Age of the Gods (90,000 BR - 60,000 BR)

The age of the Gods is characterised by increased divine activity on the Prime as a whole, not limited to small groups. Indeed, in this age more than any other the Gods seem to have taken an active interest in Istaria and its inhabitants and even ocasionally walk among them, although they adopt home planes from which they manage their interests remotely.

Additionally, the Living Races continue to develop socially and in some cases technologically. The Dragons arrive during this age and begin the documentation of recorded history. Several methods of historical ordering are used in this age and were only later revised into the present-day system. Unlike the previous age, a great deal of archeological evidence of this time period exists.

Circa 83,000 BR: Arrival of the Dragons on the Prime. Entering the world in southern Dalimond and Led by Drulkar, they are quickly drawn to the volcanically active region of northwestern Aradoth. Native Half-giants are displaced or destroyed.
Later in that millenium, we have the founding of Dralk. Dragons begin recording their own history on carved basalt tablets.

82,000 BR: Nyrevin’s Apologies. A dispute amongst the Gods spills out onto the Prime in the form of these hulking monstrosities. Completely unstoppable, they ran amok across the face of the world wreaking havok amongst the young races. It takes divine intervention to slay them. Contact between gods and between gods and mortals becomes more restricted by the enigmatic “Rules”

80,500 BR: First recorded interaction with the Trolls, the earth element counterparts to the dragons. They keep to themselves, for the most part. Nothing is known about the presence of Air or water counterparts.

Circa 80,000 BR: Human migration from southern Dalimond Peninsula. They move through the mountains north of their homelands and travel west and north across the Tazoon plains. It is believed they encountered the Dwarves.

78520 BR: Drulkar uses his vast knowledge of fire to stabilise the cycles of volcanism in the lands surrounding Dralk. Eruptions become less violent but more consistant.

Circa 78,000 BR: Approximate time of the founding of Palymrya by the Dryads. The city starts off as a tiny forest lovingly nurtured by the Dryad. Eventually many of them come to seek permenant residence within its groves. Alyssa takes up a permenant residence amongst her chosen.

Circa 75,000 BR: Dwarves begin smelting copper from veins native to Aughundell valley.

74423 BR: Dragon explorers encounter bands of nomadic humans in northern Tazoon. The humans display a stone-age level of technology and have no permenant settlements.

Circa 71,000 BR: Dwarves learn to smelt bronze after striking impure deposit of native copper. Artifacts from this time indicate the Dwarves were engaging in organised worship and had a well defined justice system.

Circa 70,000 BR: Under guidance of Bachanatus, the Satyr begin to settle in permenant communities. Not much longer afterwards they learn to brew beer from grass grains.

69,400 BR: Drulkar begins instructing his people in the use of Primal magic.

Circa 65,000 BR: Elven migration into the east. Tribes of elves begin to settle the area around Feledan, drawn by the good hunting found in its thick forests.

Circa 64,000 BR: Domestication of dogs from wild wolves by humans. Around this time Drulkar constructs the Gate of Embers and departs the Prime.

Circa 63000 BR: The Crow-folk, the Takai, migrate from their home in the Eastern mountains. one faction moves East into the Eastern contident and the other moves West and South into the Granitefall range, where the forests that grew there at that time shelter them and give them the semisolitude that they so crave. Their ritual of Question and Answer and Enlightenment becomes formalized.

62,290 BR: Draconic explorers encounter Gnomes living in the mountains north of Aughundell valley. They observe an exchange of metals occouring between them and the Dwarves, marking the earliest recorded instance of trade.

Circa 61,000 BR: encounters between the Elves and Dryads occur near Selen. Encounters between Humans and Dwarves become more common as migrations occur. Skirmishes ensue.

Age of the Gods (90,000 BR - 60,000 BR)

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