Ludwig Gristgear

A strange gnome who is researching the blighted telporters. Hes a tad unnerving.


Ludwig is an old gnome who seems friendly, if distant. He’s very endearing and not unattractivem but there is something unsettling about him…. You can’t quite figure it out.
He is bald, with intense, cold eyes and an odd cast to his gnomish face. His clothes are very expensive and obviously have high-quality enchantments and techniques applied to them.
You don’t know why he’s at this mine, but you don’t have a good feeling…

125yrs old

Race: Gnome Male
Class: level 10 wizard
Health: 44

STR: 7 (-2)
DEX: 8 (-1)
INT: 20 (5)
WIS: 10
CON: 12 (
CHA: 16 (+3)
Comeliness: 12 (Not unattractive)

*Skills: *
(W/o Modifiers)
Sense Motive:
Diplomacy: +4
Bluff: +10
Concentration: +10
Craft ():
Decipher Script: +4
Knowledge(Arcana): +6
Knowledge(local): +8
Knowledge (Planes): +10
Spellcraft: +12
Perception (Listen,Search,spot): +2
Sleight of hand: +6
Sneak: +5

Class abilities:
Scribe Scroll: can create magic scrolls

Combat Casting: +4 to concentration
Diliigent: +2 to appraise and Decipher Script checks

Craft Wand: can create a wand of any spell 4th level or lower
Quicken Spell: can cast a spell as a free action and take up a spell slot 4 levels higher
Silent Spell: Can cast spells silently

Spells per day:
Level = Number

Spells known:
Lvl 0:
Detect Magic: detects spells and magic within 60 ft
Message: whispered conversations at a distance
Dancing lights

Lvl 1:
Identify: Determines properties of magic item
Burning hands: 1d4/level fire damage
Identify: reveals magical item’s properties
Magic missile: 1d4+1, 1 missile per 2 levels(max 5)
Color Spray: Seacription

Lvl 2:
Magic Mouth

Lvl 3:
Lightning Bolt: 1d6/level electricity damage
Major image

Lvl 4:
Remove Curse

Lvl 5:
Teleport: instantly transports 100miles/level
Cone of Cold: 1d6/level cold damage


All clothing is expensive looking
Robe: Invulnerability Damage Reduction 5/magic

2 +3 dancing daggers: 1d4 damage +3, fights for 4 rounds before dropping, after being grabbed it cannot move on its own for four rounds
Crits on 19-20 and deals 2x damage
“The daggers he has are of Fiend make, in a shape typical of their knives. It has an uncanny sharpness and is covered with runes that seem alive with magic”

1 Ring of protection: +3 — given to Agnartaki
1 Amulet of mind shielding

Scroll parchment
Magnifying glass

Ludwig Gristgear

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