Age of Empire (10 AR- Present)

The Age of Empire marks the continuing struggle of the Living Races against the Withered Aegis. In the aftermath of the Battle of Tazoon, the tides of the battle turned in favour of the Living Races for a brief time as the Aegis were disorganised following the loss of Torrin Macalir.

The advantage was short lived however; before long the status of the war slipped into equilibrium, though not before the Living Races has managed to restore at least a portion of their numbers and infrastructure. Critically, thet had also managed to form the basis of a workable cooperative effort, which was expanded upon throughout the beginning of the age.

At present, the war is trapped in a deadlock; the Living Races lack the numbers or forces to launch a direct attack upon the Aegis strongholds, and the Aegis themselves have been reletively quiet, with no major offensives in recent years.

January, 11 AR: The Charters pertaining to the Pact are ratified by all races except the Fiends and the Lunus. Under the Pact lies provision for the formation of an Imperial Administration and the Republic of Istaria which will be used to coordinate the war effort against the Living Races.
March: Withered Aegis counterattack against the settlement of Feledan, attempting to reclaim it by storming the walls and un-doing most of the reclemation efforts. The situation is barely salvaged by the arrival of Human ships, which bombard the city wholesale and level much of it. Saris crews are sent in to help with the reclamation effort.
July: A third attempt to re-take Rachival is made, this time by a combined force of Sslik and Humans. The Humans manage to teleport the army onto the plateau and get inside the range of the artillery, re-taking the business district and Corium Hotel, but the force of numbers turns against them and they make an organised retreat. Casualties are amazingly light.
October: Crops in southern Tishlar fail for the third year consecutively, bringing renewed hunger to the peoples of Dalimond Penninsula.

February, 12 AR: After extensive research and gruelling training, the first Legion of the Imperial Army is ready for battle. Named the Avenging 1st, they are immediately deployed to conduct a mop-up operation near Mithril’s Anvil and exceed all expectations. The Imperial Administration immediately commissions two hundred Legions of varying strengths.
March: Kwellians launched from the still occupied vastness of Feledan Forest land in the Granitefall Mountains and harass isolated draconic settlements.
December: Ports at Dalimond and Kion are partially demolished and re-built to accomodate the construction of larger ships. Lumber mills work overtime to supply the industry.

February, 13 AR: A massive contingent of Dryad is sent to Dalimond to help relair the diseased and blighted landscape. Within the year Dalimond is producing corm again; the once breadbasket of Istaria still lacks enough farmers to make use of the land however.

April, 14 AR: Redscale Company founded
August: King Dralnok Hammerfist of the Dwarves takes 200 of his personal bodyguard and marches east for unknown reasons. The force is never heard from again and presumed lost. Without the Hammer of Kings, the Dwarven line of succession is broken; they elect a council of stewards to rule in the king’s stead.

May 15 AR: Gnomes finish the building of New Rachival. They make the design of their teleporters available to all races.
June: Legions 2-20 of the Imperial Army are ready for deployment.
August: Fiends ratify the Pact after much discussion and the assassination of several outspoken opponents. Pressured by the Half-Giants, they agree to contribute their magical knowledge and ban the practice of Necromancy amongst their numbers.

March, 16 AR: Legions 5, 9, 13 and 14 of the Imperial Army are deployed to Feledan to help secure the forests there. They are supported by Dryad home-defence forces and over 3000 Druids of various orders.
April: Acting under orders of the Imperial Administration, Satyr, Dryad and Helian researchers begin to implement rituals to improve the fertility of the Living Races, hoping to replace horriffic combat losses. Use of magical birth control is banned.

February, 17 AR: Gnomes and Humans working in cooperation develop mechanical threshers and harvesters to help cover the shortage of manpower in the Agricultural industry. Productivity in the first year of use goes up by 1100%.
July: Legions 20-34 of the Imperial Army are trained and ready for deployment.

April, 20 AR: Ports at Dalimond develop and launch the first ships-of-the-line. Production of these quickly takes precidence over more traditional designs.
September: Rationing officially ends for the first time in 113 years.
October: Aegis forces attack and destroy the outpost at Harro. Blight Hounds tear through the defenders, prompting the construction of even better fortifications.
December: 5th Legion ‘The Fighting 5th’ Imperial army vanishes without trace whilst on partol in the Feledan hinterlands. No evidence of a fight can be found.

May, 22 AR: The 6th Siren fleet of the Withered Aegis attacks and burns Mahagra and Drift Point, prompting a major build-up of forces on the northern front.
August: A gigantic force of Gifted and mercenaries assault the occupied town of Selen in a combined land, sea and air campaign lasting for over a year. Despite being less than a tenth the size of the forces arrayed against them, the Gifted harass, divide and pick off the Aegis forces in a masterful display of Defeat in Detail. The campaign will becom textbook material for Imperial Army primers.
November: Aegis forces retreating from their rout at Selen attack the town of Old Oaks and are thrown back by the 31st Legion. Survivors make for the Eastern Deadlands; Living Races do not pursue.
December: Founding of the town of Istaria’s Union as a refuge for crippled and retired soldiers of all races.

January, 23 AR: Lunus opt to join the Pact. Though they’ve been contributing forces to the war, they distrust the Imperial Administration.
February: Legions 35-100 are ready for deployment. 2nd and 3rd Fleets also beging thir commission in this year.

March, 26AR: small group of gnomish researchers attempt to gather samples and information from Old Rachival. Led by PortalMaster Terfa Gristgear and Professor Emmet Gristgear, former refugees, the group seeks to learn more about blight and it’s relation to portal tech. They maintain contact for a time but all contact with the team is soon lost. Search parties find no evidence and soon turn to other matters.

June, 26AR: The first apparent blight gate in use is found by a Lunus scout team off the Western Coast of Dralk. It is hushed up and the gate core stowed away in a vault somewhere, later to enter the claws of the Helian college and Ludwig Gristgear.

July, 27 AR: After a reletively peaceful period of rebuilding and repopulation, the Living Races launch their first concentrated assault on the Withered Aegis. The target is Harton Valley: a fortress of the Aegis.
September: Living Races assault the Western Deadlands, but large forces of Aegors push them back by transforming the battlefield into a virulent toxic sludge. Undead counterattacks around Kirasanct result in inconclusive skirmishing.
October: A large force of artillery from Harro opens fire on the Great Barrier with support from Dwarven and Sslik sappers and Gnomian flying machines. Three weeks of concentrated bombardment and undermining manage to crack the fortifications, but inflict little other damage; the wall seems to repair itself.
November: Bombardment continues. Saris and Satyr commandos launch strikes on control nodes for those forces outside of the wall, distracting Aegis attempts to flank the attacking force.
December: Half-Giants land forces in Trandlar to scout the extent of Aegis presence there. Using flat-bottomed boats they strike deep inland.

February, 28 AR: 1st, 2nd, 4th and 8th Fleets of the Living Races launch an attack on the Northern Deadlands from Mahagra. After smashing through the Aegis guardships and landing forces on the isles, they find the concentrations of Blight far in excess of the protection they brought. They also severely underestimate the extent of the Northern Deadlands themselves. Within days the landed forces are decimated. Aegis artillery that was hidden in underground caves is brought up at night and bombards the attacking fleet, sinking the majority ofthe 4th fleet. The Living Races fall back for emergency repairs.
March: Aegis forces match out of the sea and attack Mahagra and Kion. Though the attacks do little damage, they draw forces away from key areas…
March: Blights Edge: Wolfsong Begins
April: The cities of Morning Light and Falathien, newly re-constructed, are razed to the ground by a surprise push of Aegis forces from Delgarth. Only a few settlers manage to escape the massacare. 22 seperate Legions of the Imperial army are sent to contain the assault.
July: After a major refit, the Fleets anchored at Mahagra set sail once again for the Northern Deadlands, initiating a bloacade of the entire coastline. The fleet is so large it salutes Aedan and Ahora’s Leap at the same time.
September: The Imperial Army legions arrive at Morning Light and fortify the ruins, which they use as a base to conduct attacks on Delgarth.
December: Inconclusive battle between Dwarven forces and Aegis forces near Mithral’s Hammer. Both sides dig in.

January, 29 AR: Bombardment of the Great Barrier makes little progress. Attacks at the gates prove more successful; the Living Races break through the outer gatehouse, but find themselves trapped in a killing-zone between fortifications and are forced to retreat.

In the midst of the retreat, a Kwellian of unusual power steps outside of the ranks and throws down the gauntlet to the Living Races, daring them to face it. 58th Legion ‘Warhawks’ accepts the challenge. Daknor the Berserk single-handedly kills over a thousand men that day.

March: 3rd Fleet of the Living Races tries to attack the blighted settlement of Grayling, but many ships run aground in shallow water.
September: Aegis forces from Delgarth lay siege to Morning Light. The forces are numerically matched; after three weeks of intense battle the Living Races prevail.

January, 30 AR: Following up their destruction of an Aegis army at Morning Light, the Imperial Army advance to the Delgarth outlands. There they occupy fortifications left abandoned since the destruction of Rachival. More fighting ensues.
April: The Siege of Harro continues without abatement. Fafnir and his Blight Hounds make it impossible to reach the fortress by land; Helian dragons volunteer to air-drop supplies.
May: Aegis forces attack Selen and Harton Valley, but are barely deiven back by Elvish spearmen.

June: Intercepted communications between the Aegis indicate that a vital artifact is being moved to a stronghold near Selen in preperation for a major attack on the Living Races. The Imperial Administration responds, sending five legions and several mercenary companies to assault the fortifications. Swarming with Blight Hounds, the Living Races manage to breach the gates after a bloody battle, finding themselves in a courtyard. Breaking through yet more gates, they discover another courtyard and realise their mistake; the fortress is nothing but a giant man-trap.

July: Forces retreating from the debacle at Selen find Fafnir the Despoiler has joined the battle. The retreat grinds to a halt; terrified men flee into the night and are slaughtered without mercy by Blight Hounds. The beleagured force is finally relieved by an army of Lunus dragons, who join the fight in their khutit form. Repulsing the attacks, the Lunus dragons lead the forces east to reinforce Harro.
September: After a two-week battle, the siege of Harro is lifted and the armies retreat to opposite sides of a no-man’s land. With no clear advantage on either side, champions of the Aegis challenge heroes of the living Races to single combat:

Lord-Commander Jatell vs Gruk the Frigid. Jatell emerged victorious.
_Valkoth of the Lunus vs Fafnir the Defiler. After five days of unending combat neither could prevail over the other. _
_Captain Aaron Legendweaver vs Daknor the Berserk. Aaron Legendweaver defeats but fails to kill the Kwellian. _

Emboldened by the success of their champions, the Living Races forced the Aegis back inside the Great Barrier and laid siege to it.

September: Clashes between Saris and Aegis fleets as the Aegis scout Lesser Aradoth. Aegis forces in the Parsinia Deadlands move into the jungles ahd ambush caravans.

April, 33 AR: Attacks on Delgarth meet with little success; the occupied kingdom is simply too heavily fortified for even the crack troops to breach. The Imperial Army surrounds and besieges Delgarth.
August: Imperial standard currency is minted to replace and/or supplement regional currencies. Disagreements over exchange rates fill the debate halls of Tazoon.
December: A particuarly brutal winter freezes the port of Mahagra, preventing traffic.

May, 36 AR: Tazoon surpasses Dalimond as Istaria’s economic capital.

February, 41 AR: Legions 101-119 of the Imperial Army are ready for deployment.
October: Dragons of both factions return to Draak for the first time since the ill-fated rescue attempt more than two centuries ago. They find the isle occupied by the deceased students and teachers who once inhabited the colony.

April, 44 AR: Nissians return to the Prime after centuries of self-imposed exile. They re-colonise the Granitefall Mountains.
December: Rebellions in Morathaven. Disenfranchised nobles and labourers in the former kingdom attempt a revolt against Imperial rule, but are crushed by an army of Fiends. The corpses of the organisers are strung up in gibbets along the road from Frostwatch to Kirasanct. Rebels are enslaved and sent to the mines.

May, 45 AR: Skirmishes with Nahguk Ogre tribes north of the Spirit Swamp.
July: After nearly a decade of relative quiet, Aegis forces begin launching skirmishes and probing raids against Living Races settlements, bringing renewed terror to the population.
June: The Living Races deploy newer, longer-range naval guns to try and pick off Withered Aegis artillery that endangers shipping between Kion, Dalimond and Mahagra. They are only partially successful.

February, 46 AR: Scouts near Feledan uncover the operations of an Aegis necromancer attempting to undo the reclamaition efforts. The necromancer is killed in the subsequent fighting.
March: Ghosts phase through the fortifications surrounding the Obserarory and murder the commanding officer of the besieging force in his sleep. The Gnomes destroy one of the observatory’s domes with artillery fire in retaliation.
August: Undead movements within the deadlands sighted by aerial scouts.
September: IIX Penal Regiment of the Living Races defects to the Withered Aegis. They are returned to the fight as undead.

January, 47 AR: Aegis artillery attacks on Harro increase as they move more mobile guns into the hills surrounding the fortress. Harro responds with skirmishers to harass their path-forging operations. Blight Hound attacks are also reported more frequently.
March: Helian and Lunus Dragons increase the frequency of their bombing runs against targets in the Western Deadlands. Rumors of a new planned offensive abound.

November, 48 AR: Increase in the number and duration of scouting missions against the Withered Aegis. Security clearance of research departments in the Imperial Administration is raised for the third consecutive year.

February, 49 AR: The Withered Aegis begins using it’s Blight Portal-Gate technology en-mass to surprise the living races by bringing in troops from other parts of the Aegis influence, including the deadlands. Rumors of new blood amongst the high ranks of the necromancers abound.

Late February, 49 AR: Blight’s Edge Game begins

April, 49 AR: Battle of Sslanis. After an un-detected buildup of forces in the Parsinia Deadlands, the Aegis launch a large-scale surprise attack on Lesser Aradoth. Attmepts by mercenaries to disrupt the Blighted portal fail. The Aegis march south and lay siege ot Sslanis.
At around noon to 1 pm the first day, the new blight portal is exploded due to a sabotage operation by the gnome Ludwig Gristgear.

Age of Empire (10 AR- Present)

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