Soleas Arrka

A middle aged Saris with an attitude and a cool demeanor. She tends to disapprove of most party actions. She serves as one of the melee attackers of the squad.


Soleas Arrka is a older, stoic saris monk of the Steelclaw school. She scorns what she feels are inefficient or inconsistent actions. She herself is very consistent, you can count on her to always do the same thing. She is as predictable as any storm.


Race: * Saris Female, Medium size
80ft land
Class: Lvl 11 Monk
Health: 58
AC: 10+2+4+2+7+1= 28

DR 5/magic

STR: 22 (6)
DEX: 18 (
INT: * 14 (2)
*WIS: * 16 (
*CON: * 10
*CHA: * 8 (-1)

Base Attack Bonus: (8/3) 3
Unarmed Strike: 2d8
2, x2 on Crit
Greater Flurry of Blows: BaB at (8/8/8/3)+2

+1d4 damage per day
+1d4 against undead
+1d12 to charging attacks
extra unarmed attack on a critical hit

Fortitude: +7+1= 8
Reflex: +7
4+1= 12
Will: +7
3+1= +11

Bluff: 5-1
Jump: +12
Move Silently: +15+4
Profession (Herbalist): +4+3
Appraise: +10+2
Tumble: +11+4
Balance: +6+4

  • Class abilities: *
    Improved evasion
    Still mind (+2 to saves against enchantments)
    Slow Fall (Damage as if falling 50 ft less)
    Ki Strike (unarmed attacks treated as magic attacks, Lawful)
    Purity of body (Immune to natural dieseases)
    Wholeness of Body (can heal up to twice monk level)
    Diamond Body: Immunity to Poison

Special Abilities

Low Light Vision

Path of Steel Claws (Empty hand Mastery): Unarmed Damage= +1 size category

From Vow of Poverty:
+7 to AC
not affected by environment
no need to eat or drink
+2 to attack, +2 to damage
+1 to all saves
+2 to STR
+1 natural armor
Immune to detect, Discern, etc
DR 5/magic

Improved Unarmed Strike
Power Attack (Subtract x from attack roll and add it to defence roll)
Fists of Iron: extra 1d4 damage per day
Ki Shout: pg 64 Oriental Adventures
Eagle Claw attack: can strike a weapon or shield with unarmed attack
Improved Bull rush” +4 to str check
Lightning reflexes
Vow of Poverty: Cannot have posessions (scarf doesn’t count as its a required item), Gains special benefits (see book of exalted deeds pg 29)

Bonus Feats:
Sanctify Ki- Strike: +1d4 to undead
Weapon Focus: unarmed, +1 to attack rolls
Flying Kick: +1d12 to charging attacks
Roundabout Kick: +1 unarmed attack on a crit

Red-Scale Scarf: +2 deflection bonus, resistance to blight


Languages: Imperial, Kionyi, Ssliss, Tunyi


Soleas is a late-middleaged saris monk, devoted to the protection of others. Her creed is that her life is unimportant save where it can be used to protect others. She lives by this, and will be proud to die for it.
She was an orphaned kit due to the war and lived in an orphanage for much of her life, recieving monastic training from an affiliated monastary. She had few friends due to her stoic nature, save for a younger orphan named Rah’ko.
Eventually, she left the orphanage alltogether and devoted her time to martial arts. It was there that she developed her personal code of conduct, and seeing that life in a monastary would not be condusive to her goals of protecting others, she set off to perfect herself in the image of her own code of conduct, rescuing others without regard for her own safety. Eventually, she was approached by Guntzheg Fangthoth, Leader of the Redscale guild and offered a position in the guild on her own terms. She accepted.

Soleas Arrka

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