Colloseum Auditori

Name: Colloseum Auditori

Power: None of it’s own

Adjacent Realms: Istara’s Field, Hall of Ancestors

Acessible: It is acessable from every realm, although the Blightlands are blocked off

The Colloseum is a huge amphitheater with no entrance or exit. It is all there is to the whole plane, but it serves an important function: It is a neutral meeting place for all the Istarian gods to meet and discuss important matters. Mortals, too, have occasionally been brought here to participate in these discussions… or simply to watch. It’s form, though typically reminiscent of roman architecture, Is often subject to change depending on the whimsy of the gods, particularly around their usual seats.
Anything said by someone authorized to speak can be heard clearly everywhere, while anything said by the peanut gallery is muted.
Its perfectly safe for a mortal under normal circumstances but long term stays are discouraged.

Istara’s Notes:
Dears, you dont want to go here, its so BORING. All that happens is talking, and while necessary, listening to a bunch of gods talk about things isnt the most exciting thing ever unless we’re talking about you. Not sure if being that important is a good thing or a bad thing, honestly. If your so important that we have to call a meet over you then there will definitely be other issues on your mind than how interesting our discussion is, but…
Oh heck, dears, I don’t know. Theres more interesting planes out there, why don’t you go there instead?

Colloseum Auditori

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