Blights edge

The Holy Shit Moment
A piece of Melanath's backstory... and of the plot... and the reason i had to nerf dragons.

Melanath prequel

This adventure follows Melanath the dragon, while he was still in his scouting squad.
They had been observing an island off the western coast of Dralk with a strangely heavy WA presence, as well as an unusual item of some sort.
However, the undead didnt seem to be doing much, so their squad leader decided that he could nip off for a good drink and a nice night with a lady friend of his back in Dralk.
His squad couldnt contact him, but they figured that the undead wouldnt try anything yet.


suddenly, the undead presence started… DOING something, and their numbers grew explosiely, and included abominations usually found in the Deadlands… not in the Char.

Melanath made a decision. Something had to be done, now. Because whatever the undead were doing, it was NEW and the best way to deal with new undead things, if you are a lunus, is to fly- or glide, since these are young dragons- in and break the unliving hell out of it.

They attempted to make a sneak attack on the undead encampment, but Melanath’s attempt to slip down the cliff into the water… Failed. Miserably. Catacophonously, even.

All enemies were alerted, so stealth was… abandoned.

One partner, a scout called Ashkavaan Drallkoth remained on the cliff as backup, while the other, A scout called Berelius Stuurmvash took a glide to the other side of the island, wiping out the skeletons and blight plants on the island with her breath attack in a flyby.
All seemed to be going well… Until the object revealed itself to be a gate of some sort as a new abomination, uncrisped by dragonfire, strode out of it in a crackle of energy.
A skeleton wielding a light crossbow managed to hit Melanath full in the face with a very very nasty shot, nearly blinding him. Melanath managed to beat the skeleton into submission, with the help of Ashkavaan who made a much more graceful slither down the cliff.

The fighting continued. Berelius made her assuault on two skeletons on the small sandy island off the mainland, but was assaulted in turn by an abomination, who managed to overcome a reluctance to swim to viciously maul her with it’s wicked claws.

Melanath managed to grapple another abomination, getting in a few hits as Ashkavaan took out a fresh-from-the-gate squad of skeleton crosbowmen with his flame attack, crisping the Abomination in the process.

Melanath swam to the flat island with the gate and tried to figure out a way to destroy it even as the gate glowed with charge…. Something nasty was approaching, he had to stop it.

He tried to tamper with it to no avail. At the tampering, it released it’s charged energy in a painful shock of blighted energy that flooded Melanath’s system with wrongness before dissapating.

He began to try to break the stone, the only part that seemed breakable, and with the help of his squadmates, managed to deactivate it.

Every cautious lunus, they thoroughly pulverized it before limping back to Dralk to make their report.

Injury report:
Melanath: a nasty gash or two, some blight and energy burns, a bolt practically in his eye… damn lucky skeleton. Thats going to leave a scar.

A few prickles from some blight plants. Nothing serious.

An arrow in her wing, and severe gashes all down her chest and side. Shes going to have some serious scars, but maybe the male dragons will take her seriously now…

What will happen next?
What the hell is that gate?
Will someone get in trouble?

Stay tuned for part 2, as we head towards the end of Melanath’s backstory. And maybe well answer some of those questions…


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