Blights Edge

Blights Edge is an unusual thing in Aradoth: a newspaper.
Newspapers are a concept first invented (isnt everything) by the gnomes, who also pioneered freedom of the press. New Rachival has a few local papers of its own, and the fad is just starting to spread through Aradoth.
Blights Edge is a singular rarity. It is an underground paper that seeks to reveal the truth about the government to the people.
Any government.

You see, Blights edge is the product of cooperation between frustrated writers, disillusioned adventurers and government workers, and some of the more rebellious necromancers. It’s head editor is a youthful necromancer with a bodyguard.
Hell, some of its presses are run by undead hands.
It publishes nasty things about both Empire and Aegis Leadership and so is hunted by both. However, it has so far not been rooted out by either side, and continues to publish its spurious and dark literature.
In addition to exposes on the governments, it also publishes news from across Aradoth (and from across the Aegis Empire) as well as opinion pieces and poetry.
Many claim not to know of its existance. Many also denounce it as propaganda trash.
Many, though, have it in their homes.

For all its oddities and bizzareness and faults, it is the only way to get real news that isn’t filtered by the government, and it is the only widely distributed newspaper around.

It is distributed by trusted courier… to trusted courier… to distributer… to minor distributor… and so on. The chain is so hectic that its been impossible to trace it back to its source. Its rumored that the editor is trained in suberfuge and has thus been able to evade capture.
The distributors are often dealt with quietly but harshly by their respective empires. How? You don’t want to know.

Blights Edge

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