Blights edge

In the Tunnel the Mighty Tunnel
The necromancers sleep toniiiiiiiiiight

Part 1:
Guarding the Tunnel.

Our heroes leave the delvers to their work and proceed to guard. Soleas and Nathanew were left behind with the mining group to guard from there while Melanath, Alva, and Lorn slip back into the tunnel behind them to scout.
Suddenly they hear voices, and from the conversation determine them to not be god guys at all. They slip forward.
Three necromancers are making their way down the tunnels, a fiend, an elf, and a human.
Alva and Melanath decide to ambush them, firing arrows and bolts into the one at the back, who falls back with a surprised shout.
The fiend necromancer quickly ran forward, becoming invisible for a split second before plunging a dagger into Alva with an acrobatic flip. She is quickly repelled and hurt badly. Her comrades jeer at her stupidity.
Alva shouts a challenge and is replied to by the human, who, in an eerily childlike manner, tells her that his name is Horus and that he likes her dog.
Disturbed, Alva continues the fight.
The elf, not being as stupid as his fiend compatriot, casts mage armor on himself and hides behind a rock.
Ghosts, part of the group that came with the necromancers, materialize and attack, the archers harrying while a pair of rogues sneak behind and a warrior, sad and in torment, attacks Melanath.
Horus soon casts a spell that fills his immediate area with mist, concealing him and his allies and making attempts to hit him go awry. The fiend tries to get up and is quickly slain.
Melanath and Alva try to return to the darkness of the tunnel behind them, but are thwarted by light-casting arrows. Dealing with the ghosts, they fail to prevent the reanimation of the fiend as a skeleton by horus. A skeletal bear is summoned by the Wizard in hiding, who takes magic missile potshots at them from his hiding place.
Lorn is sent back at a run to summon assistance, returning with Nathanew and Soleas, who immediately begin fighting, soleas attending to the bear and Nathanew throwing magic into the mist cloud- electricity, not fire, for fear of suffocation.
The bear is soon dispatched, not before it deals some nasty damage, and soleas rushes into the cloud to hunt down the wizard, who she soon dispatches, as well as the reanimated fiend, whos soul is recaptured by Horus, who shifts his mouth to that of a snake and offers to play a “biting game” with lorn, which he has to abort due to injuries. He waves goodbye and makes a run for it, though an arrow from Alva brings him down, dispelling the mist.
Finding him unconcious, Alva chooses not to take him prisoner and instead slits his throat, and strips him for his belongings and information.
Taking the robes back to the mining group- which has made significant progress- they learn a bit about the organization of the Aegis and that the childlike horus was actually a fairly high-ranking necromancer, the 3rd of 5 ranks.
Alva realized two interesting things: One, that Horus’s body seemed to burn from within for a little while as she stripped him down, Two that she recognized the name of the Elven necromancer as that same as someone who had gone missing a long time back in Feladan, an interesting coincidence if coincidence it be.
The gnomish foreman present at the excavation, Tithy Binholder, the grandson of the Legendary leader of his Guild, Cherri, healed the party a bit.

Part 2: What the???

Hathril is reunited with and snacks are had.
Suddenly an odd vibration is felt, like a shockwave, and the party rushes over to the Tombcutter’s hole to investigate.
They hear necromancers above, talking about something that they saw that was disturbing to them, and that they should report it to their boss, even though she likely saw it too.
After pondering whether to kill the necromancers above, they decide to return to the excavation.
Lunch soon comes delivered in a cart and they discuss the sabotage plan over delicious food, and the odd vibration.
The gnome that delivered the food claims that it was a big explosion with a green flash that came from the direction of Parsinia, and the undead seemed agitated by it.
Amid worried speech, the group prepares to engineer the explosive plot.


Alva: Injured, but fine for now
Hathril: Still a squirrel, Ate all the pies
Lorn: Happy and full
Melanth: Ascerbic, as usual
Nathanew: Uninjured
Pernunculus: On the Surface
Soleas: Injured, but, as always, she’ll manage

Necromancer robes x3
Soul gems
Filled Soul gems
Various daggers
An unholy Rapier


Anastasia: AC 11 HP 38
(Used: 0/6 l0, 1/6 L1, 0/6 L2, 4/6 L3, 1/5 L4, 2/3 L5, 0/2 L6)

Soleas: AC 19 HP 38

Hathril: AC 28 HP 35
(Used 0/5 L0, 1/5 L1, 0/3 L2, 1/2 L3)

Alva: AC 23 HP 43

Lorn: AC 17 HP 39

Nathanew: AC 15 HP 41
(Used 4/8 L0, 2/7 L1, 3/7 L2, 4/7 L3, 3/5 L4)

Melanath: AC 28 HP 42

Memento Morde
A momentary break turns out to be less than relaxing

Having made their stand before the gates, the Squad now retires within the city. Though the streets seem deserted of any remaining civilian personelle, they each occupy themselves as best they can, aware they’re unlikely to have another opportunity to rest for some time. Most of the squad is gathered around a campfire, lamenting the lack of food, whilst Nathanew and Sol are with the guild leader studying battleplans.

As they are relaxing, the Cleric of Nyrevin introduces herself to the group. And hour passes in idle conversation until they spot a stranger lingering near the entrance to the confectioners guildhall. Closer investigation shows him to be pale and offering a deep aura of unease, which makes the party suspicious. Melanth opts to try and goad the man into revealing his reason for being in a warzone, affecting the act of a stupid soldier who is rigidly sticking to his duties. The stranger is not impressed, and holds his ground. After an exchange of nearly hostile words, the stranger professing he is to deliver a jar of spice to Corarora Solarwind the bandying is interrupted by Anastasia casting Inflict Serious Wounds on the stranger. Fully alert now they cluster around him as Anastasia reveals he is a Necromancer. Without hesitation the squad attacks. Before they can land their blows however he teleports away, using a summoned imp as a distraction to aid his escape.

Immediately Melanth sprints to report the incident to the commanders, delivering a report to Gunzheg and Cherri. Gunzheg does not appear to take the news well, his usually hawkish appearance and temperament downright fierce. As this is happening the rest of the squad assembles and converses, deciding that they are not prepared to take any chances and set off to check the mortuaries where the battle dead are being stored. Along the way they encounter a group of Satyr barbarians adorned with strange red and blue hoof-print paint. They also encounter Soleas who has returned from a stab briefing, informing them that the walls are secure for the time being and that there is little they could contribute to the battle at present. Cherri of Cherri’s Delvers offers them a job helping to protect her people as they attempt to undermine Aegis siege weaponry. The group accepts, following the Gnome commander’s lead. They find that the excavation face is staffed by the Delvers operating tunnelling equipment. They meet with the foremen and Alva engages them in conversation, explaining to the nervous guards that they have been sent to shore-up the defences of the undermining operation and receiving a warm welcome.

Heroes Arise
As the Battle for Sslanis rages, one band of mercenaries forges its name in legend....

Two hours into the battle, the battles on the wall continue. Attacks by the suicide skeletons have abated for the time being, and the Squad continues to hold their ground at the teleport pad. Other warriors defending the walls recover their injured and dead, and escort the reinforcements into the city. Unfortunately, this leaves the defences temporarily short-handed.

As they pick through the carnage after the battle, Pern alights near the Squad and announces what Aegis reinforcements are on the way. Comprising a Malebrache and several artillery pieces.
The Malebranche dives down upon the burgeoning battle and takes a swipe at Melanth with its talons, scoring him deeply down the side. Sol immediately responds by leaping at the creature and pummelling on it with her fists, but she fails to harm its stony hide. Melanth, caught by surprise at the sudden attack backs away from the combat and takes the opportunity to apply a Keen Edge potion to his weapon. Alva nocks and arrow and scans for weak points on the target, spotting one and firing two shots but fails to hit the creature thanks to the wing gusted up by its wings. Lorn leaps and tries to snap at it and bites a chunk out of its wing membrane. Anastasia from her position on the walls casts blindness/deafness, overcoming its spell resistance and succeeding in blinding the monster. Nathanew casts Scorching Ray, blasting at it with rays of heat.

Sol tries to disarm the newly blinded Malebranche, but it catches her with its claws as she leaps, intercepting and wounding the Saris. Melanth retaliates by charging it, leaping through the air and cleaving through its back flesh. The Malebranche, realising that its blindness will not dissipate, instead lands on the gate and lashes out with its trident missing once, but on the second thrust hitting Sol squarely and impaling her. Alva takes another three shots, missing the weak point but embedding arrows in its hide. Lorn sneaks up on the blinded creature and lays into it with his mighty jaws, tearing great chunks out of it in an epic display of violence. Anastasia takes the opportunity to move towards Sol and begin treating her injuries with divine magic. Nathanew begins casting a spell, transferring the arcane energies into his familiar, who then flies at the gargoyle and tries to transfer the spell, but misses as the spell fizzles out prematurely.

Soleas, newly rejuvenated, rejoins the fight by launching into a Flurry of Blows and Iron Fist attacks, missing with the first but hitting the creature’s weak spot with the second. Melanth tries to climb the creature, but is shaken off by its terrible strength. The Malebranche lashes out wildly at Mel, Sol and Lorn, missing Mel and Lorn but clawing at Sol and inflicting injuries. Alva takes another three shots, this time hitting its weak point for massive damage with her arrows, additional shots thudding into its hide. Lorn tried to bite at its legs, but his jaws snap closed on thin air.

Meanwhile, a volley of arrows from the hastily assembled defenders fall wide of the mark.
Anastasia sends a prayer to her goddess, whilst Nathanew tries to cast a spell but is unable to overcome the creature’s spell resistance. Splashback effects from the spell cause Lorn and Mel to become enraged with dark magic.

Aegis reinforcements try to launch a volley into the melee, but their incompetence hits only Alva and the Malebranche. Soleas attacks the Malebranche, but misses with her attacks.

Spurred on by incoherent rage, Melanth leaps up and takes a slash at the gargoyl’s throat, going completely berserk, grabbing onto it and decapitating the monster, shreddinf it into a pile of flaming gore with Niatha’s Fang.

(For purpose of the records, Melanth TRIPLE CRITTED the Maleblanche)

Alva and Lorn turns to face the approaching horde of skeletons and lay into them, dropping a large number with their combined hail of arrows and enraged jaws. The skeletons try to return fire, but barely grazing them with the first volley. The second strikes home, causing further damage to Anastasia and Lorn. The cleric of Nyrevin retaliates by attempting to turn them, shattering their undead ranks with the might of the Goddess of Death.

The Squad regroups at the teleporter pad and clears off the gibbed remains of the Maleblanche, just in time for Elven and Dwarven reinforcements to teleport through. The Dwarves are the Elite of their forces- the Defenders. They greet the new arrivals curtly; the Dwarves introduce themselves as the Squad’s relief.

Seeing the troops holding the gate in trouble, the Squad elects to try and help the beleaguered guardsmen. Anastasia departs temporarily

Sol opens the fight by bounding through the ranks of skeletons surrounding, pushing them down and launching herself at the second Maleblanche. Mel cleaves his way through the skeletal ranks, who respond by attacking Mel and Sol. They miss Mel, but Sol is hit badly. Alva sends Lorn to reinforce Sol, firing at them as she goes and scoring hits on the Malebranche. Lorn fights his way through the skeletal shieldwall, biting at their ankles. Two regiments of the Living Races try to attack the Malebranche, but the monster evades. Another two attack the surrounding skeletons, hitting them and inflicting massive casualties. Archers on the wall fire a volley and hit the Malbranche, whilst other arrows land amongst the skeletons and disrupt their ranks.
Suddenly, a bright light from the wall shines upon the Skeletons and nearly blinding the Malebranche… and actually blinding the troops on the ground. Melanth and Lorn are temporarily blinded.

Nathanew casts a bolt of ice at the Maleclanche, which doesn’t hit it squarely but still inflicts some damage. The Maleblanche goes mad, striking at the surrounding guardsmen in a whirlwind of fury, inflicting horrific casualties and all but obliterating the defenders. Melanth tries to avenge them with a thrown axe, though he barely grazes it. Alva has more success, hitting twice and puncturing its thick hide. Lorn lays into the beast, sniffing it out and tearing it apart with his fearsome jaws.

Investigating the commotion at the gate, the Squad finds a large hole has been dug beneath it, with concentrated fighting going on between Cherri’s Delvers and a group of Tombcutters. Seeing
they could do with a little assistance, the Squad elect to help.

Melanth drops down, trying to land on the Tombcutters head but slips and falls off. Lorn also drops down and tried to savage the creature, but slips, bounces off its back and is caught by Mel. Alva fires but most of her shots go wide, only one hitting hard enough to inflict harm. Soldiers on the wall also try to fire into the tunnel, but their arrows miss and bounce off the hard chitinous plates of the Tombcutters. Nathanew charges Pern up with a spell, sending the crow to transfer it into the target. Cherri’s Delvers unleash a volley of pistol fire, which punch through the armour of the Tombcutters, though their macemen miss. The flamethrower team unleash a torrent of liquid flame, casting up a noxious stench as the Tombcutter’s shells crackle and pop. The insectoid creatures retaliate against Mel and Lorn, though one botches and bites its comrade. The other hits Melanth and gore him terribly; Lorn on the other hand is savaged brutally and knocked unconscious. Sol jumps down and tries to assist, but cannot make the move in time.

Melanth responds by grabbing Lorn and bodily dragging him behind the Cherri’s Delver’s line, applying a charge from his belt to the injured wolf. Alva also applies some healing magic to Lorn, further closing his wounds. More shots from the walls land upon the Tombcutters, inflicting damage as Anastasia returns to the battle and uses Summon Celestial Black Bear. Nathanew sends Pern to try and attack the Tombcutters once again, but Pern again fails, turning an attacking dive into a nosedive that leaves him planted in the ground like a lawndart. Cherri’s Delvers close ranks around the injured party, handing Mel a Cure Moderate healing potion which goes some way to restoring his injury. Further volleys of pistol fire and flamethrower fuel drop two of the remaining Tombcutters, which retaliate against them, inflicting many injuries but the tough mercenary band hold their ground. Soleas lashes out with her fists, but misses with her fists.

Melanth charges at the last remaining Tombcutter, leaping into its embrace and slicing it clean in half with his divinely blessed sword. (For the record, this was ANOTHER triple crit.)

With the battle effectively over, the Squad exchange pleasantries with Cherri’s Delvers. Having fought three battles in a day, they decide that some rest is in order. With three of the party badly wounded they are left in need of healing, but thoroughly triumphant.


Alva: Minor wounds- could use some healing attention
Anastasia: Minor wounds
Hathril: Still a squirrel
Lorn: Moderate wounds, fatigued post raging
Melanth: Moderate wounds, fatigued post raging
Nathanew: Uninjured, needs some spells replenished
Pernunculus: Uninjured, probably quite embarrassed
Soleas: Minor injuries, actually does have some emotions after all

2x Malevolent Tridents (Huge trident)


Anastasia: AC 11 HP 38
(Used: 0/6 l0, 1/6 L1, 0/6 L2, 4/6 L3, 1/5 L4, 2/3 L5, 0/2 L6)

Soleas: AC 19 HP 43

Hathril: AC 28 HP 35
(Used 0/5 L0, 1/5 L1, 0/3 L2, 1/2 L3)

Alva: AC 23 HP 42

Lorn: AC 17 HP 27

Nathanew: AC 15 HP 37
(Used 2/8 L0, 1/7 L1, 3/7 L2, 2/7 L3, 3/5 L4)

Melanath: AC 27 HP 53

Voodoo Magic Man
A long time ago, in a mercenary company far far away...

During a prequel to the main campaign, Melanth and Alva are attached to a scouting unit of the Red Scale mercenary company. Sent to locate the origin of Undead raids in the area, they sweep ahead of the main column, searching for traces of the foe.

Beginning by looking for traces of their enemies, they detect concentrations of Blight energy and movement in a strand of nearby trees. Approaching to investigate, they move quietly into the forest and scan their surroundings with eye and ear, weapons at the ready. They make use of some surrounding pants to form crude camouflage, they stalk forward to investigate the source of a crashing noise in the undergrowth. Through the undergrowth they spot a large, undead treant accompanied by a pair of undead wolves.

Opting to sidestep the patrol and search in deeper, Alva is overcome with a sense of unease and becomes increasingly nervy as the concentrations of blight increase. Though their blight protection continues to function normally, Lorn becomes increasingly weak and erratic, showing signs of panic and disorientation. To keep him focussed, they elect to send him off ahead to sweet their path for potential ambushes. They crawl forward behind, stopping at a treeline opening out into a large tangle of blighted briars. They are momentarily startled when Pernunculus crashes into a nearby tree; the bird had been observing them.

Conversing with the bird, they try to convince it to scout their forward area. After some diatribe, he explains to them what he saw; a glowing crystal charged with blight energy, beneath a briar dome. Wary of his past experience with Blight Gates, Melanth orders him to call for reinforcements.

As he does so, Lorn detects something in the undergrowth and barks an alarm. A pack of undead wolves emerge from beneath the dome, but fail to detect the crouched squad as they are camouflaged and have the wind on their side. They notice blighted symbols carved into the wolves’ putrefying flesh, and Melanth recalls from his military time that the symbol corresponds to stealth and skirmishing oriented Aegis. (TG)

They hatch a plan: use Pern’s ability to translate his master’s spells to burn the briar dome that is shielding the artefact and flush out the enemy. The burning attempt doesn’t go as planned; instead of setting the entire dome ablaze they only manage to scorch out a small patch. However they judge it will serve as a distraction and make their break in through the front door.

They find a strange necromancer smoking some kind of plant matter, obviously inebriated. Though he fails to notice Mel or Alva, he does spot Lorn and tries to coax the wolf over to him. Not liking the situation, Alva decides to attack. Melanth agrees.

The initial round opens with Alva hitting him with two arrows and Melanth lodging a throwing axe in his gut. The strange voodoo necromancer is injured, but responds by summoning two undead wolves and two Blighted Earth elementals. Alva fires again, but one of his wolves leaps up and takes the hits, falling to the ground dead. Lorn and the other wolf engage and bite at each other, whilst Melanth steps forwards and cleaves at the necromancer with his greatsword. One of the elementals manages to engulf Melanth in its putrid mass despite his attempts to leap out of the way. Another elemental also tries to body-slam him, but misses. The necromancer takes advantage of the chaos to transform into a boar.

Alva takes her shots against the newly transformed boar, and hits with one hitting the animal with deadly precision. Lorn joins the melee and succeeds in dragging one of the blight elementals off of Melanth, who then manages to escape its clammy grasp and spits fire over the two creatures, burning them to ash. The boar-necromancer then charges at Alva and gores her badly with its tusks.

Alva in retaliation draws her dirk and stabs at him, puncturing its bristly hide and inflicting some nasty puncture wounds. Lorn joins in the attack but doesn’t manage to hit the enraged animal. Melanth takes a swing at the necromancer-boar with his greatsword, but the remaining wolf intercepts the full force of the blow and is sliced to pieces.

The necromancer tries to attack Alva once again, but misses her. Alva takes point blanc shots at it, striking it in the chest and killing it. With its final gesture, the boar transforms back into the Necromancer and casts a spell to shield the blighted crystal.

As their mission is complete they fall back rapidly towards their camp and make their report on the incident. Returning later with a full complement of Redscale guild members and support, they raze the site to the ground.


Battles ALWAYS start with exploding Skeletons!
Repusing repulsive skeletons and defending indefensible fools... and teleport gates



The battle begins with the blaring of alarm horns and frantic tolling of bells. Leaping out of bed and racing to the walls the Squad meets a horde of zombies emerging from the trees. Taking up defensive positions, melee occurs on the walls as the zombies pile up upon each other.
Though proving barely a challenge, the battle is joined by waves of skeletons carrying barrels and charges of explosives. The initial wave of skeletons scales the mound of rotting corpses and tries to detonate their charges, but is largely thrown back before they can do much more than chip the masonry. Nathanew conjures a wall of flame to try and contain the charge. Shrapnel flies through the air, injuring many of the defenders. Bizarrely, Hathril finds himself transformed into squirrel. One of the skeletons throws its explosive charge high, but Melanth knocks it out of the air with a throwing axe, narrowly missing Sol as the axe rebounds with the explosion.

After about 30 minutes the battle has moved further down the wall. The Squad moves further down the wall to cover the flanks of the conjured firestorm. Melanth picks up the squirrely Hathril and carries him to the new site of the battle and kicks one of the suicide-skeletons off the wall. Nathanew casts a fire based spell at one of the skeletons, inadvertently setting off its explosive and killing two of the defenders. Soleas runs towards another assailer and lashes out with her fists, but misses her attack and nearly falls, clinging precariously to the edge of the parapet over the seething, fiery cauldron of magical destruction Nathanew conjured. The skeleton she was attacking detonates its charge, injuring many of the embattled defenders and shaking the wall to its foundations. Zombies grab at Melanth and try to wrestle him towards the wall, but he breaks free.

As the battle rages, the Squad notices a Cleric of Nyrevin fighting alongside them on the parapet. The Cleric casts Searing Light on the skeletons attempting to storm the wall, killing many and blasting away a large chunk of the zombie ladder. Hathril despite his furry confinement casts Mass Vigor, healing many of the wounded defenders. Melanth skids over to where Sol hangs and hauls her out of peril. Nathanew casts a second molten strike away from the walls, hitting two of the skeletons and obliterating them in fiery explosions.

The Cleric casts Magic Circle Against Evil on a damaged portion of the wall, preventing further suicide attacks against it. She tries to disarm a bomb that was left nearby by a dying skeleton, but fails to disarm the device. Attempts to roll it away also fail; she eventually manages to smother the fuse, claiming the keg. Melanth takes a shot at a skeleton, hitting it squarely in the powder keg and blowing it to bits. Sol picks up an abandoned bow to better attack from the parapet as a skeleton throws a grenade at Nathanew and the Cleric, injuring both with hot shrapnel. Anastasia heals him with a Cure Moderate Wounds. Melanth pitches a chunk of broken masonry at the last remaining skeleton in the area, smashing it.


During a temporary lull in the battle, Gunzheg Fangthoth approaches the Squad to request a status report. As reinforcements arrive, he sends them off to defend the teleporter pad and secure the supply lines.

In the meantime, they are reunited with Alva, who was helping the archers defend the city gate. Reinforcements with siege weapons arrive and begin setting up just as the attack hits; two regiments of Skeletons, a pair of Blights and a Tombcutter. One of the Sun Towers on the wall opens fire on the approaching regiments, obliterating the Blights and scorching the Tombcutter badly, blinding it. Melanth fires on it with his bow, but the shot glances off its chitinous hide. The Skeleton regiments collide with the Elite of the Living races and are joined in fierce battle. Alva fires two arrows at the tombcutter, and a third into the ranks of the skeletons. Retaliatory shots at Alva graze the Half-elf, and fall short of Melanth. Hathril entangles the Skeletal warriors engaging with the Living Races. Hathril tries to cast entangle, but also catches a few of the allied forces in the ensnaring roots. The third regiment of Living Races troops fire arrows and throw grenades into the approaching ranks, missing with most of their shots, but striking home with the grenades, tearing deep holes in the ranks. More shots from Regiment 2 rain onto the Tombcutter, a few striking home. Regiment 1 of the Living races fires into the skeletons also, dealing damage with their arrows, though their grenades prove to be a faulty batch and fail to explode. Anastasia, the Cleric, casts Disrupting weapon on Soleas, who then proceeds to charge at the enemy archers and punches at them, destroying one. Shots from the walls rain down amongst the undead ranks, but are largely ineffectual to the enemy. However one succeeds in injuring Melanth who waits below.
Shrugging off his wound, Melanth moves to where the Gnome reinforcements are hastily setting up the Ballistae and assists in their assembly. Nathanew attacks with an electrically charged Fireball, decimating the ranks of Skeletal fighters. At that moment, through the gate arrive reinforcements; a contingent of Fiendish Spellcasters and Gnomian Musketeers. Alva fires at the Tombcutter and Skeletons again, striking both and inflicting damage. Lorn also attacks. Regiment 2 attempts to withdraw from combat, having taken losses. Covering the retreat of the spellcasters, they are assisted by Regiment 3 who attack with grenades and crossbows. Soleas backs them up, dodging hails of fragmentation. Regiment 1 fires at the skeletons also, striking hits. Their combined efforts leave the enemy regiment wrecked and irrecoverable, but are backed up by the approach of three Blights. The Tombcutter on the other hand is not done yet, attacking the retreating Regiment 2 vehemently with its deadly claws. The Gnomian musketeers back up their comrades with a hail of shot, but the thick hide of the creature wards off even their gunfire. Anastasia used her time to offer up a prayer to Nyrevin. Arrows come from the walls strike at the Blights as the teleport pad charges once again and disgorges a Regiment of the Wings of Altemon, a rival mercenary company. One of them is immediately hit in the ass with a stray shot.

Melanth opens the next round by using his deft strike against the Tombcutter, sighting a weak spot in its armour and firing into it, causing injury. Nathanew follows through with a blast of energy from his energy focus, but barely grazes it. The Gnomes reload their muskets and loose a volley into the nearest Blight, though smoke causes most of the balls to fly wide. Remnants of the skeletal attackers rally and attack Lorn and Regiment 3, missing the Istarian defenders, but hitting Lorn and cutting him badly. Alva retaliates by firing at the Tombcutter again, but one of her arrows flies wide and hits Hathril. Lorn turns against his assailants and attacks at them, as the Blight makes a fumble and presents itself open to his powerful jaws. Hathril conjurs a magical flame and throws it at the Tombcutter, searing away the last of its flesh and reducing it to a malfunctioning husk. The Blight leader tries to attack Sol but is cornered by Lorn and destroyed before it has the chance. Regiment 3 makes an advance across the slaughter-fields, throwing grenades as they do so and attacking with swords. Sol joins the advance, tearing apart the remainder of the melee skeletons with her bare hands. Regiment 2 continues trying to retreat whilst Regiment 1 covers them with shots to the Blights, killing it, though a faulty grenade detonates in their ranks. In its dying throes, the Tombcutter lashes out wildly at Regiment 1, though it misses most of its attacks, inflicting only moderate damage. With that it falls apart, utterly spent.


As the battle dies down, the Imperial Army regiments and the Wings of Altemon fall back into the city, escorting the reinforcements (the Cherris Delvers and Wings of Altamon contingent, the Kirasanct mage unit, and the gnommish musketeers) as well as their wounded. leaving the Redscale Guild to hold the gate. Casualties elsewhere on the walls were serious, though the city remains secure and the casualties are quickly replaced. Aegis forces continue to prowl around the city, biding their time and digging in. More reinforcements arrive as mercenaries and Imperial Army reserves pile in, though by now the Living Races are fully mobilised and prepared.

After Action Report:
Regiments 1 and 3 of the Imperial Army sustained minor casualties. Regiment 2 Sustained heavy casualties and will be out of action for some time.
Provincial forces of the Fiends and Gnomes were unharmed.
Redscale guild sustained minor injuries.
Wings of Altemon guild was unharmed.
Cherri’s Delvers unharmed.
Various trouble on the fields, East battlefield compromised


Anastasia: AC 11 HP 48
(Used: 0/6 l0, 1/6 L1, 0/6 L2, 2/6 L3, 0/5 L4, 2/3 L5, 0/2 L6)

Soleas: AC 19 HP 60

Hathril: AC 28 HP 35
(Used 0/5 L0, 1/5 L1, 0/3 L2, 1/2 L3)

Alva: AC 23 HP 48

Lorn: AC 17 HP 24

Nathanew: AC 15 HP 37
(Used 2/8 L0, 0/7 L1, 2/7 L2, 2/7 L3, 1/5 L4)

Melanath: AC 27 HP 62

Vhyki Veni Vici

In the aftermath of the battle, the squad decides to split up. Alva and a revived Hathril try to track down Vyhk, the remaining bandit, whilst Sol and Melanth carry Nathanew’s corpse and the loot back to town. They don’t have a great amount of success; Vhyk moves fast even wounded and tries to patch himself up on the move, stemming the flow of blood that was giving away his position.

Meanwhile, Melanth and Sol encounter a Saris patrol on the road. Exchanging reports of the roads, they decide to travel in company to find safety in numbers.

Back to the tracking group, they have some success in locating their quarry. Following his trail, Vhyk suddenly leaps up from the long grass and runs, managing to dodge the pursuit and disappearing into a cave. The two pursuers follow, sending Lorn in to track him through the cave system, but the Wolf is shot at an injured. Hathril sends in his Shocker Lizards, hoping that their sensitivity to electricity will root out the bandit. They do, but the flighty thief evades their sparks. Alva throws a flask of alchemists fire behind to cut off his escape and illuminate him in the darkness, but Vhyk backs up and fires at Alva and badly wounds her. Hathril charges, dodging a flurry of darts from a trap and tries to grapple the bandit, but fails. Alva scans for traps and spots another dart trap, darting into cover to heal herself. Hathril dodges the bandit’s shots and feints against him, whilst Alva takes an aimed shot at Vhyk’s arm but misses and scores his side. Vhyk tries to move back into the cover of the darkness, but Hathril manages to intercept and trip him; Alva and Lorn run up through a path clear of traps and pin him down, tying him with a length of rope.

With the bandit secured, Hathril and Alva start pumping him for information. After threatening him, Vhyk reluctantly agrees to lead them to the stockpile. Along the way he leads them through several traps, but they are little more than an annoyance to the party. They manage to uncover the bandit’s hoard; a vast stash of treasure. They decide to allow the bandit to live and turn him over to authorities.

Melanth has an encounter with Ludwig Gristgear in Kion, exchanging harsh words. He reports to Lady Kendra, delivering to her the news of their mission and the ambush in the forest. Gristgear appears to deliver his own report, much to Melanth’s consternation. He is dismissed and goes to report back to Sol, taking his leave and makes journey through the Travel Gate to a secret destination. The remaining members of the squad regroup with Sol in the temple, awaiting Nathanew’s return from the dead.

As Melanth returns from his mysterious sojourn, the party assembles in the temple at Kion to witness Nathanew’s resurrection. The ritual is complex, and makes heavy use of cabalistic sigils and incenses. As the ritual reaches its climax, Nathanew awakens and is immediately set upon by his Raven familiar. A joyful reunion commences as the Squad steps through the portal to Sslanis.

There they meet Corarora and Zepheria who are taking orders for a pre-battle feast from Gunzheg Fangthoth, the Red Scale Guild leader. All around them the warriors of Kion and Sslanis are preparing for battle, moving supplies and siege weapons into position. The Squad takes the opportunity to relax and make their final preparations. They feast, enjoying all manner of delicacies. And get completely wrecked.

The Red Garnet Gang
Trees, turncoats and toxins, oh my!

Returning back to Kion, the squad stumbles upon a grove containing a group of grouks and a number of treants.

The grouks attempt to flee as the first treant steps forwards and pummels Nathanew. Sol steps forward to try and assist and drags the wounded mage back. Nathanew in retaliation casted burning hands, setting the wooden monstrosity aflame with magical fire. Alva fires at it with her bow, but does little damage. Melanth throws one of his explosive cocktails, catching the creature in the blast. The second treant sees her shots and lashes out at her, inflicting damage.
The grouks the monsters were protecting ate crushed and trapped beneath their thunderous tread, burning in the flames the consume them.

The Soleas attacks with her claws, but cannot hit the creatures as they surround. Taking another bitter pummelling, Nathanew wavers, barely conscious managing to loose a fireball which hits and annihilates his assailant as Alva tries to stabilise the critically wounded magician. Her hound also tries to assist and drive the remaining creature back, but manages to do little. Melanth strikes it with Niatha’s Fang and inflicts severe damage, incinerating the monster in a pyre of its own body.

Taking some time to heal and apply bandages to their wounded, the party feasts on roast pig.
Returning to Kion, the party spots a brilliant white stag standing in the road. Alva, drawn by powerful instincts and her natural intuition immediately chases after it, following it into a forest clearing. The ploy is an ambush!

Melanth realises the danger immediately and takes cover, leaping high into the branches of a nearby tree. As he does so, a gigantic hawk swoops down from the branches and gouges at Lorn with its talons before taking off again to avoid a reprisal.

Rah’ko jumps down from a nearby tree, bounding up to join Melanth in his arboreal refuge. The two exchange mocking words; Rah’ko thinks that the group has something valuable and wants it. She attacks, trying to impale Melanth on her glaive, but misses the fleet-footed dragon. One of her ambushers jumps down from the tree and takes a swipe at Alva, scoring her across the shoulder. Arros from the trees aimed at Sol barely skim past her, with another shot hitting Melanth solidly. Hathril is struck with a poisoned dart and immediately falls unconscious as the toxin does its work. Reacting quickly to the panicked situation, Soleas leaps and attacks Alva’s assailant, but misses and distracts the attacker… causing her to trip and strike herself with her own deadly blades. Melanth tries to grapple Rah’ko, but his balance is not good enough to carry the distance; the Saris dodges.

Lorn leaps and manages to bite his hawk attacker out of the sky, tearing into it. Another shot at Alva misses, but is hit by a poisoned dart, concentrating as her half-breed metabolisim manages to overcome the poison. Rah’ko tries to strike at the dragon with her glaive, but is unable to land a solid hit. Instead she tries to trip him out of the tree, but her magically assisted attack cannot topple him. More assailants bound out of the trees, seeking to attack Soleas with arrows, but their jumping impedes their aim. Another archer takes a shot at Melanth but misses and reveals their location on a nearby tree. Alva uses a temporary lull to down a potion. Nathanew casts Ice Storm, peppering the area with jagged shards of ice, dealing damage to two bandts, though Rah’ko manages to dodge out of the way.

Soleas punches the dual-wielding bandit, managing to land a solid blow on the Saris, who then retaliates, striking the Red Scale members around her. She misses Melanth, but lands three hits on Soleas who is left badly wounded and bleeding by the attack. Melanth lashes back in retaliation, tripping the whirling Saris, brutally slicing her from shoulder to hip, immolating her with his enchanted sword. The hawk pecks viciously at Lorn and manages to escape his crushing jaws as the concealed assassin fires two darts at Melanth, one of which misses and the other clattering against his armour. Rah’ko enlarges her magical glaive and takes a stab at Melanth, but again misses. An arrow impacts Melanth but fails to pierce his armour, whereas another hits Alva in a painful spot. A Sslik sniper casts Entangle on the ongoing melee, trapping Lorn, Nathanew and the Saris assaulter. Alva fires off three shots, hitting the hawk twice and one of the Elf snipers, scoring two solid hits on the hawk and grazing the Elf. The stag moves towards Melanth, who has its master under his sword and gores him, dealing horrendous injury. Nathanew fires magic missiles but does not do significan damage.

Soleas steps forward, trying to stem the Dragon’s bleeding with a Cure Serious Wounds. The rapier-wielding Saris realises the discretion is the better part of valour and surrenders, knowing that moving would result in her death. Melanth blows a charge on his healing belt, repairing some more of the damage that was dealt to him. Melanth throw one of his axes at Rah’ko and hits, though it seems to do less damage than it should. The hawk manages to escape and retreats from the melee. The hidden shooter fires on Melanth again, hitting and injuring him but failing to affect him with the poison. Rah’ko attacks the dragon, puncturing his thick chainmail with a devastating attack and rendering him unconscious. Lorn manages to escape his brambly imprisonment whilst Alva tries to negotiate with Rah’ko. Firing off her shots in anger and striking the Saris a glancing blow. Soleas manages to activate Melanth’s healing belt and the dragon awakes raging. He charges the tree, ripping it out of the ground with his enraged strength and throwing the entire tree, Saris and all, at the two skirmishing snipers. Rah’ko manages to land unscathed, but the elf scout takes the blow and becomes pinned by the falling branches. Two more darts whizz past Alva’s head, and a swipe from Rah’ko misses Melanth. The elf tries to free himself but also fails, as does the Sslik sniper who misses wildly. Alva fires three shots at Rah’ko and hits her twice. Nathanew uses his last fireball to try and burn out the scouts; with the cover burned away the dart thrower is revealed. The Elf being pinned does not manage to evade and suffers extensive burns, and the dart thrower and Saris scout are also burned badly.

Sol runs towards Rah’ko, striking her former friend in the face, but is then tripped by the wily Saris and rendered vulnerable. In the confusion the rapier wielding Saris tries to escape her entanglement but is beheaded by blows from the surrounding squad. Melanth runs past the stricken Sol and strikes at Rah’ko’s enchanted weapon, knocking it from her hands after a brief exchange of parries and ripostes. More darts try to interrupt his manoeuvre but miss. Rah’ko responds with a fire-bolt to Melanth’s face… but does not know that Dragons are immune to fire. The Saris fires at Alva, but misses her. Alva retaliates by firing at Rah’ko but exhausted misses with her shots whilst Lorn tries to trip her but also fails. Nathanew finishes off the white elk off with a coup de grace.

Sol recovers from her stumble and lays into Rah’ko as Mel takes a swipe at her, but misses by a whisker. He kicks her glaive away, preventing her from retrieving it. Rah’ko tries to confuse her assailants with a smoke grenade, but fails, affecting only Lorn. The sslik bansit runs to try and protect Rah’ko, but catches three arrows from Alva in his chest and stumbles, nearly dead. Nathanew uses an ice beam to target the dart thrower but doesn’t impact her squarely and she escapes with minimal damage.

Sol and Melanth try to grapple Rah’ko, grabbing her in an unexpected manoeuvre and hauling her to the ground. Darts fly through the air, striking Nathanew in the throat. Poison courses through the Fiend’s arteries, sapping away his life and stilling his heart. Rah’ko activates a vampiric spell, draining life from Sol even as she tries to hold her former friend down. The Saris scout runs in terror, catching an arrow in the back from Alva as he flees, and the Sslik joins the melee finally, lashing out at the grapplers with his shortsword but cannot pierce Melanth’s chainmail. Melanth strikes Rah’ko in the head with the butt of his sword but fails to knock her unconscious. The human darter fires on him, but again can’t puncture his armour and flees. Screeching revenge for his master, Pernunculus dives at the fleeing darter but there is only so much damage that a raven can do. Alva fires arrows, striking her in the back. Melanth also throws an axe, the scythed blade near decapitating her as she runs.

Sol and Melanth try to keep Rah’ko contained in a grapple, but are unable and she slips out of their pin. Melanth lashes with his sword as she does so, finally putting an end to her. The Sslik ambusher strikes frenziedly in a panic, but cannot hit either of his targets; he is perforated by shots from Alva and collapses in a dead heap. With that the battle is over. Rah’ko’s corpse vanishes; the Bandit was amongst the Gifted.

In the wake of the battlefield, Melanth slaps awake the unconscious Elf archer. Questioning him briefly about the nature of their group, he executes him as he prays. Alva tries to console Pernunculus, and they offer up private prayers to the god of the Fiends, asking her not to take Nathanew from them at this juncture. Niatha speaks to Melanth privately, saying she will grant this favour… but will expect something in return one day. He reluctantly agrees.

In the wake of the battlefield the survivors loot the corpses and behead the bandits to claim their bounty. Carrying the dead Fiend and unconscious Dryad, they make their way wearily back to Kion.


Alva: Badly wounded. Traces of poison in her system, several arrows and darts embedded in her.
Melanth: Severely wounded. Traces of poison in his system, several arrows and darts embedded in him. Lacerations and puncture wounds.
Hathril: Unconscious. Hit by poisoned darts.
Soleas: Severely wounded. Several arrows embedded in her. Lacerations and puncture wounds, badly bruised.
Nathanew: Deceased; killed by poison darts.

And so ve Wrestle with Bear
Where a dragon Wrestles a bear and meets a very nice young man... XD


Melanath is fresh into his exile, stripped of everything save his scaly hide and his teeth and claws. Desperate, he searches along the southern cliffs for a place to weather the cold tundra for a while longer… and finds a cave. Unfortunately, it is inhabited by a sleeping bear, which he awakes with an ineffectual attack with one of the bones of the bear’s victims.
the bear, understandably, is not pleased and attacks.
An epic battle of primal tones ensues, a desperate grapple for survival. In a desperate bid, Melanath claws out the bear’s eyes, blinding and infuriating it.
The bear blindly charges and barely misses, as Melanath continues to hope that the bear will give in and leave.
Sudenly, it charges, pinning him with a claw and tearing at him even as the dragon tries to tear out the bears throat. At the edges of their strength, the Bear tears open the dragon, nearly killing him.
As Melanath begins to black out, he hears shouting and roaring and feels the bear fall on him as he drifts into oblivion.

He awakes… alive… to find that he has been bandaged and blanketed. He feels like shit, but he feels ALIVE.
He soon learns that two humans, a mother and her crippled son, had saved his life. The mother does not speak common, but the son happily explains the situation and offers further assitance, which is accepted.

They take him to their village and the male, Boris Mikal Isason, nursed him carefully back to health.
As Melanath heals, he learns more about his saviors, who are somewhat… ostracized in their village, a small mining village in the middle of nowhere.
Apparently Boris was a half fiend who, being of an unfiendish psychology, was born human. His fraternal Twin was born a fiend and was taken by his fiendish father to Kirasanct.
But the fiend child was curious about his mother and brother, so he surrepticiously visited and became very close to his brother.
They were found out and Boris, the human, was brutally beaten and left broken and crippled. Wha happend to the fiend brother was not known… but the fiend is likely burning with vengeance, and still writes to his brother and tries to bring him to kirasanct.
Boris, for his part, is to kind to care, happy to care for the injured and train his animals.
He in turn learned of Melanath’s past, and the two empathized with each other.
Which is why Boris took him aside and advised him to leave the village before they ceased to tolerate the dragon, and to travel to Kirasanct, where oppurtunities likely lay.
He furnished the dragon with a map, clothes, food, and a note that his brother had given him that would help.
He attempted to furnish him with a falcon but the dragon politely refused, and was on his way, having made a new ally, truer than any ally he was likely to meet.

Alas Poor Tommy, we Knew his Head Well
Exposition and faffing about. Also an approaching army and love is in the air...

Taking rest at a woodcutters, the squad interrogates the terrified bandit further. Making an elaborate show that they were about to torture the man, they manage to extract little information before he is shot with what seems to be a poisoned dart.

They spot his assailant moving through the trees and make to give chase, but mindful of their objective and that they are probably walking into an ambush decide to defer investigating further until later. They cut off the bandit’s head with hopes of retrieving the bounty before setting off for Kion. The squad’s alignment is called into question when they begin playing catch and puppeting with the bandit’s severed bonce.

Arriving in Kion, they are immediately sent to see Lady Kendra, who is holding court in the Kion political building. Aganartaki is sent to the healer’s whilst the squad is interviewed. They hand over the documentation they retrieved, plus the portal and bandit’s head. Lady Kendra introduces the squad to her extended family, who help her in running the affairs of Kion, and dishes out rewards. The bandit was Tommy the Terrible… in the sense of his incompetence. His killer was likely his sister, part of a much more ferocious gang.

Melanth is called upon to describe the encounter in the crater and does so, with a little help from Hathril in relating the tale. Piecing it together, they come to the conclusion that Kion or Sslanis is about to come under attack. Lady Kendra sets about readying the city to repel a siege whilst the party is sent to alert the Race organiser to recall the guards who were sent to protect the athletes.

Their pleas are successful, and the squad defers the negotiations to Soleas, however, Sol vanishes into the city. At the same time Nathanew takes a trip to Kirasanct whilst they wait. During the time the squad takes some time to go shopping, and are introduced to Rah’ko, Soleas’ old friend. Melanth attempts flirting with her to some success. Hathril steals his mead. Aganartaki delivers the pay she owed the mercenaries, some twenty five hundred gold.

Nathanew returns and attempts to flirt with Alva for mixed results, whilst Hathril plays a practical joke on him. Eventually, Lady Kendra’s messenger seeks them out with a summons.


+2750GP to all party members

Seaside Walkabout
Escort duty, bandits and... Dryads!?

Travelling north from Parsinia, the squad responds to Lady Kendra’s summons with all due haste. They are escorting a weakened Agnartaki to Kion whilst carrying the defunct portal ‘liberated’ during the battle against the Withered Aegis.

As they travel, they encounter a Sslik guard assembling a camp. Exchanging words with him, they learn of the Race; a Saris sporting event due to take place in two days.

Setting camp for the night, Melanth takes first watch. Alva goes off hunting and stumbles upon a pack of wolves attempting to bring down a grouk. Backtracking, she runs into a larger grouk and does battle with it, managing to kill the beast but not before Lorn is injured. On her way back to camp, Alva is accosted by a swarm of beetles. Despite attempting to hide, she is spotted but manages to escape them by out-running them. She returns to camp with her kill and injured wolf.
Melanth uses the last charge of his healing belt to tend to Lorn’s injuries before passing watch to Alva and heading off hunting himself. He spots a bag of jewellery amidst the dunes and attempts to retrieve it, but is tricked and falls into a mud pit. He manages to kill a deer with his throwing axe before washing the dirt off and returning to camp.

Back in camp, mischief is in the air. A pair of squirrels carrying a bucket of water emerges from the trees and dumps it on a meditating Sol. Nathanew awakens with his robes and shoes plastered with dirt. Bandying some words, they come to the conclusion that Hathril is responsible when the Dryad emerges from the trees to gloat. In revenge, Alva and Melanth fill his sleeping bag with the guts from their kills.

Continuing onwards, the squad is challenged by a Saris patrol. Explaining their mission they are allowed to pass, but are quickly distracted by more hunting opportunities. Whilst hunting they spot a cleverly concealed but nearly abandoned bandit camp in the tree and elect to stage an opportunistic assault.

Initially the assault goes poorly, with Nathanew’s spell missing, Alva’s shots failing to seriously harm the guarding bandit and Hathril’s going wide to hit Lorn. The situation is rescued when Sol manages to grapple the bandit into submission. Heated interrogation and mild torture follows as the squad attempts to discern the location of the bandit’s stash. The Squad drags its loot and prisoners to a nearby logger’s hut to evaluate their situation.


Lorn- minor injuries.
All others unharmed.

Unspecified number of Rabbit and Grouk hides
Bandit’s equipment- +1 Spear, +1 Crossbow, +1 Studded leather,
Camp: 17 Gems of unspecified value, 84gp
1 Bandit taken prisoner
1 Giant Rat taken prisoner


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