Name: Daylit, The Sunsands, The Sun Forest

Power: Associated with Merrasat; Light, sun, growth. NG

Adjacent Realms: Nightlit, Land of Clouds, Elemental Fire

Acessible: The Sunsands are acessable from the lost library of Merrasat and from the sun circle on ??? mountain in the prime

A land of endless daylight, partly a plain of roiling dunes ending in a sea of liquid light, and partly a shimmeringly shaded forest, all on an island surrounded by the ever present light. Rain falls, but it is a rain of glittering light, brightness in an already blinding plane. Everything here is touched by the light of the plane, all animals living here shimmer with absorbed light.
it is home to the Shade’s counterpart, the Motes, who only report to Markus (And Suye).
It is also home to Merrasat the sun and knowledge god, as well as the demigod Suye, god of Shades, Wisps, Motes, and the Moon.
It is perfectly hospitable to mortals, though many find it difficult to sleep in this plane.

Istara’s Notes:
I am fond of this plane, mostly because it’s so brilliant!
Not orderly like so many other planes.
I mean, it isn’t exactly as chaotic as I am, dearies, but It’s doing pretty well considering how Merrasat is a very orderly cat.
I especially like how the realm’s illumination is incorporated into the native animals. Very clever. Honestly, I’d love to add some of that illumination to some creatures on the Prime, but no… Vikin, dear as he is to my heart, refuses to break a few tiiiiiiny rules just to let me play around in the prime. He’s a dear boy but he takes after his father far too much. What is a bored goddess of creation to do when she isn’t allowed to meddle to her fancy? Sit in frustration in her laboratory, thats what. And I’ve been doing too much of that lately.


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