Name(s): Daggarth, Dygart, Kandonat
Titles: the Vengeful one, The Brutal Man, The Giant,
Alignment: CE
Portfolio: War, Strength, Brutality, Physical Ability, Wrath, Extreme Emotions, Unthinking Behavior
Domains: War, Domination, Destruction, Strength
Realm: ???

Patron of Barbarians and Atheletes, and the patron god of the Half-Giants
Cleric Training: Clerics of Daggarth are strong. They have to be. They are trained to be atheletic, they are trained to be able fighters, they are trained to be the strongest, crassest, and most brutal warriors. That they are smart enough to use divine magic is just gravy.
Philosophy Smash it. If its still moving, smash it again.
Worshippers: The Half Giants worship him, as do many barbarian tribes around the world. He has an especially large following in Northern Aradoth and in the Pastao region, as well as some following in Lantania
Prayers: Prayers to Daggarth tend to be short, to the point, and gruff affairs. Longer more reverant prayers are said over large feasts and over celebrations of victory.
Rites: Rites to daggarth often involve ritual feats or contests of strength, and typically also involve the consumption of great quantities of Alcohol and Foodstuffs

Attitudes (Good and Bad)
Physical Strength
Mental Strength
Martial Prowess
(Gods Allied: Niatha Moraven, Drulkar, Ayurlon, Tung-Arieth is respected as a worthy opponent)
(Gods Hated: Galderos, Brobbet, Markus, Mirael, the Weather Quartet, Suye, Vikin, Doeli, Ferith-Null, Atmi-Lasoathim, Fuuca, Yura, Micairn)

Symbols: A fist carved crudely into a rune stone of some sort.
Known Relics:
Favored Weapon Greataxe

Favored Appearance:
He is personified as a gigantic raging berserker half giant or human, a huge mouth roaring, huge hands clasping a chipped and worn axe, clad in brass armour.

Daggarth is a blunt instrument. Constantly Loud, Brash, and not all that bright, his daughter Niatha Moraven tends to do the talking for him. His main function among the gods is to be pointed at a problem and set to smashing it until it is fixed.
Thus, he is a simple god.
Rage, Eat, Drink, Women, and rage once more is his life strategy, a hearty one, and not as intricate or complicated as his far more subtle daughter would suggest.


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