the Ghost Gnome Stooges

Three ghostly gnomish mechanics with a surprisng amount of free spirit for three people so throrougly enslaved.


Allie Gimbletop, Arnold Magblit, and Cart Addleweather are a trio of ghostly Gnome friends working for the Aegis in low-level minion capacity. They aren’t stupid, but they aren’t exactly brilliant.
As such, since they are required to have expertise, their minds are not as often subsumed.
As such, they are rather free willed and opinionated for Withered Aegis Slaves, taking the stance that “Hey wer’e here and we’re undead and we’re working for these bastards. We cant get out, might as well deal with it. Oh well.”
They take advantage of the different controls on them to not attack living people, and to even talk to them.
They have a strangley phsyical, IE violent, relationship with each other, and a strange obsession with unions and coffee.

Allie gimbletop npc portrait
Allie is the most physical of the three, very fond of the “You-moron” wrench to head hitting and the kicking and nudging. Shes a good friend to have, definitely. She is also the only real inventor among them, though she isnt good enough for it to be more than a hobby, though shes happy to talk about mechanical alligators constantly.

Arnold magblit npc portrait
Arnold is friendly and outgoing. Hes the tricksiest of the three, and it was likely him that found the loopholes that allow him and his friends to talk to living people without attacking. He seems like a typical minion- enthusiastic, talented and capable, but not brilliant or innovative.

Cart addleweather npc  portrait
Cart is a grumpy sourpuss. When he was alive, he mostly worked with heavy lifting crews as an engineer. He’s great with math and with mechanics, but he cant invent for shit.


the Ghost Gnome Stooges

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