living, as well as Nathanew’s periodic money. His father has paid little attention, preferring his own kind, Nathanew, to his human son.

He faces a great deal of Persecution in his village, due to his unusual affinity with animals and his status as a bastard child and as a half-breed. With a fiend no less.
They, at one point, abused him so much that he became severely crippled. He cannot walk without aid and without a crutch.
He, being a generally easygoing person, has forgiven the villagers and they have grudgingly accepted him… sort of… as a bird trainer. His mother blames his father and his brother for his injuries.
Nathanew… Well… One brother may have forgiven them, the other will not. And a Fiend roused is a fiend to fear.

Boris Mikal Isason

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