Guntzheg Fangthgoth

A cheerful dwarf who heads the Red Scale Mercenary guild


A dwarf with a brilliant red mane of hair and a ruddy complexion. He laughs easily but you can tell that theres a deep-seated sadness there. He is the guildmaster for the Red Scale mercenary guild, and treats everyone fairly and with great affection.

Dwarf Male
Age: old?
Alignment: Lawful Good
Class/Profession: Mercenary leader/guild master
X level X

A unique greataxe~


Guntzheg used to be a powerful fighter from an ancient clan of Drulkar-following dwarves. He traveled everywhere with a Lunus dragon female named Ishmanda Acenthu.
They were very close, rumors say even lovers if one can believe this.
They fought against the ageis together, scoring many great victorites.
Then one day, they faced an army of kwellen and were defeated. They both fell in battle.
Guntzheg learned he was gifted that day, but alas Ishmanda was not.

With the loss of his companion, he retired from the fight and instead started his mercenary guild so that he could train others to fight and could organize other offensives. And help others.

He is a master craftsman, able to work dwarven crafting methods into items fit for a dragon’s hoard or for a warrior’s hands. The weapons and armor and jewleery seem almost of dragon make but are also distinctly dwarven. He looks after his mercenaries from his headquarters in Bristugo, and knows the names of any mercenaries who have been there at least a year.

He has a soft spot for youngsters, especially hatchlings, and agrees with both philosophies: Dragons should be strong, proud warriors, but shouldn’t force the naka duscael to bow down to them.
It is assumed that Ishlanda shared this sentiment.

If any hatchling dragon approaches, he is likely to launch into tales of adventures past, talking for hours and hours. He’d do that for anyone to buy him a drink, too.

Guntzheg Fangthgoth

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