Name(s):Ayurlon, Nua-Ayu
Titles: Lord of Animals, the Beastman
Portfolio: Animals, The Hunt, Nature, The Wilderness, Predators, Prey
Domains: Animal, Travel, Liberation
Realm: The Wildlands

Patron of Hunters, Animals, and Animal Tamers, as well as those who live in harmony with nature
Cleric Training: Disciples of Ayurlon must live in the wild alone, without any trappings of civilization, with only the Wild for company for a significant length of time, thought they may aid travelers as necessary. They must live savagely as a beast in order to connect to the Beastman, though they may return to civilization after. Either way, their time in the wilderness changes them enough to make them distinctive or strange, giving them savage habits and a connection to the natural world that those around them may have lost.
Philosophy Deep within you beats a wild heart, pumping wild blood through your veins. Yet you bind it with rules and stone, the things you call civilization, and fail to pay respect to it’s power and the creatures who share it’s beat with you. Free yourself, run across the plains and through the forest, reveling in your own heart’s beat.
Worshippers: Many Druids worship Ayurlon alongside his sister Rinuli, as do many wild barbarians. Some rangers worship him as well. As a god of animals and hunting, he is worshipped around the world, and many small villages that are isolated and reliant on nature for their everyday survival worship him as a Hunt god and a god of animals.
Prayers: Prayers to Ayurlon tend to have a deep musical note to them, often spoken in Druidic. These are usually simple statements asking for luck in the hunt, for forgiveness from an animal they slew, for an animal to accept them as a companion, for the health of an animal that they are close to, for for the qualities of an animal. Generic prayers are done to Ayurlon in the morning and evening, especially while in hermitage, though they ease up on the routine when necessary.
Sacrifices, notably the offering of some measure of the meat from the hunt, are common, as are ritual tattooing. Darker rituals, such as sacrificing of live prey, humanoid or otherwise, are not unknown.

Attitudes (Good and Bad)
The Cycle of Life
(Gods Allied: Alyssa, Galderos, Rinuli, Nyrevin, Bachantus, The Weather Quartet)
Destruction of Nature
Cessation of the Brutality of Nature
Cruelty to Animals
Killing for Sport
(Gods Hated: Daggarth, Doeli, Fuuca, Niatha Moraven, the Blight Dukes. He also dislikes Brobbet and Istara’s preoccupation with ‘Progress’, though he does not dislike the gods themselves.)

Symbols: An off- white deer or Antelope skull with antlers or horns surrounding a circle with a Y trisecting it, done in brown and tan, with the Y made to look like wood.
Known Relics:
Tonguering of Animal Speech
Earring of Animal Understanding
Favored Weapon Shortspear, as well as Natural weapons such as claws and bite or unarmed strikes

Favored Appearance:
Ayurlon appears as a lean elfish male, ranging from mortal height to about 6 feet. He is covered in intricate body paint of yellow, green, black, and red, and wearing only leather bands on his arms and legs and a feathered loincloth. His hair is green and brown at the roots and stands straight up above a narrow and sharply-featured face with feral yellow-and white eyes. His ears, rather than those of an elf, are more like those of a deer and sprouting from his brow are a pair of short, stubby horns, and from further up his head, a pair of impressive antlers. His fingers sport painted claws, as do his feet, which are as much paws as humanoid feet.
Sometimes he appears to have a tail, sometimes that of a lion or cheetah, sometimes that of a horse or wildebeest. When he has a tail, it is always painted in the same pattern as his body and with fur the color of his hair.
Sometimes, he appears as an animal, often a predator but sometimes as a prey animal. He can appear as an ordinary form of that animal or an unusual variant, such as a white stag, or as an animal with his coloration and painting.

Ayurlon is a wild god, all passion and fire and survival, more physical than mental. His form and attitude pulse with a terrifying and exhilerating life that exists at the core of everything.
In all, he is very simple. If you give to him, he will give to you. If you take from him he will take from you. If you respect him he will respect you. If you give his animal ken kindness and mercy, he will grant the same to you.
He follows the cycle of life and living, the endless dance of predator and prey, the continual balance between life and death. Nothing else truly matters to him, he is a beast in the purest sense of the word.


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