Ted Killingham

A crazy dryad who runs a very nice magic bookstore


Race: Dryad male
Age: 94
Class/Occupation: Historian


Ted, actually Tandoril, dresses in human attire, including a tweed coat and bowler hat.
He is Eccentric, even by Dryad standard, and his incredibly polite and old-fashioned manner of speech only serves to solidify this impression.
He runs a magic book store called Killingham Books that sells Rare books of both mundane and magical ability, as well as a selection of scrolls that he either creates himself or vends for the local Wizards guilds, and a selection of intriguing historical artifacts.

He is often reluctant to sell the artifacts, preferring to house them in his own quarters in the back of the store, which he also uses as a museum of sorts.

Bringing him artifacts is a sure way to get into his good graces, and he has been known to send adventurers and various members of the more fighter-y guilds out to find him new artifacts.

Ted Killingham

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