Blights edge

In War's Shadow
Desperate times call for desperate measures.

The session opens on the party up against two adversaries. A nimble necromancer, and her dying brother that they are quickly getting sick of dealing with. Hathril elects to heal Mel up to prepare him for the fight while Alva fires a burst of warning shots at the ninja-like woman. Alva’s shots stick harmlessly around her target, and a quick slice of Nathanew’s sword meets nothing but air as the necromancer dashes in to collect the unconscious body of her ally. She hoists him up on to a roof as Melanath gives chase. He leaps up gracefully to finish them off but the pair vanish from right underneath the crushing force of his blade. The party is taken aback by the sudden disappearence, but they barely have time to curse missed chances before they are presented with much bigger problems. They veil of illusion surrounding them has lifted, leaving the group exposed to the sudden horrors of battle all around them. The city is being overrun, and they have nary a point to fall back on and defend.

In the meantime, Lorn has been fighting a battle of his own. Awoken from his rest at the healer’s tent quite suddenly, the wolf could do nothing but run along with the few remaining survivors as the once-safe haven errupted into chaos. Demons tore through anyone in their path, and only a few
are lucky enough to escape. Lorn is among them, and quickly sets a path to protect re-unite with his Alva, signaling out to her through the din with a long mournful howl.

As Lorn makes his way through the city, the rest of the group feverishly discusses their plan of action. Guntzheg comes up with an idea that is fittingly insane for such a party, so they quickly set out to conduct it. Guntzheg and Sol hold the encroaching Southern line as the rest of the group heads out for their main aim; to take control of one of the many Aegis automatons assaulting the North wall.

Where there’s automaton’s there’s tech, and the party decides to go straight for the experts. They hussle their way through the city and find Cherri cheerfully tossing bombs at zombies and ghouls. She supplies them with what they need; both tools and a guide. Tithy joins their cause with an air of nervous determination. As they make their way to the wall and their rather large target, the party is held up by a sudden suprise. A wounded demon plummets out of the air, crashing into the ground where the nimble group stood only moments before. They’re on the beast in a flash, delivering a coupe de grace from three different directions. The demon is quickly dealt with, but it’s oozing black blood does not spill without a price. Melanath, Alva, and Nathanew feel a creeping sickness coming on as the poison seeps into them, but the forboding mood is broken by sudden pockets full of gold and a happy reunion as Lorn rejoins the group in a flurry of tail wagging.

Wiping the blood from their brows and moving on, the party sets their eyes on their target. Huge automatons lumber their way through the city, crushing whatever has the misfortune of laying in their paths. The group readies themselves for action, observing the mech’s defenses and the best
way to get through them. The machines seem to be covered in undead guards of sorts; ghosts are stationed on top of them both to pilot and defend. A second look reveals a few of these ghosts to be familiar. With a flash of realization, the group quickly decides on which machine to target. The session ends as Hathril sets out with a coil of rope to set the stage for the climb.

Who are these mysterious ghosts? Could it be the unwilling servants of the Aegis they had met before? Will this trio of rule-bending gnomes find a loophole big enough to encompass the insanity of our stalwart heroes? Tune in next week for BLIGHTS EDGE!


Soleas: AC 19 HP 51/51 STR 14/18
Hathril: AC 28 HP 41/41
(Used 0/5 L0, 4/5 L1, 0/3 L2, 1/2 L3)
Alva: AC 23 HP 35/56
Lorn: AC 17 HP 32/32
Nathanew: AC 15 HP 16/37
(Used 8/8 L0, 4/7 L1, 4/7 L2, 6/7 L3, 4/5 L4)
Melanath: AC 28 HP 47/61

Exordium Terminus Part 2
Rhymes and a rapidly approaching climax to the battle

Leaving a furious Gunzheg to vent his rage, Mel and Alva track the blood trail left by the escaped faux-Redscale. Tracking him to a piss and puke splattered alley. They follow them further, realising that their quarry has vaulted a wall and is quite skilled with regards to acrobatics. Melanth scales the wall and follows over rooftops, as Alva and Hathril follow on foot, catching sight of the man who is now nude, having shed his Redscale gear. Their chase ends abruptly when suddenly the naked man jumps down, and seems to vanish completely from sight. They spot some rustling, and split up, beginning to follow it. Hathril however is distracted by the scent of nuts, and lollops off in his squirrely way to seek them out.

They catch the man as he exits the greenery, tackling and restraining him with ease and little warmth. As Melanth ties him up, a soot-blackened Saris in a Delver’s uniform hails Alva, leading her off to a hidden point where a mixed guild team of Dwarves and other races seems to be assembling something in camoflage. The Saris explains to Alva that they saw some of the messengers who had been sent to keep tabs on the Aegis activity in the region be accosted, and presumably murdered by an unknown force. They were then dragged into the bushes, returning a few minutes later looking subtly different. The team elected to hide, observing the man returned to his feet and head off to deliver the message.

Alva finishes her parley with the hidden crew, advising Melanth to drag the captive to Gunzheg, a task he is more than happy to comply with. He complies, and Gunzheg seems somewhat relieved in his own Dwarfish way to have the man back in custody. They set about interrogating him, resorting to torture when pure interrogation fails to yield many results. The man takes a gashed hand and badly broken finger before he lets slip something; a glance at the wall; apparently at nothing. Melanth takes no chances, throwing his dagger in the direction of the man’s gaze. He hits nothing, but he was not the only one to notice; the Party makes ready their weapons, and Gunzheg bawls orders to the surrounding soldiers to stand to and prepare for action.
Suddenly they are greeted by an unearthly, high pitched laugh.

The captured man laughs at them, his laughter echoed by an unseen, sinister feminine tone. His sister, as she introduces herself to the puzzled mass of assembled warriors. They are both Aegis agents on an unknown type, and unnerve the soldiers with their eerily chanted rhyming speech. The Squad responds with some of their own, chanting death for the Aegis goons who have happened upon them. The party are enveloped in a field that seems to dull and mute any noise, makingi t harder to concentrate.

Suddenly, the courtyard explodes into action. Melanth takes a fierce swipe at the tied man as he tries to escape, effectively gutting him before leaping to the top of a building, abandoning his sword in favour of his bow. Alva, always quick on her feet draws her bow and fires at the sister, but her shots fail to strike their mark. Gunzheg meanwhile tries to rally the troops around and direct their fire at the sister, but the strange field around them quietens his voice, and instead he tries to break free of the silence field. Hathril sees that he cannot reach the burgeoning struggle, opting instead to cast a healing spell upon Melanth.


When Tensions Peak
Reunion, mystery, and all hell breaking loose.

The session opens on Mel intimidating the suspicious “Redscale” member with the help of Cora. The man’s motives cannot be confirmed, so Mel hauls him off in search of Guntzhegs advice. They find the dwarf naked and near unconciousness at the Sslanis shrine. As Mel searches for something to wake him, he turns to question Cora about the connotations of Kwellen language. She informs him that the language is connected to the Blight Dukes, otherwise known as the gods of blight. Cora has extensive knowledge on the subject as most Warlocks do, since they are very vunerabe to the Blight Dukes’ influence and in turn very adept against them. Hearing this, Mel becomes even more mistrusting of the strange recruit and is more than happy to act on Guntzheg’s orders of tying him up. Meanwhile, Alva, weary from battle and carrying an even wearier Lorn decides to try to meet up with her Redscale compainions. She turns to assess her surroundings and sees Grape, the gnome engineer, arguing with a member of the Wings of Altamon. She manages to step in and divert the attention away from the gnome, having it directed at her instead…much to her distaste. Melanath’s roar of rage gives her the perfect reason to excuse herself however, and she hastily drags Lorn to see what the commotion is about. The brief happiness of reuinion is broken by more blathering from the Wings of Altamon representative as Alva relays the news of her battle to Mel. Once she helps haul Lorn on to the dragon’s shoulder, they both head off in the direction of the healers tent…only to be met with a stuttering and shaky Nath. Snapping him out of his stupor proves easy enough, but getting the info out him does not. He can’t seem to remember what happened after he went to the south beach. He does however recall seeing some ships coming in. Mel is pleased by the reinforcements, but shaken, along with the rest of the party at Guntzheg’s shouts from afar. They quickly drop Lorn off at the healers tent, leaving him to rest with some resistance from Alva, then make their way to meet up with the fuming dwarf. Guntzheg addresses Melanath in anger, wondering how the captive couldve escaped. Alva volunteers to try to track him down and Guntzheg relents, giving his nod for her to do so. As she searches, Guntzheg and Melanath discuss their mutual distrust of the enemy’s tactics. Something isnt right about their assault on the walls. Nathanew contributes a report on his previous episode, which he believes to have been a competant mental attack. This only adds to their sense of forboding, but the group decides to focus on the task at hand as Alva relays her findings. The tracks start bloody and lead down an alley way. They agree to begin their search there.


Soleas: AC 19 HP 51/51 STR 14/18
Hathril: AC 28 HP 41/41
(Used 0/5 L0, 3/5 L1, 0/3 L2, 1/2 L3)
Alva: AC 23 HP 35/56
Lorn: AC 17 HP 32/32
Nathanew: AC 15 HP 4/37
(Used 8/8 L0, 4/7 L1, 4/7 L2, 6/7 L3, 4/5 L4)
Melanath: AC 28 HP 37/61

When Axe Meets Flesh
Fighting, interrogation, and an incredibly long post.

As the session opens, so does a great battle above the city. The redscale leader Guntzheg has met the Kwellen general in the sky axe first. The company takes a moment to pick up their slack jaws and wipe their tears of pride before springing into action themseleves. Melenath and Hathril decide to head toward the north wall in hopes of gaining some intelligence of the outside field from the men who held their position there. Alva elects to stay behind and put her bow to good use assisting Guntzheg. A somewhat dazed Nathanew stays put as well.

As the pair head off, Alva sends an opening shot through the eye of one the two demons attempting to assist the Kwellen. It tries to return the favor in a dive, clawing at her and dealing just enough damage to set off her rising temper. Lorn jumps at the demon as it tries to take wing and manages to connect for a snap of qucik revenge. Nathanew joins in the fray, sending a fireball at the other monster circling over head. Guntzheg and the Kwellen go head to head, weapons flying and blood raining down, but neither looking ready to relent. Alva again takes aim and sticks the rotting hides of their enemies with arrows, whilst Nath peppers them with magic missle. One of the demons decides to be bold yet again, going in for a dive only to be met by a snarling pounce from Lorn. The demon tries to take to the skies again, but is held fast by the wolf’s strong jaws. Even it’s ally cannot assist in its flight, which gives Alva and Nath the opportunity to pelt them yet again.

Overhead, the battle rages on, and as does Guntzheg. The Kwellen is more accustomed to battle in flight however, and gains hit after hit on their guildmaster. Alva decides to try to even the playing field by summoning an eagle to take wing where she cannot. The bird dives at the blighted general’s head, clawing its eyes into a frothing mess of ooze. The Kwellen strikes out near-blindly at Guntzheg, and the dwarf takes its rage as a chance to re-gain the advantage with a great cleave from his axe. Down below, Lorn rips at his captive’s leg to further damage it, but his grip is weakened as he’s speared and clawed by the demons. The wolf is kicked to the ground and the demons begin to regain flight, first making quick work of the eagle andtossing a spear at Alva for a near miss. Nathanew, thinking quickly despite his stupor, casts a rage spell on his allies, fueling Alva’s growing anger at the sight of Lorn’s fall and giving the wolf himself enough fire to run back snarling to defend her. Alva steps in front of her injured pup however, ripping the fallen spear out of the ground and hurling it deep into the retreating demon’s gut. Ignoring its grave wounds, the demon and it’s partner gain wing and begin a dread dance high above.

The three party members turn their gaze toward the rising demons and the fierce battle overhead which is seeming to come to a climax; Guntzheg roars as a great blast of dragon-fire shoots from his mouth to envelope the Kwellen. The blighted beast retaliates however, wrapping its writhing tail around Guntzheg in an attempt to crush him. Not one to give up easily, Guntzheg makes one final mighty slash with his axe, ripping through the Kwellen’s throat and leaving a trail of oozing black blood in it’s wake. The blight-beast spasms in agony, using its waning strength to crush what remains in the grasp of its tail as it hurls downward. The party notices with releif that only the armor of their guildmaster is amongst the falling rubble. Guntzheg managed to recall in time to save his life, but missed the result of his great victory as the Kwellen crashes to earth, grasping wildly at it’s gurgling wound. Alva, Lorn, and Nathanew look on with an air of tired triumph, which is quickly interrupted by a sudden disembodied applause from behind them. Alva wheels around, drawing her dagger to confront their unseen audience member, but is met with nothing but empty space. On turning back around, the party sees nothing but a pool of blood where the Kwellen’s body once lay. Confused and unnerved, they finish up the battle by quickly sniping and scorching one of the remaining demons, it’s companion deciding to to turn tail and save it’s own rotting hide instead. Nathanew collects some of the Kwellen blood for later analysis while an exhausted Alva kneels to tend to her unconcious wolf.

Unaware of most of the goings-on in the square, Melanath and Hathril continue to make their way toward the wall. They are saved the short walk as a rather jittery Redscale recruit dashes toward them. Melanath hails the man, asking if he has any news to report. The recruit insists he does not, still shaking and looking for all the world as though he might have somewhere else he needs to be. His behavior begins to register a bit odd to Melanath, who’s suspicion’s are peaked when he notices the recruit wearing the most crucial and recognizable part of a Redscale’s raiment completely wrong. The recruit babbles excuse after excuse, his words wearing on the dragon’s waning patience. Amonst the drivel, Melanath’s ears pick out a useful bit of info. The recruit is meant to report to their squad leader, Soleas. Opting for the route of subterfuge, the pair decide to instead lead the man to another not-quite-so-vital Saris. They head to the confectioner’s hall to meet a certain resident cook, the whimpering and nauseous man in tow. Hathril runs ahead to alert Cora of their plan as Melanath withstands another barage of whine and possible vomit as he strips the recruit of his weapons. Hathril arrives back just in time with Cora, who steps into her role of command with ease. The recruit offers not much more than blubber in report until Cora addresses him in a language unfamiliar to both Melanath and Hathril’s ears. Though they may not understand what is said, they do pick up on the man’s reaction; he quickly falls silent and grows deathly pale. Cora reveals to the others that the language in which she spoke was High Kwellen, something quite unsual for a common human recruit to understand. The man tries to stammer out an excuse, but falters at the questioning of the party. The imposter’s Redscale scarf is ripped from him and Melanath hauls his shaking frame toward the local shrine in hopes of finding Guntzheg. The Guildmaster will know just what to do with this slug.


Soleas: AC 19 HP 51/51 STR 14/18
Hathril: AC 28 HP 41/41
(Used 0/5 L0, 3/5 L1, 0/3 L2, 1/2 L3)
Alva: AC 23 HP 35/56
Lorn: AC 17 HP 8/32
Nathanew: AC 15 HP 24/37
(Used 8/8 L0, 4/7 L1, 4/7 L2, 6/7 L3, 4/5 L4)
Melanath: AC 28 HP 37/61

In a Blaze of Glory

Languishing upon their stony island with the seas of death lapping all around, the Squad has something of a brown trousers moment; they are completely surrounded by the advancing Aegis hordes and anyone not inside the emergency perimiter or scaling the ruined wall is quickly cut down. Isolated with a few remnants of Redscale Mercenary Guild around them, they try to hold off the tides scaling their parapet. Taking an assessment of their situation they see that the north is completely engulfed in undead hordes, with Necromancers re-animating corpses in the field. The Eastern wall however seems to be clear of enemies.

They hit on the idea of using a zip-line to move people off the now trapped section of wall, believing that a drop into the city will be less risky than trying to fight their way clear. Melanth manages to climb down the wall and affix both ends of the rope they plan to use whilst Alva successfully evacuates about 80 of the 100 or so uninjured soldiers remaining on that section of wall. Two squads remain behind to keep firing, risking their lives to cover the retreat and holding their ground.

The Squad leads the survivors to regroup in a nearby courtyard, where they find Gunzheg and the Wings of Altemon leader arguing. Cherri is mediating between the two, trying to get them to reach an agreement, but neither wants to risk their forces and the long standing guild rivalries are beginning to tell in their most ugly ways. The Altemon commander reveals that he knew of the bombs that were planted to demolish the wall, but took no action against it as his commanded section was being rotated to another area of defence of wall. Gunzheg is furious at this blatant betrayal that has cost the lives of so many of his soldiers, but Cherri manages to negotiate for calmer nerves. Alva, Hathril and Melanth privately vow to exact a terrible vengeance upon the Altemon guild.

As they speak the Kwellian commander in charge of the Aegis operation is hovering over the city, making himself obvious bait and commanding the attention of lookouts and artillery operators. Realising this is a ruse to draw troops and attention from the trouble spots, the Squad quickly realises that the assault on the north wall is a red herring; a ploy of forcing the Living Races to concentrate troops in the north whilst the Aegis prepare to strike elsewhere. Melanth suspects an attack to the city flanks from without, whereas Hathril suspects infiltrators are already amassing somewhere inside the beleagured city. Rallying the eighty or so men rescued from the north wall remnant, they hatch a plan;

1) The revived Cherri’s Delvers engineer will lead a bodyguard of forty soldiers to check the other walls for more bombs that may have been planted. She will attempt to contain or disarm any devices found and prevent another disaster as with the Northern wall.

2) As this is being done, the remainder of the Redscale Guild (around 40 in total) plus reinforcements of the Lunus Home Defence Force and Wings of Altemon Guild will be stationed around the city, watching for a suspected internal attack. These men, posted in teams of 5-10 at junctions and rooftops will send runners to report to Command every 10 minutes. These eyes and ears will be used to monitor for disturbances indicating an imminent attack. It will be assumed that a point that fails to report has been neutralised and reinforcements will be sent to investigate, or converge on the area in event of a larger scale attack.

Being sent to patrol the walls in order to prevent them tearing the Altemon commander to pieces, the Squad are brought back to the command area by a runner who reports that the Aegis forces to the north seem to be falling back and regrouping in the cover of the forest. They collectively realise that this is a preperation for a larger strike, one that will likely floor the remainder of Sslanis’ defences, and need to take immediate action to circumvent it.

Fortunatly the cause of much of their woes is rather boldly (or perhaps foolishly) trying to make himself a distraction…

Deciding it is time to deploy their secret weapon, Cherri has her people wheel out a large, modified circus cannon with a low pressure charge. The ammunition? Rocket Propelled Dwarf. Or more specifically, an extremely pissed off and bloodthirsty Gunzheg, who is in the process of headbutting a building into ruin to vent his frustration at the needless loss of his men. Badgering a wounded Nathanew to cast Fly on him, the Squad hopes that their ploy will at least serve to make the impending attack hesitate. Certainly the element of surprise is on their side.

Luring Gunzheg into the cannon with a bottle of ale, Cherri takes control of the artillery piece and with Melanth and Lorn’s help they wheel it into position. With Alva at the gunnery station, the gun crew takes aim and fires!

As a flaming, berserk Gunzheg accelerates on his own personal fireball towards the Kwellian General, his axe meets the blighted creature’s hide with a staggering sonic boom. The Kwellian realises his peril too late, losing an enormous chunk of flesh as the Redscale Guild Master and the Withered Aegis General go head-to-head in a battle to the death.


Alva- Uninjured
Anastasia- KIA; ripped apart by ghosts whilst attempting to hold the gate
Hathril- Uninjured
Melanth- Wounded but holding together
Nathanew- Concussed but still alive
Soleas- Uninjured

Exordium Terminus
The balance of the Siege of Sslanis is broken, and the Squad finds itself in the middle of a world of pain...

Re-convening near the place where Cherri is interrogating the captured Necromancer, the Squad oversees Cherri at work. The Necromancer reveals quite a treasure-trove of information to Cherri, including some hints towards the identity of his overlord. With nothing more valuable to be gained, Melanth breaks his neck.

Receiving new orders from Cherri, the Squad is told to pursue the exterior of the wall on the northern side, where an attack is expected soon. Though they dislike the idea of being sent alone to scout what would likely become a focal point of the conflict, they realise that there is little other choice and accept the commands.

As they inspect the wall and surroundings they encounter a patch that catches their attention; heavily track-marked and with a slight disturbance in the air. Puzzling over it, they investigate using perception and Detect Magic, but they results they get are sketchy; something with magical components is their best guess. They investigate the disturbance further, with Lorn going to scent at it. As the Wolf approaches, something shoots at him, though the canny creature manages to evade the shot. Hathril makes a Spellcraft check to try and determine what spell or illusion is effecting the wall. Deciding that they do not have the time to investigate the disturbance, the Squad sends Hathril to make a report whilst the rest continue their patrol around the wall. They encounter more of such spots, and keep searching, scouting out the extent of the problem.

Meanwhile, Hathril scuttles and leaps over rooftops trying to find Cherri. Making his report, Hathril manages to secure some assistance for the investigation team in the form of two squads at the base of the wall… and some cheese.

Reaching the end of the wall, Melanth and Alva backtrack back to Hathril, and then further back to link up with the two squads of Cherri’s Delvers who are attempting to identify and disarm the devices that the Squad has discovered. Quickly coming to realise that these are bombs intended to demolish the wall, the Delvers ordinance disposal team raises a magical shield around the device and works carefully in trying to defuse them. The Squad decide that the better part of wisdom is knowing when to back off and go prone.

A prophetic decision. The device explodes in a devastating cacophony of noise and force, flinging the squad into the borders of the jungle and instantly vaporising two of Cherri’s Delvers. The wall is holed; not as bad as might have been, but a significant blast nonetheless. Picking themselves up in a hurry, the Squad scrambles away from the forbidding, undead-haunted jungle, seeking shelter of the walls. The other team of Cherri’s Delvers continues work, celebrating as they manage to successfully diffuse a device.

Their levity is short lived however; the other bombs detonate, levelling much of the wall with a shower of masonry and debris. Soldiers lining the walls are crushed or blown to pieces in the cataclysmic explosions, though the Squad manage to evade most of the blast. Nathanew is blown clear of the wall, and the Squad congregates around him, dragging wounded and stunned survivors into the partial shelter of the now shattered defences. A shuddering, unearthly wail goes up from the jungle as a tide of blackness pours forth, enveloping and consuming all in its wake.

In a blind panic the remaining casters begin to set up a barrier, casting Wall of Iron between buildings on the wall’s interior as a second line of defences as the survivors pour through. Dealing with a disorientated Nathanew, the Party opts to cast a rope up to the remains of the parapet as the wall of monstrosities closes around them. A dying cleric buys them some time, using a Turn Undead as the main body moves up the rope, Melanth kicking Lorn through a gap between the new Iron Wall and the buildings of Sslanis, before plugging the gap with a large chunk of masonry. Alva provides some covering fire, the dying Cleric spending his last strength to stall the horde. Taking to the rope himself, Melanth crests the remaining parapet as Alva fires a mercy shot into the Cleric, killing him, the Squad now finding itself trapped upon a virtual island amidst a sea of gibbering and malevolent undead monstrosities.


Soleas: Fine
Melanth: Not too bad
Alva: Fine
Nathanew: stunned, but okay
Hathril: Squirrel HASS the cheese
Anastasia: ?

Anastasia: AC 11 HP 18/50 Turns: 3/5
(Used: 0/6 l0, 1/5+1 and 0/2 L1 , 4/5+1 L2, 6/5+1 L3, 3/2+1 L4)
Soleas: AC 19 HP 51/51 STR 14/18
Hathril: AC 28 HP 41/41
(Used 0/5 L0, 3/5 L1, 0/3 L2, 1/2 L3)
Alva: AC 23 HP 42/56
Lorn: AC 17 HP 32/32
Nathanew: AC 15 HP 36/37
(Used 8/8 L0, 3/7 L1, 4/7 L2, 2/7 L3, 4/5 L4)
Melanath: AC 28 HP 37/61

"Heroics" in the City, Documented by Squirrel

So, the people got a chest (Mel and Nath stole it) After a depressing attempt by the blue-fingers, eventually it was left to the one true mischief-maker on the team to open the ill-gotten loot. Hathril managed to open it without any difficulty, and their gains were revealed. Alas, no gold was to be had, in the chest, instead containing an alchemist’s workstation and some bundles of oddities. Far more gainsome was the sack the two had obtained, consisting of:

1x Scroll of speak with dead
bunch of gems ~800gp
18x Masterwork arrows
5x Arrows of Wounding
3x Holy arrows
5x Icy Burst Arrow
1x Flaming Burst Arrow
4x Shocking Burst Arrow
2x Ghost touch Arrows
4x Silence Arrows
16x Golden Ice Crystals

and then:


with a distinct lack of nuts, or anything else of REAL interest, the group decided, upon distribution of the stolen things to pursue the faded trail of the mysterious Necromancer caught in Sslanis proper outside the confectioner’s guild hall they were conveniently perched above, to find out just why the fabulous Saris chef/artist Coracora was entertaining such odd company, or if said company was stalking her. It was a near thing as the Redscale band entered, for the mission was surely in danger of failing, assaulted as they were by the myriad scents of food, drink, and other revelry. Nevertheless they did make it to Cora, and with some threats traded by both sides (Mostly by Mel) obtained her story.

And then something with Mel getting whipped by a bondage automaton or something… but Squirrel was sleepy from food by that point

Explosions, thievery and why mages shouldn't tank...

Memento Morde Part 2

Entering the combat, Melanth throws Nathanew out of the reach of the ravening undead Wolf, knocking the Fiend away from danger with a Bull Rush. As this is happening the Necromancers around the open hole shouts words in the spindly tongue of magic whilst preparing a second rope harness. Alva with Lorn in tow moves to attack the mummified wolf, nocking an arrow as she runs and loosing the shaft deep into its linen wrapped flank. Nathanew quickly recovers from the unexpected rear assault and uses Burning Hands, engulfing both the Wolf and the fire-immune Dragon in magical flames. Soleas in the confusion takes a flying leap at the Necromancer and lands a powerful blow upon him as the retreating Cherri’s Delvers take cover behind a makeshift barricade. The wolf recovers from the surprise of the sudden assault, lashing out at Melanth and scoring a ferocious bite. Melanth tries to retaliate but the pain causes him to swing wide.
The Sslik Necromancer assaulted by Soleas tries to strike back with an Inflict Moderate Wounds, though as he steps forwards to cast his evil spell the nimble Saris dodges, lashing back with a Power Attack, but the Necromancer manages to duck. Alva and Lorn move towards the gaping hole, Alva sending her faithful companion to the aid of the struggling pair attacking the mummified Wolf, though Lorn blanches at the undead monstrosity and misses his attack. Alva follows through with a shot from her bow, striking it in the neck. Nathanew, still struggling with his injuries casts Burning Hands again, crisping its dried flesh and igniting its burial wraps. Still staggering from the pain of the last strike, Melanth is caught up in the wolf’s jaws and shaken violently, knocked unconscious by its attack though he manages to resist bleeding. The Nectomancer attempts to attack Soleas with an Inflict attack but he misses again.

Rushing into the melee, Lorn attempts to trip the undead wolf and rams into it, scrabbling for a moment though the two prove to be too evenly matched to win out one way or the other. Alva rushes to the stricken Dragon, shoving a Cure serious Wounds potion down his throat, bringing him back to consciousness.

Suddenly the Cherri’s Delvers charges go off, throwing up a gigantic pall of dirt and ballistic velocity stones, injuring many with the raining debris and obscuring the entire area in a thick cloud of smoke and dust.

Nathanew is first to recover from the explosion, casting Burning hands again against the wolf, as is Sol who uses her Flurry of Blows against the Necromancer she is duelling and hitting him repeatedly. The Wolf attacks wildly against Melanth and Lorn, hitting Alva’s companion and snapping at Melanth though gets a mouthful of chainmail for its trouble. One of the Necromancers working below stumbles out of the hole coughing and looks to his companion, joining the fray. Melanth leaps acrobatically to his feet, slashing madly at the wolf which ducks his swings as the necromancer newly joined the battle heals his companion and the undead wolf before fleeing. Alva tries to heal Lorn, pouring a Cure Serious potion down his throat and sending him to attack his undead number. With renewed vigour Lorn snarls and shreds his way into its flank, though seems to be hindered by its dry, cracked flesh.

Nathanew, seeing that discretion is the wider part of valour back up a short way, calling on Soleas to bull-rush the Necromancer she is fighting. The corrupted wizard swings at her with a dagger but misses as she charges towards him, but the man is well braced against her and they resolve to grappling. Cherri’s Delvers recover from the explosion re-organise themselves back into formation, one of the Gnomian soldiers taking a shot at the undead wolf with his pistol, but misses as the undead wolf attacks Melanth and Lorn, striking both. Melanth ducks low, sweeping for the wolf’s legs taking a nasty bite to the neck but succeeding in removing a limb, scorching it into dust. The Necromancer grappling with Sol succumbs to the Saris’ grapple, finding himself in a joint-lock, which does not prevent him from using an Inflict Serious wounds upon her, sending dark energy through her body. Alva takes aim with her bow, firing rapidly at the injured wolf and striking it twice in its exposed belly, her arrows sinking deep into its crusted flesh.

As it burns and crumbles to smouldering ash, the undead wolf lashes out in its re-death throes, lashing out at Lorn, though the flighty canine evades its blow.

As they wrestle for dominance, Soleas and the Necromancer trip and topple from the edge of the precipice, still struggling as they fall and landing hard on the bottom. Nathanew, spying his opportunity dives forwards with his enchanted rapier cutting a wound out of the struggling necromancer, with his enchanted blade inflicting a persistant wound upon the dark wizard.

Tiffy of Cherri’s Delvers steps forwards and tries to heal Melanth, closing some of his injuries as the rest of his contingent open fire with flintlocks, though the ill advised action of firing into a melee results in Soleas catching a musket ball in her shoulder. Melanth, still disorientated and injured feeds a Cure Moderate potion to Lorn. Trapped down a hole with a Saris Monk and a malevolent Fiend, the Necromancer tries to attack Soleas with a touch attack but misses in his frenzy. Nathanew fails in attempting to slash at him again, the Sorcerer being unused to melee combat. Squirming out of Sol’s attempts at grappling the panicking necromancer squirms out of her grasp and tries to make good his escape down a passage.

Seeing the opportunity to gather valuable intelligence, the Squad opts to try and take him alive. Sol, Melanth and Lorn race after him. Lorn pounces on the dark wizard and wrestles him to the ground. Sol rushes up to pin him, as Melanth slices off the Sslik’s fingers to prevent from casting, causing the creature to lost consciousness from the pain.

Re-grouping, the Squad makes good with their captive, attempting to return to the safety of the city. As they do so the tunnel that mere moments before was the scene of their fighting collapses in upon itself. Along the way they enter discourse with Cherri’s Delvers. The state of the defences does not look promising; ghosts assault the defenders and injured and corpses litter the walls. They return to report to their commanders, requesting medical attention and direction on interrogating their unconscious captive. They head to the field hospital where they attempt to beg treatment, though the conditions in the hospital are somewhat grim and overflowing with casualties. They speak to a young Saris medic who is somewhat overwhelmed by the horrors surrounding her, obtaining some healing for their most injured parties.

With that Melanth quietly slips away from the rest of the party, keenly aware of their re-occurring problems with necromancers and magic users in general and setting out to do something about it. After asking around, he finds two places where he would be most likely to find related materials: a Merchant’s Guild stall and Imperial Army depot. Unfortunately the Depot isn’t open to mercenaries and the stall charges exorbitant fees.

Hatching a plan, he strikes up a deal with a struggling medic, covertly stealing satchels of herbs from the Merchant’s Guild stall where Nathanew is trying unsuccessfully to flirt with the owner. For this bit of thievery he manages to acquire an Imperial Army uniform and a Ring of Evasion. Then, making his way to the Imperial Army Depot in disguise he strikes up conversation with the quartermaster, bluffing his way past the Dwarf’s suspicions and gaining permission to ‘requisition’ several bottles of Holy Water and other miscellaneous equipment, though he shies of taking anything that may harm the Imperial Army’s performance in the field.

Later, as he watches Nathanew rebuked forcefully by the store owner, he quietly pulls the Fiend to an aside. Having saved the Sorcerer’s life earlier in the day, he gains Nathanew’s eager aid in pilfering the Merchant Guild’s Stall in search of Silence arrows, Poisons and other miscellaneous valuables. He convinces the Fiend to cast an Invisibility spell upon him whilst Nathan causes a scene, pretending to ache at his rejection by the stall owner as Melanth slips past the tent undetected, under cover of the spell. The Dragon encounters difficulty whilst searching however, being unable to clearly see what it is he is stealing; in the end he absconds with a number of gems, some poisons, some potions, two bundles of magic arrows (type and number unknown), a scroll and a locked chest.

Retreating behind the Confectioner’s Guild hall with his loot, he climbs the building and secrets his stash in a decorative alcove, waiting for Nathanew to catch up. When the fiend arrives they set about identifying some of what Melanth has acquired, as well as breaking into the strongbox.


Anastasia: AC 11 HP 18/50 Turns: 3/5
(Used: 0/6 l0, 1/5+1 and 0/2 L1 , 4/5+1 L2, 6/5+1 L3, 3/2+1 L4)
Soleas: AC 19 HP 51/51 STR 14/18
Hathril: AC 28 HP 41/41
(Used 0/5 L0, 3/5 L1, 0/3 L2, 1/2 L3)
Alva: AC 23 HP 42/56
Lorn: AC 17 HP 32/32
Nathanew: AC 15 HP 36/37
(Used 8/8 L0, 7/7 L1, 5/7 L2, 4/7 L3, 3/5 L4)
Melanath: AC 28 HP 61/61

Morde Memento
.... Doesnt she realize shes a cleric, and has just killed a Grand Necromancer? nope? Welp.

Several hours ago, from about 10am to 1:15 pm.

Anastasia, having encountered a Necromancer, decides not to follow the group of mercenaries into the tunnels for whatever reason they are going down there.
She is a reaper of Nyrevin, and it is her sacred duty to track down the necromancer.
The familiar thing that the necromancer had ran off to the south, and a cursory top-of-the wall inspection revealed this to be a huge cliff face with a beach down below.
She asked around about the beach, finding a local smith who was not busy resting or defending the wall.
He tells her about beetles, how they are usually there but they were recently cleared, save for the carapaces that are waiting for him to work on them. he also mentions that some of the buildings on the south wall might have passages to the caverns and lairs.
Finding the other buildings to be locked up and not knowing where the owners are, She enters the building the necromancer was in front of, which does not have a door.
Inside is a kitchen. After searching around, and some key finding, she discovers a trapdoor in a backroom.
She improvises a torch from a stone rod, some fabric, some oil, and an ember, and heads down into the passage.
Through the passage she enters a storeage room, a dragon’s lair, and then manages to find her way onto the beach.
Aspying a dark aura with her aurasight mutation, she makes her way down a path to the beach.
She attempted to move silently, but her unfamiliarity with sandy surfaces made this difficult, if not impossible, and the necromancer’s familiar was alerted.
Her Shrieks failed to wake her master, who was in a mediative trance, and she stopped to throw… unmentionables… at Anastasia, who attempted to destroy the undead monkey with pure light, missing due to the monkey’s agility.
The monkey attempted to wake her master, succeeding in only the most absentminded of gestures.
Running up, Anastasia invokes her diety, Sending the raw power of the death goddess boiling through his veins. He resists the talons of death, taking damage but surviving and snapping out of his trance. Disoriented, he tries to stand and is hit with her scythe oppurtunistically. Panicking, he attempts to attack with a darkly gleaming attack, defending himself while his familiar attempted to deliver the blow… and missed.
He fiddles with a ring at his finger and teleports away, though recieving a poisonous spell and another strike of her scythe.

The familiar runs off after him, the Reaper of Nyrevin in pursuit. She loses the trail after a while, but can see some activity on a raised area of land on the edge of the eastern battlefield, and goes to investigate.
She finds the necromancer, sick and injured, trying to summon something via a ritual. she fires off a ray of searing light at him, but her attack was intercepted by a sslik ghost guarding him, which cries out and vanishes.
Two skeletons in his employ rush over, blocking her way, and the panicked necromancer casts a spell, his flailing causing it to miss her completely and spend its ice on the sands.
Anastasia is not one to be kept from her prize. Disregarding the skeletons threatening her and their cruel swipes to her in passing, she rushes by them, right into the center of the group. she is immediately challenged by the ghost, an archer skeleton, and a shortsword guardian skeleton who takes up a defensive stance near the necromancer.
She is badly damaged by the arrows and the strikes of the undead swordsmen, but seemingly through divine intervention, she manages to survive long enough to restore her health and hide herself from the undead.
As they search for her, she runs in as Aton and his ghost magic user are finishing their ritual, and casts an inflict spell on him.
He asked why.
She told him.
He died, crumpling to the ground.
Dizzy, she suddenly believes him to be a fellow cleric of Nyrevin in charge of sacred tomb guardians which is probably a thing she has. Probably. (hooray for botched knowledge rolls)
As she ponders this, his body bursts into eerie green flames, burning her and knocking her unconcious.
She recovers, and gets attacked by his distraught familiar and by the undead that remained in the area: the skeletons, mainly.
their actions manage to knock her out again, and she almost bleeds to death, the guardian skeleton looking on.
Managing to get to her feet, she turns undead, unleashing the deadly wrath of her goddess on the undead. She is joined by two nissians who engage the Greatsword-wielding skeletons. The guardian skeleton, moving stiffly because of the divine attack, misses.
The nissians are attacked brutally, and one is badly wounded, slipping into unconciousness as his partner fights on. The skeleton is held back as Anastasia unleashes the goddesses power again, turning the remaining skeletons into calcium dust piles.
She and the nissian, carrying her companion, make their way back to the gate. They are within meters when they are attacked by a group of skeletons and ghosts. Shoving her incapacitated comerade at the Reaper, the other nissian draws her fine, shining blade and attempts to hold off the undead, while the reaper escorts the unconcious nissian and the necromancer’s magically charred remains to the city, dropping the wounded male in the hospital.
She quickly returns to aid the nissian who had helped her, but is too late.
The female nissian fought well, but was impaled on a barbed spear, her wings broken and battered, her blood in the muddy ground.
It was at this point that Anastasia decided she needed a shovel.

Will she find the shovel?
What will happen next?!
STAY TUNED…. In a while.
The time is…. 1:15 pm. The rest of the party is at 2 or 3pm… just saying :)

Anastasia: Injured, badly. Almost out of spells.
One Nissian samurai dead
One Nissian samurai alive (Male)

Anastasia: AC 11 HP 18/50 Turns: 3/5
(Used: 0/6 l0, 1/5+1 and 0/2 L1 , 4/5+1 L2, 6/5+1 L3, 3/2+1 L4)

Soleas: AC 19 HP 34/51 STR 14/18

Hathril: AC 28 HP 41/41
(Used 0/5 L0, 3/5 L1, 0/3 L2, 1/2 L3)

Alva: AC 23 HP 43/56

Lorn: AC 17 HP 23/32

Nathanew: AC 15 HP 20/37
(Used 8/8 L0, 4/7 L1, 4/7 L2, 4/7 L3, 3/5 L4)

Melanath: AC 28 HP 29/61

Preparing the explosives, and fighting on the run... GODSDAMNIT MORE WOLVES!!!! :(

The Squad remains in the tunnel as the explosive charges are prepped. As the guards and the squad make ready to fall back they detect something large and gravelly moving down the tunnel. Melanth sees a ripple approaching.

As it gets closer the ripple manifests itself into the form of a large bulky golem, which stops and tries to look around in the gloom. It advances with a thunderous tread down the tunnel, but doesn’t seem to notice the squad. Melanth takes a shot at it with his bow, but even with his dark-vision he misses. Alva too prepares to take a shot, carefully preparing her bow and her aim before loosing, striking the golem true in a weak spot. Hammered by the shot, the golem stalls, shedding material and sparking blighted energy as Alva’s arrow punctures it. Seeing that others in the party were having trouble with the darkness, Nathanew casts Dancing lights at the golem, illuming it, whilst Sol takes a defensive position before the squad. Hathril too readies himself, holding his action.

Looking more closely, Alva and Hathril manage to make out the symbols carved into the golem: very familiar symbols, bringing back less than pleasant memories from the past: memories of a Necromancer from Feledan. Semi-corporeal wolves slinking down the tunnel only serve to help with the recall.

Melanth takes a second shot, hitting it with his arrow and knocking a chunk off it. Alva, capitalizing on her well placed shot casts Entangle at the Golem and the approaching wolves. The thick vines shoot from the ground, engulfing the golem and three of the wolves, though two manage to evade the snare and charge towards the party. Lorn intercepts one, tearing at it viciously with his teeth. The undead wolf’s blood nearly poisons Alva’s loyal companion, though he savages it viciously. Nathanew draws upon the power ofthe arcane to throw a cold strike, frostbiting a wolf and the golem, though it seems to have little effect. With a mighty heave of its knife arm, the golem shreds the vines restraining it, meanwhile Sol charges one of the wolves, lashing out a deadly blow to its face. Unfortunatly for the bold feline, a jet of the wolf’s poisonous blood infects and poisons her. The wolves that are entrapped by the vines fail to break free. Lorn and Sol’s assailants tear at them viciously, snapping and tearing but in the confusion of the melee they fail to score and wounding blows. Hathril, still trapped in his squirrely guise hops up onto Melanth and conjures elemental flame, directing at the wolf snapping at Sol’s ankles.

Seeing that the rest of the Squad doesn’t seem to have much trouble with the demonic wolves, Melanth takes another shot at the golem and knocks more matter out of it. Lorn, clearly the superior dog-fighter tears through the wolf before him, sending it into the abyss and avoiding it’s terribly blood. The wolves still entangled are terrified by the demise of their cousin, seeking to escape the vines. Alva compliments his success by firing at it three times, hitting and scoring a small crack in it. Nathanew hangs back as the golem lashes out at one of the entangled wolves with its arm-scythe, slicing it in half… and seeming to heal its damage. Sol moves forward through the entangling vines, vaulting them and launching into an array of martial arts against the golem. She hits, but seems to do little damage to the newly regenerated golem. The entangled wolves again try to break free; one succeeding whilst the other is slammed into the ground. It growls and lowers its tail, backing up the tunnel. Hathril throws another bolt of fire at the wolves, hitting and engulfing it in flame, leaving behind only smoking cinders.
Seeing Sol engages closely Melanth charges to her assistance, leaping over the field of entangling briars and slicing at the golem with his sword, the enchanted flames raging over its surface and scorching it to ash.

With the main threat ended, the squad rounds on the remaining trapped wolf. Now looking rather lonely and extremely scared. Hathril, Nathanew and Alva try to pump it for information, knowing of its connection to the necromancer master. Meanwhile, Melanth tends to the still poisoned Soleas, though his healing expertise is less than optimal. Alva and Hathril assist Sol, knowing With noting left to be done with the entrapped wolf, Melanth smashes its skull with a large rock.

With the combat done, Nathanew manages to stabilise Sol’s wounds. Cherri’s Delvers working further down the tunnel report that the charge is armed and ready to go. Grouping together, they hustle for the exit of the tunnel when suddenly the collars on the slain undead wolves begin to glow, raising them back to unholy life and begin chasing the group. Seeing the danger, Hathril casts an Entangle and manages to trap one.

Seeing the reanimated wolves running for the intercept, Melanth and Alva ready themselves. Nathanew runs a short distance further up the tunnel and fires off a barrage of Magic Missiles, hitting all three. Sol too readies herself as the Delvers continue their hustle. One of the undead wolves rushes to seek its revenge upon Lorn, biting him deeply, though the hardy wolf manages to avoid becoming infected with its dying poisonous blood. Hathril too holds his action.
Lorn and his assailant continue to exchange blows, the rest of the party holding in formation waiting to intercept the wolves. Lorn lays into it, asserting his dominance by tearing it to shreds for a second time. Alva fires off a barrage at one of the entangled beasts, her enchanted arrows incinerating her target. In the burning its companion escapes, charging at Alva but missing her with its leap. Sol inspects the enchanted collars, trying to remove them from the incapacitated wolf. Melanth kicks the wolf attacking Alva off its feet whilst she retreats. The wolf Melanth tripped attempts to rise, catching his blade across its flanks for the trouble, and lashes out at him and biting into his arm. Sol inadvertently triggers an electric charge in the collar which singes her. Melanth beheads the wolf gnawing on his arm and kicks the collar off its severed neck.

As the party finishes off the undead wolves, Sol begins to grow weak with the poison circulating in her veins. Alva sends Lorn to heal her, channelling magic through her animal companion. With nothing left to defend against the party begins catching up to the retreating Delvers.

As the party makes their escape, they spy a gigantic mummified wolf neat the hole through which the necromancers infiltrated earlier. Aegis forces are hauling the corpses out, with the corpse of Horus lashed to the undead wolf with a rope harness. The Delvers fall back outside of the blast radius, their flamethrowers at the ready. Deciding not to take a risk, Alva runs forwards with Melanth as her bodyguard, trying to take and aimed shot at the rope and sever it. However, a stray gust of wind catches her arrow, throwing it off course. Nathanew runs forward and tries to set the harness aflame, succeeding with a touch attack, but provoking an attack in turn from the wolf which bites into him. Sol tries to come to the assistance of Nathanew, but her poison slows her. The wolf attacks Nathanew again, though the Fiend ducks one attack but is struck critically by the second, the wolf’s teeth slicing through his thin clothing.

What will happen to our “heroes”?
Will they escape the tunnels intact?
What will happen to Soleas?
Will they have another lunch?
Will this damn battle ever end?


Alva: Injured, but ok
Hathril: Still a squirrel, Flamed all the bastards
Lorn: A bit bitten and acid-burned, but hardy enough
Melanth: a few bites, not happy
Nathanew: Badly bitten by an undead wolf
Pernunculus: On the Surface
Soleas: Injured and her hand is infected with blighted toxins that are weakening her


Anastasia: AC 11 HP 38/50
(Used: 0/6 l0, 1/6 and 0/2 L1 , 0/5+1 L2, 4/5+1 L3, 1/2+1 L4)

Soleas: AC 19 HP 34/51 STR 14/18

Hathril: AC 28 HP 41/41
(Used 0/5 L0, 3/5 L1, 0/3 L2, 1/2 L3)

Alva: AC 23 HP 43/56

Lorn: AC 17 HP 23/32

Nathanew: AC 15 HP 20/37
(Used 8/8 L0, 4/7 L1, 4/7 L2, 4/7 L3, 3/5 L4)

Melanath: AC 28 HP 29/61


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