Blights edge

Rocks Fall, Everything Dies
With clever tactics and planning, a squad can fight off an army

The squad revises their plan. Realising that the Portal may contain valuable intelligence to stem the creation of these artifacts, they opt to try and retrieve it intact. Unfortunatly, as they plan, security is intensified…

OPFOR: 3x Ghost Rangers
2x Skeletal sorcerers
4x Skeletal guards
2x Zombie Squads (6 per squad).
The Plan is set into motion, Hathril setting off at a fly to pick up the paopers from the Kwellen’s desk, navigating his way between blight plants. As he does this, the rockfall is engineered, taking the skeletons by surprised and pulverizing one of the skeletal sorcerers. The other sorcerer hastily charges the gate while the bodyguards try to find and engage the source of the disturbance.
Melanath leapt onto the portal while Alva began firing at the skeleton sorcerer, managing to knock off it’s skull, even as one of the ghostly rangers tries to catch her gaze with it’s own tortured eyes. She manages to shake off the feelings of horror and dodge its arrow.
Soleas followed suit to Melanath, leaping to the ground below with Saris grace to challenge the bodyguards below. Nathanew uses his elemental abilities to stoke fire within Melanath and Soleas, driving them into a raging state. Sol, enraged, attempts to attack the gate, fails, and turns her attention to the skeletons who attempted to attack her.
Hrsag cast searing light at the approaching Zombie mobs, blasting a few back into the hell form whence they came, even as poorly aimed arrows flew through the air.

Melanath begins to prepare the Gate for Hoisting, wrapping a rope around it and tossing it up sto the teammates waiting above. The skeletons advance and threaten Soleas, though they barely injure the monk. Alva’s arrows, unlike those of the Ghostly Rangers, strike true, seriously injuring them.
Hathril, havign taken the papers, decides to have some fun and proceeds to begina long stroing of stealing bows from the ghostly rangers. He manages to steal the first one, and resist t ghosts tortured stare, and steals a second one from a ghost who suddenly goes incorporeal and drops thebow.

Melanath backed up Soleas, who soon found herself surrounded by scimitar-wielding skeletons, damaging one of them with his magical blade. Suddenly, the gate discharged an electircal blast, which which both Melananth and Soleas managed to dodge, barely scorching their tails with the arcing electricity.

Soleas was doing fairly poorly against the surprisngly agile skeletons, so Nathanew threw afire spell at the approaching Zombies to buy time, charring many of them to ashes. Melanath joins in with his own firey breath as Hrsag begins an attempt to pull up the gate, doing poorly.
The remaining skeletons split up and attack both mel and sol. One attempts to make a jump attack and is decapitated by the dragon’s swift reaction. The Skeleton’s counter registers as barely a scratch on the dragon. Sol, seeing the approaching zombie hoard, makes an attack, misses and joins Melanath on the top of the portal.
Nathanew casts a carefully sculpted wall of fire to protect Soleas and Melanath from the encroaching undead as the portal finally begins to be dragged up.
As the portal rises, Melanath kicks the skeleton menacing him into the fire and to it’s doom with a mighty kick.
The last ranger takes its shot, striking the dragon in the shoulder smartly as the bow-thief approached. And the final skeletons and zombies continue trying to attack mel and Sol. Alva’s arrows soon end the final skeleton, leaving only the ineffectual masses of zombified animated flesh to paw at the increasingly distant dragon and Saris.
Hathril begins a tug of war for the final bow on the field, as this ghost seems more determined to kep it than the others, as the others begin a more desperate series of tugging at the rope attached to the portal.
As Hathril manages to snatch his last trophy, the gate itself seemed to panic, sending out a swarm of of necroflies, which were then burned by Nathanew’s Burning Hands spell as he shouted “Burn Bitches”in fiendish. The gate’s conncection to the blight below soon broke, rendering it magical but harmless.
As they do so, the Kwellen general with the Necromancer who controls him returns, surverying the scene of destruction.
The Kwellen is engraged, more so when the battle-roars of the Parsinia militia meet his ears. As he sets down his necromancer and flies off to deal with them, the necromancer laughs, a laugh that echoed in the party’s mind.
“Go ahead and take it” she said, as she sent a spell towards them, a spell that engulfed the gate and left it nothing more than cold, heavy crystal and stone, “It is useless now.” and then laughed, a hideous mental laugh that let the party know that their dealings with her… were far from over.
Wasting no time, the party then ran like hell back to Parsinia, where they were informed of immediate orders to speak to Lady Kendra, and of complications in the Nissian Agnartaki’s condition. After stabilizing her, they agree to take her to kion.
Although they must go to Kion with all haste, they found that, alas, the Parsinia Teleporter gate was no longer in operation.
They will have to walk.

Fire Dancer
Acting on initiative isn't always the best idea...

The party members awake in their various different accommodations; Hathril is at his uncle’s house, Alva is asleep in her room, and Melanth is eating in the cafeteria.

Hathril manages to expel a pair of arguing wizards from his uncle’s store, before making his way over to the Red Scale headquarters to collect his share of the loot. Solease and Nathanew discuss the Orb, with the Fiend taking possession of it. Gunzheg awards Alva a contract and acknowledges that Hathril might be Redscale guild material. Rewards for their last mission are distributed.

The contract was instigated by Ludwig Gristgear, the Gnome scientist, who requests their presence in the Lesser Aradoth town of Parsinia. The squad treats it with deep suspicion, and are reluctant in light of their previous encounter with the man. Under orders, they pack up their gear and wrap up loose ends in Bristugo before taking a travel gate to the Remote town on the tropical contident.

Taking the portal to Lesser Aradoth, they arrive in Parsinia, where they are immediately challenged by Saris Militia. The Saris lead them to an injured and somewhat… hyperactive Nissian named Agnartaki. Through her verbal gushing they manage to discern that she is an assistant to Ludwig, sent on a mission to investigate an emergent blight portal in the area. After being injured, she can no longer complete this mission and so the Redscale guild was called in.

*Agnar’s spirit guide Mye leads the squad to a nearby crater with a little scouting, they determine that the crater is swarming with Aegis troops: Over 400 of them, plus a Kwellian general and a blight portal. Needless to say, the squad opts for stealthy tactics. Nathanew’s familiar is sent to deliver an urgent message to Parsinia and Kion, alerting them to the danger.

*The squad conducts some planning, deciding how best to deal with the threat. Several options are considered and discounted. Eventually a plan is formed:

1) Hathril, undercover of cloaks applied by Hrsag, will fly down to grab the General’s papers, which may contain valuable intelligence.
2) As he is doing this, several large rocks assembled at the top of the cliff are pushed onto the portal in an attempt to destroy it
3) If the rocks fail, Nathanew takes his shot, hitting it with the most powerful spell he can muster
4) If both fail, Melanth and Solease jump down the cliff and attempt to destroy it by hand.
5) Once the portal is destroyed, Hathril (or someone else on the bottom of the cliff if applicable) grabs a few chunks of it for analysis
6) The squad falls back to Parsinia with all haste, under cover of another of Hrsag’s cloaks if possible.

Hathril- Unharmed
Alva- Unharmed
Melanth- Unharmed

Mastrum Mastery
When talking goes nowhere, swords go the extra mile

Upon entering the Gorret Family Masoleum, the group noticed a statue standing over a glowing case of some sort. They ascertained that the far wall must be the eneterance to the treasure room, and started towards it, only to be waylaid by the spirit of Mastrum Gorret himself, who led them over to the statue (of himself) and to the case (containing his favorite longsword) and engaged them in conversation.
After an interesting conversation, where he mentions that the Withered Aegis had attempted to break into the tomb, but he had been summoned by the alarm and had held them off.
They talked for a while, and he mentioned that he DID need some help returning an artifact given to his family, an orb given to him by Niatha. Since any human line of his family had long run out, he had to give it back, though he could not do so himself. The task was to deliver the Orb of Niatha to her temple, either by bringing it themselves or giving it to a Fiend who would know what to do with it.
Although the party tried to negotiate for a reward, he refused to give them much besides the Urn they had come to aquire, and certainly not his valuable sword or his special harp.
Then Melanath got the idea to challenge him to a duel for the entirety of the treasure, and he accepted, always up for a good duel.
he raised his tomb guardians, and, after allowing them to get in position near the treasure room, sent them forth.
The battle was heated, mastrum attacked with dexterity, and the attacks with his enchanted sword brought. the dragon close to the edge many times, with only Hrsag’s intervention keeping the dragon on his feet. Hathril’s briar web slowed the advance of the guardians, and broke through the armor of several, though he was not so lucky with his arrows.
Melanath’s firey breath cleared away the briars, as well as most of the guardians, though Mastrum and Soleas managed to dodge out of the way. Although Melanath fought valiantly and well, it was Alva’s arrows that finished off Mastrum’s corporeal form, causing his magicked sword to fall to the ground. He waved them out as they took his treasure with them, as well as the comatose dragon.

After arriving back in Bristugo, they each went to their rooms to sleep, but not before their guildmanster handed Alva a new contract. Signed by…

Professor Ludwig Gristgear.

Party Status

Melanath: Injured, but he won
Hathril: Happily prying away shock lenses with his lizards
Alva: happy about how awesome she was with her bow
Hrsag: happy he was able to keep Melanath alive
Soleas: ….. fine…..
Nathanew: Upset that they didnt take him along

Niatha's Trail

A young Dryad wakes them up. Announcing himself to be a relation of Ted’s, he has been sent to guide them through the dungeon

The crew gears up, after a slow start rousing other members of the squad. Minor bickering between paladins, Hrsag is hard to wake up

Enter tomb without event. Discover a wall mural, a book and a crumpled piece of paper depicting the story of Mastrum

Moving deeper into the tomb, they uncovered three paths

Following the leaf path, they uncover a small pool and dead end. Little appears to be in evidence there. Find some unremarkable gems

Leaving the Leaf path behind, they investigate the path of the bloody sword. This one branches off into three paths:
Skull with handkerchief mask and serpent behind it, an open hand (human), Niatha
Ice detected from the Niatha path

Mask path diverges into three paths: Dawrven hammer with manacles/chains (alot like Brobbet’s symbol), Crucible symbol (fire in a pot), and Niaha

Brobberts path→ three more paths: Bramble, orb, Niatha (again)

Bramble path chosen:
Mosaic of bramble tendrils radiating out from the floor, appears human made. Hathril opts to explore the room, and inadvertently trips a brambleweb trap. Hathril manages to dispel the trap, though nothing of value was discovered.

They break into a geode in the corridor, looting a large quantity of valuable crystals.
Backtracking, they examine the eye path. Hathril and Solease trigger a lightning trap, but manage to evade it.

Examining the Niatha path, they stumble upon a huge mausoleum with more gems, including some enchanted ones that emit a light source. They retrieve a few and elect to rest.



Loot: 205 gems of high quality

Tomb: retrieved a piece of crumpled paper and a book
Skin of spring water

On the Town
R&R commences, let the hilarity begin!

The Squad returns to Bristugo for some much needed R&R. Melanth spends a week recovering from his wound, then he and Alva hit the town.
Their first stop was the bazaar, where they bought a bunch of necessary potions, and met Ted Killingham, the eccentric dryad, who they helped to find a valuable trinket in a pile of dross and where they proceeded to ignore Nathanew’s familiar.
Ted thankfully invited him back to his shop, where he served them tea and offered them a job retrieveing an artifact called the Urn of Istara. They decide to thinkabout it and go on a hunt, which is mildly sucessful and results in a rabbit, a destroyed grove of trees, and a very distracted Alva who spent some time watching a passing party of Satyr. Along the way, they scout out the tomb that Ted spoke of. Not finding much, they return to find Nathanew waiting for them, reading a letter that seems to trouble him.
They go to lunch, and he mentions that Ludwig Gristgear, the gnome, was likely int he employ of the imperium or the Helians and that he was involved in the research on portals and the blight. He also attempts to Flirt with Alva.
In thansk for the info, Melanath gives Nathanew a dead rabbit, which Pernunculus the raven enjoys.
They return to Ted’s bookstore to talk to him, finding him confronted by a pair of human wizards who ahve some issue with his sales policy. tehy are getting very annoying and upsetting, so Alva sets her wolf to shoo them off. he takes them back for some more tea and gives them the key to the tomb, signing their contract and giving them a down payment of 200gp, as well as some information on the tomb, including it’s asociation with the goddess Niatha.
As they leave Ted’s house, they find Nathanew and Soleas waiting outside. Nathanew wants in on the deal, but is informed that the deal was already completed. Nathanew begisn to protest, but Soleas, a more mature mind, stops him.
The party returned to their guildhall to find that they have mail from their homeland.
They prepare… by partying…. for their trek the next day


Alva- Unharmed- probably hungover
Melanth- Unharmed- probably hungover

Underground Showdown
A boring assignment guarding a mine suddenly gets much more lethal

The Redscale mercenary company has been contracted to help ease the strain on Istaria’s professional military. With the frequency of Withered Aegis attacks increasing, and growing Undead activity inside the Safe Zone, minor duties are often delegated to soldiers-for-hire.

As the Dalimond Amethyst Mine is mildly important to the war effort, a moderately experienced squad is dispatched. Amongst them are Alva and Melanth.

After several uneventful months, the duty is beginning to wear thin. With little activity save the occasional cave-in, gambling or easily dispatched skeleton raid to distract them, the soldiers become lax in their duties. That is, until the appearance of a mysterious gnome by the name of Ludwig Gristgear.

  • Alva and Melanth were on guard duty at the entrance of the mine
    * The Gnome, Ludwig Gristgear was spotted entering the mine. With mutual consent, Melanth followed stealthily whilst Alva investigated the Gnome’s tent.
    * Melanth’s pursuit allowed him to observe the gnome casting a spell upon the wall. Confronting him, the gnome denied any wrongdoing. Taking the professional route, Melanth escorted him back to the surface.
    * Meanwhile, Alva was able to uncover a number of items in Ludwig’s tent, including a chest containing something heavy that was trapped, burning her slightly. She also found several papers but was unable to retrieve them.
    * Back on the surface, Alva is still engaged in the tent. To buy her time, Melanth performs a search on the Gnome’s pockets. Alva attempts to use her disobedient wolf as an excuse for her presence in his tent, but the bluff does not seem to work.
    * Later, the two off duty soldiers engage in conversation with their squad leader. Reporting the incident, they are ordered not to take any further action to investigate.
    * The following morning, they engage Nathanew Felantyrn in conversation. Alva attempts to gain an idea of what the gnome might be up to from the mage by flirting with him. Little of value is learned, but the Fiend seems to hold an admiration for the gnome.
    * Shortly afterwards the mine experiences a collapse. Rushing to help the injured, they manage to move the injured and dead out of the mine proper. Confronting Gristgear, believing he was responsible, they learn that the gnome has activated a portal inside the mine as an experiment.
    * Electing to escort him down the mine under guard, the gnome manages to charm Melanth.
    * The mine is now blighted and the dead miners raised as zombies. Melanth smashes the skulls of the buried zombies with a large rock whilst Gristgear examines the site where he cast a spell, stating that a portal is behind the stone. He requests that they destroy the portal. They argue over the next course of action to take; Alva is reluctant to comply whilst Melanth (under the effects of charm) tries to reason.
    * Melanth manages to dispel the effects of the charm somewhat and the two interrogate Gristgear; he reveals little. Alva is reluctant but the two agree that they have more immediate problems.
    * Alva and Melanth smash through the weakened stone, confronting a Large Automaton, a Small Automaton and three Gnome Ghost mechanics attempting to activate them. Melanth immediately throws an axe at the Large Automaton, barely scratching it. Alva moves into the chamber and fires at a ghost, wounding it.
    * In retaliation the Automaton lashes out at Melanth with its circular saw, carving a large gash across his chest. Alva fires again, (re)killing her target. Gristgear enters the chamber and summons a cone of frost to engulf the Large Automaton, causing severe damage and slowing its movements. Lorn, her wolf, manages to successfully distract the ghosts.
    * Enraged by his injury, Melanth smashes the Large Automaton to pieces with his greatsword. Alva fires at the Small Automaton, damaging it and delaying its activation. Lorn again manages to distract the ghosts and keep them occupied. Gristgear uses a powerful spell to obliterate the remaining ghosts.
  • Melanth charges the remaining automaton, managing to destroy several wires and impede its functionality. Alva also fires at it, further damaging it. Gristgear ignores the ocmbat and proceeds to examine the portal.
  • In retaliation, the automaton lashes out at Melanth but fails to pierce his armour. Melanth ripostes with his greatsword, finally damaging it beyond repair. He and Alva procees to destroy the portal and interrogate and threaten Gristgear further, but learn nothing of use.
  • Angrily returning to the surface, they are healed and tended to. Gristgear makes good his escape, teleporting away. They decide to file a formal complaint with the Imperial Administration. The next day they are rotated back to company headquarters in Bristugo for much needed R&R, ending the session.

End session


Alva: Burnt fingers othwerwise unharmed, suffering from fatigue. Loren is also unharmed. Needs to replenish her stock of arrows.

Melanth: Jagged wound across his chest, scalemail is torn in that area. Suffering extensive blood loss. No longer charmed by Gristgear. Down to two throwing axes.

The Holy Shit Moment
A piece of Melanath's backstory... and of the plot... and the reason i had to nerf dragons.

Melanath prequel

This adventure follows Melanath the dragon, while he was still in his scouting squad.
They had been observing an island off the western coast of Dralk with a strangely heavy WA presence, as well as an unusual item of some sort.
However, the undead didnt seem to be doing much, so their squad leader decided that he could nip off for a good drink and a nice night with a lady friend of his back in Dralk.
His squad couldnt contact him, but they figured that the undead wouldnt try anything yet.


suddenly, the undead presence started… DOING something, and their numbers grew explosiely, and included abominations usually found in the Deadlands… not in the Char.

Melanath made a decision. Something had to be done, now. Because whatever the undead were doing, it was NEW and the best way to deal with new undead things, if you are a lunus, is to fly- or glide, since these are young dragons- in and break the unliving hell out of it.

They attempted to make a sneak attack on the undead encampment, but Melanath’s attempt to slip down the cliff into the water… Failed. Miserably. Catacophonously, even.

All enemies were alerted, so stealth was… abandoned.

One partner, a scout called Ashkavaan Drallkoth remained on the cliff as backup, while the other, A scout called Berelius Stuurmvash took a glide to the other side of the island, wiping out the skeletons and blight plants on the island with her breath attack in a flyby.
All seemed to be going well… Until the object revealed itself to be a gate of some sort as a new abomination, uncrisped by dragonfire, strode out of it in a crackle of energy.
A skeleton wielding a light crossbow managed to hit Melanath full in the face with a very very nasty shot, nearly blinding him. Melanath managed to beat the skeleton into submission, with the help of Ashkavaan who made a much more graceful slither down the cliff.

The fighting continued. Berelius made her assuault on two skeletons on the small sandy island off the mainland, but was assaulted in turn by an abomination, who managed to overcome a reluctance to swim to viciously maul her with it’s wicked claws.

Melanath managed to grapple another abomination, getting in a few hits as Ashkavaan took out a fresh-from-the-gate squad of skeleton crosbowmen with his flame attack, crisping the Abomination in the process.

Melanath swam to the flat island with the gate and tried to figure out a way to destroy it even as the gate glowed with charge…. Something nasty was approaching, he had to stop it.

He tried to tamper with it to no avail. At the tampering, it released it’s charged energy in a painful shock of blighted energy that flooded Melanath’s system with wrongness before dissapating.

He began to try to break the stone, the only part that seemed breakable, and with the help of his squadmates, managed to deactivate it.

Every cautious lunus, they thoroughly pulverized it before limping back to Dralk to make their report.

Injury report:
Melanath: a nasty gash or two, some blight and energy burns, a bolt practically in his eye… damn lucky skeleton. Thats going to leave a scar.

A few prickles from some blight plants. Nothing serious.

An arrow in her wing, and severe gashes all down her chest and side. Shes going to have some serious scars, but maybe the male dragons will take her seriously now…

What will happen next?
What the hell is that gate?
Will someone get in trouble?

Stay tuned for part 2, as we head towards the end of Melanath’s backstory. And maybe well answer some of those questions…


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