Name(s): Brobbet, Blangur, Bou-ga
Titles:the Judge, the Father, The Dwarfking, The Father of the Dwarves,
Alignment: LN
Portfolio: the Law, Dwarves, Mines, Discipline, Honor, Leadership, Family
Domains: War, Glory, Earth
Realm: the Hall of Ancients

Patron of Dwarves revere him as their patron god and Judges revere him as a model of the absolute fairness of their profession. Many law-aligned leaders across the world also pay him respect, and even less lawful leaders pay him respect to prove their own legitimacy, as do many governments.
Cleric Training: Many Clerics of Brobbet also serve as the lawyers and judges of their tribe or civilization, so extensive studying of the local, as well as Divine, law is required. At th same time, they must also familiarize themselves with all of the complicated rituals that Brobbet demands from his worshipers
Philosophy All things fall before the sacred law of the universe, and while mortal laws are merely twisted shadows of it’s complete fairness, they are what prevents civilization from crumbling into the dust of the wild lands. Thus, they are everything.
Worshippers: the Dwarves worship him along with a version of ancestor worship, the stern Formians worship him as part of their pantheons, as do some Goblin tribes. He is strong in Aradoth and especially strong in Pastao, but he has followers among Lantanian tribes and the jungle civilizations, though Xin societies pays him little heed.
Prayers: prayers tend to be deep, bassitone and follow rigid structures and forms, building them predictably into works of structured verbal art. Apart from the language that is used, Brobbetian prayers have their own obnoxiously complicated and precise rules that are studied alongside the laws that are the staple of his clericdom.
Rites to Brobbet tend to be serious affairs, often utilizing intricate and orderly works of craftsmanship. Blood sacrifices are not performed save in the most remote of tribes, and even then it is a representation of sharing blood with the god, not of sacrifice of blood to the god. There is always a huge emphasis on the worship of dour, serious ancestors, and rituals to that extent. Rituals to show or repair ones honor are also common.
Attitudes (Good and Bad)
Hard Work
(Gods Allied: Istara, Alyssa, Merrasat, Drulkar, Micairn, Atmi-Lasoathim, Vikin)
Unlawful Behavior
(Gods Hated: Bachantus, Fuuca, Yura, Niatha Moraven, Markus, the Weather Quartet, Ayurlon, Tak-Atun)
Symbols: A fist holding a hammer, usually done in Bronze on metallic grey is a fairly typical symbol. However, another symbol is that of a balance or scale with a hammer on one side and a sword on the other, balanced is another common symbol.
*_Known Relics:
The Hammer of Kings: a powerful hammer that is the symbol of the inherited dwarven kingship, a sign of their connection to the god himself. It’s powers are a secret held by the dwarven kings, and it, as well as the previous wielder, has been lost…

Favored Weapon Warhammer

Favored Appearance:
Brobbet appears as an aged dwarven male with skin of wrinkled gold leaf and deep bronze hair and beard. His face is like a stern, unyielding mask. He wears Heavy and ornate armor and carries a large warhammer. His eyes are a brilliant indescribable color, something red and yellow and white and metallic.

Brobbet is a stern lawgiver. To him, the law is all that matters. He is just and fair, to the exclusion of all emotion… Including compassion. Any emotions he has are buried beneath his stern demeanor, if he has them at all, except for a lawful passion that drives him to uncover what he needs for his decision to truly be fair.


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