Chipghandra Basalthil

a young Helian Dragon intern working in Dr. Gristgear's lab for her mandatory internship. She seems enthusiastic but ... Theres something cold about her.


Dragon, Small Hatchling.

Appraise: +16
Concentration: +19
DEcipher Script: +17
Disable Device: +14

  1. Arcana: +16
  2. History: +19
  3. Local: +7
    Perception: +12
    Spellcraft: +15
    Speak Language: Common, Dragon, Fiend, Dryad

Chipghandra is Professor Gristgear’s apprentice. She is a young helian dragon from a good, well-regarded family, some would say TOO young for apprenticeship.
But she is a recognized genius, and so nobody comments on this fact.
Her high intelligence and capability, as well as tender age (of about 15, at most) is obvious, as is her seeming lack of emotion, or emotional coolness. Shes cold, cold as ice and sharp as steel.
She dislikes Aganartaki’s overexuberant attitude and respects Ludwig’s focus, dedication, and intellect.
She tends to view all others analytically, as objects or factors. Not as people.

Chipghandra Basalthil

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