Lyrei Madent

A Crossbowwoman working for the Bristugo Guard. Often talks about her Fiance in Dalimond.


Lyrei is a Human Guardswoman/Crossbowwoman from Dalimond stationed in Bristugo. She is new to the guard there, though her rank is that of a Sergent.
Though she was crippled and resigned to guard duty after a fateful arrow to the knee, She seems very helpful and capable, and its nice to have a fresh face in the guard.
Especially since, even under the deep burn scar that crosses her face and under the lines of wear and worry, she is a rather pretty lady.
Despite being engaged, she is the talk of the guard barracks bar, and doesn’t deny or dissuade such conversation, seeming to take some pride in it.
Despite this apparent breech of Dalimondan etiquette, she is a damn good guard and does her job well enough, and came well recommended from her assignments at Dalimond and New Trismus, since she was one of those guards that is moved around as needed.

All Hail the Empire, and may the Living Races stay united forever!


Lyrei Madent

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