Name(s): Atmi-Lasoathim
Titles: Lord of Pain, the Sufferer, The Tortured, The Burdenbearer
Alignment: LN
Portfolio: Suffering, Pain, Torment, Responsibility, Burden
Domains: Death, Strength, Earth
Realm: The Realm of Blight: The Temple of Mother-Who-Sleeps

Patron of Those who bear a great and terrible burden, Torturers and their victims
Cleric Training: Clerics of Atmi-Lasoathim often inflict pain upon themselves in an attempt to take on some of the pain that their god suffers, and usually take the responsibility for all actions taken by their tribe or family group, acting either as a scapegoat, leader, or both. Other than the training required to take on that kind of responsibility, no other formal training is utilized.
Philosophy Stand strong, stand tall, bear thy burden, no matter what.
Worshippers: The downtrodden, as well as other races with a stubborn, loyal nature. He is commonly worshipped in Pastao and by small cults in Aradoth and Lantania.
Prayers: Prayers tend to take on a sobbing tone, and usually involve self harm and offerings of the blood of the petitioner. Weeping often occurs during prayers. Prayers are usually for the relinquishing of suffering or the like.
Rites: Self-injuring is a common rite, often to draw the pain of another onto oneself. Torture, as well as enduring torture, is often used as worship, and ritualized forms of it are known.

Attitudes (Good and Bad)
Lack of Pain
Resolute Action
(Gods Allied: Brobbet, Drulkar, Micairn, Doeli)
(Gods Hated: Ferith-Null, Tak-Atun, Tung-Arieth, Nyrevin, Yura, Daggarth)

Symbols: a dark eye-shape crying a dark tear
Known Relics:
Manacles of Agony: these manacled chains burn into the skin of whoever wears them. They are connected to the god himself, and channel away some of the agony he feels at every moment of his existance into a willing or unwilling mortal, the wearer. However, they also gain access to some of the god’s power in return, making them stronger and more enduring, though it damages them and interferes with Will, Reflex, Concentration, and makes concentration checks necessary for intelligence and Wisdom based skills, as well as other skills that require focus and concentration.

Favored Weapon Spiked Gauntlets

Favored Appearance:
He is a great ogre-like being, with a thick squared tail that flickers with fell light, a broad, tusked head, four sad eyes, and a barrelled chest with thick arms, legs, hands, and feet to endure his burdon, a great green egg shaped object that sits heavily upon his broad shoulders. He is covered with his own black, acidic blood from the wounds that appear on his body along with the pain he feels, that quickly regenerate into rough, taught scars. The blood stains a short, spartan loincloth, his only clothing.
Despite the pain and wounds, he bears his burden, an ominous green egg about his size and glowing. His face, when smiling, has an ugly kindness to it, though it is itself terrifying.

Atmi is perhaps the most relatable of the Blight Dukes, seeking not to conquer, but to stop his brother’s plans of domination.
He feels all pain existing in the universe, from a child’s stubbed toe to the wound in reality that is the Rift. He feels the agony and misery of the trapped souls used by the Aegis in their war. He feels it all.
And even with this, he carry’s a heavy burden in the egg on his back. He carries what remains of the mother of the Blight Dukes, Gaphnezephori, the End of the Universe. He dreads it’s hatching, and works to keep it from doing so as best he can, though he knows he will eventually fail.
Because of the necessity of the burden and the pain he feels, he does not have the coldness or hostility of his brethren, treating any mortals that stray into his realm with genuine kindness and hospitality, aided by a deep empathy. This empathy allows him to feel all emotions and sensations of the mortal while they are in his presence, as well as the pain and such he would normally feel, so he has a selfish reason to not cause pain to mortals who call upon him. But he does not do so for this reason.
He does so because he feels he has an obligation, as a host, to protect those who enter his realm and do not break propriety (IE, attack him) from the depradations of his siblings, going to great extents to ensure a safe stay and return of mortals to the mortal world.
He acts passively towards his brothers, but works actively to stop their schemes before they force his burden to hatch, going so far as to aid the living races as best he can.
He still lacks a heart from his latest action of aid, and that isnt even the full extent of his ability to help.
Or hurt.


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