Rah'ko Shishari

A tattered-eared saris wielding an unusual blade....


Rah’ko is a former saris orphan who found her calling as a Duskblade- a class that specializes in blending magic and swordplay seamlessly together- and later as a top-notch bandit leader. She is ruthless and cutthroat, seeing no moral reason to not.
She appears mercenarial, but even that is no guarentee. Money is not the way to gain her trust, or to trust her.

Since discovering that she was gifted, she has changed a little, doing some bandit hunting along with her usual raids and extortion. A bandit hunting bandit, if you will.
She has also nursed a growing hatered of undead and necromancers, an obligation she feels she has thanks to her gift.
If it means making something fall down and not move anymore, preferably with lots of blood, shes fine with it.

Rah'ko Shishari

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