Notable cities:






Old Rachival

Aradoth was once a vast and vibrant continent, the home of many races and nations. Over its long and less than peaceful history it has seen much conflict and strife. With the coming of the Withered Aegis, the continent has been reduced to little more than a gigantic warzone. Once vibrant grasslands have become a trench-scarred ruin and those forests that remain have grown dark, or worse, Blighted. From The shores of Feledan to the ruins of Old Rachival, a no-man’s land has developed where the Gifted and Undead vie constantly for superiority, strugglingin vain for an advantage that might tip the scales of stalemate.

Northern Aradoth is slightly more secure, though this is mostly due to the difficulty that Blight has of spreading in colder environs. The northern part of the continent is dominated by a gigantic mountain range, interspaced with plateaus and wide-bottomed valleys. The temperature is permenantly cold and unforgiving. The maze of passes is difficult even for experienced adventurers to navigate, though settlements do exist. The Fiendish city of Kirasanct is located deep within these forbidding wastelands, hidden and isolated from all. Further north, the Half-Giant city of Mahagra lies on the coast; flourishing thanks to the Tralandian’s acclimatisation to the harsh environment.

In the far east, the Eastern Deadlands stand as a permenant and nigh impenetrable bastion of the Withered Aegis. An area the size of an empire, protected walls hundreds of feet tall and armies of undead beyond count, the Eastern Deadlands are all but unassailable. Though tenuously contained under siege by the guard of the Imperial Army, a great many undead manage to slip or fight their way past the Living’s Races patrols, only to show up months or even years later to launch attacks on settlements further west. The great mountain fortress of Harro stands as a bastion against these depredations, packed with troops awaiting the day when the balance of the stalemate finally tips one way or the other.


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