Lirah Amonseth

A savvy Saris merchant and retired adventurer


Friendly and passively pleasant, she has travelled greatly and is far wiser than she lets most of her customers know. Lirah runs a boarding house called the Sand-In-Shoe, for transients in the town of Bristugo- a place that is infamous not for its bawdy or liquor, but for its horrendously strong coffee. Most people only try it once.

Lirah first burnt her paws in the unforgiving deserts of Tazoon, crewing and eventually running a trading caravan through the vast and waterless expanses. She was one of the first merchants to contact and sucessfully deal with and earn the respect of the mysterious nomads known as the Vielo. She has seen much triumph and horror in her life and is no longer surprised by much of anything.

Now in her mid-late thirties, she has put down roots in the trade town of Bristugo and become something of a fixture around the place. Her connections with the Vielo make her the go-to person for rumours or odd jobs, and she can be relied upon to know more than she reveals. Can also be relied upon not to part with said information for free.

Lirah Amonseth

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