Name(s): Alyssa
Titles: the Green Lady, the Nature-Mother, The Elixir of Immortality, She of Vibrant Green, The Focused one
Alignment: LG
Portfolio: Nature, Life, Plants, Animals, Mental acuity, Fertility, Order
Domains: Plant, Animal, Purification, Healing
Realm: The Wild Realm

Patron of the Dryads and all other Nature-loving races, those who seek harmony with nature and life itself, as well as monks and focused individuals
Cleric Training: Unlike other nature gods, Clerics of Alyssa do not usually isolate themselves in the wilderness and live as hermits or wild creatures. Instead, Clerics of Alyssa must master the art of rigid, ritual meditation, to focus to the point of blocking out all thoughts. This is typically done in a monastary deep in the woods or high in the mountains, isolated from the distracting chaos of normal society.

Philosophy Life is a valuable vibrant thing that must be ordered and diciplined in order to be unending.
Worshippers: Dryads and druids worship her, as do many humans and saris. As a major diety she is widely respected around the world as the goddess of life.
Prayers: Prayers to Alyssa are formalized and usually take up the form of a chant.
Rites: Rites vary from region and species but always involve extreme concentration and revere nature itself.

Attitudes (Good and Bad)
(Gods Allied: Her husband Galderos, her Children Ayurlon and Rinuli, Merrasat, Bachantus, The Weather Quartet, Istara)
Withering and decay
(Gods Hated: Her sister and arch nemesis Nyrevin, Daggarth, Niatha Moraven, the Blight Dukes)

Symbols:A tall, broad tree on a circular background of a grassy hill and a blue sky, the roots of the tree surround the circle and frame it.
Known Relics:
Favored Weapon Scimitar

Favored Appearance:
Alyssa appears as a very tall, noble, and severe elf, human, or nymph woman with long green hair, wood-patterned skin, flowers in her hair, and bright green-white eyes. She is surrounded by a scintillating brilliance that gives her a very godly look

Alyssa is a severe goddess, unforgiving when roused to anger, motherly when gratified, but always harsh. The harshness stems from her vibrant nature, like the heat of a flame.


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