Kourmalth Nacenthu

A stern Lunus general seeking political reform


Melanth’s estranged aunt on his mother’s side. She is a proud and haughty General of the Lunus home-defence legion, and a covert advocate of reform from the hidebound Lunus political structure. Hailing from an unremarkable family, she rose to her position through cleverly orchestrated defence of Dralk against the Withered Aegis and some minor blackmail. Though a General, her radical views and reletive inexperience make her somewhat subordinate to her peers.

She is somewhat outside the norm of her kindred, valuing flexibility and intelligence in her warriors above traditional Lunus values of martial prowess, heroism and honour. Though she recognises the place for these virtues, she is also aware that in many situations they can be a liability and lead to otherwise avoidable casualties and conflicts.

Kourmalth is proud of her position and seeks to inflience others towards her way of thinking. In particular she is nepotistic and closely follows the careers of her family members, seeing that those who display traits she views as useful are promoted ahead of their peers or assigned to positions where they have the greatest leverage. As such, her remationship with Melanth did not enter the vogue until he challenged an order for the execution of a human healer. Her influence along with that of his NCO resulted in a death sentence being commuted to exile, and eventually guided him to the Redscale Company.

Kourmalth Nacenthu

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