Name(s): Doeli
Titles: The Peaceful one, the Easer of Spirits, Winged Joy
Alignment: NG
Portfolio: Joy, Relief, Rest, Peace, sleep
Domains: Repose, Purification, Community
Realm: The Realm of Spirit

Patron of The Muusi people and much of the Pastao region (Which is ironic because the Pastao Mainland is constantly at war, particularly the Abeil and the Formians), those who wish to bring peace
Cleric Training: Clerics of Doeli must take a vow of nonviolence and must not intentionally harm a living thing. The only time they may do harm is if they are granting peace to a creature in great pain and beyond other help, and they may only use the most painless and quick method available, and they must do so with great compassion, respect, and ritual. They may not even act in self defense.
Philosophy Peace is the highest form of existance, joy is the highest form of experience. It is the duty of all who know them to share them with others.
Worshippers: The Muusi are the key worshippers of Doeli, though most of the Pastao mainland holds her in high respect despite the violence of that land, to the point where the fierce battle will cease on her holidays and if a Muusi cleric declares it to be so. She has small cults elsewhere dedicated to the cause of peace and joy. She is also big in the realm of spirits, where her job is to aid Nyrevin in fostering peace and rest among the spirits there.
Prayers: Prayers to Doeli sound almost childish to an observer, with simple grammar and syntax, often pleading or generally chatty. There is very little ritual to personal prayers.
Rites to Doeli are rare in Aradoth and Lantania, but in Pastao they hold great respect, and are complicated and quiet affairs. They tend to be welcoming affairs, no creepy sacrifices or intimidating rituals, just inner peace, a note of quiet in the hectic and busy everyday lives of those who worship her.

Attitudes (Good and Bad)
(Gods Allied: Nyrevin, Tademos and Vinsi, Istara, and Atmi-Lasoathim)
(Gods Hated: Doeli is incapable of hate, but she is diametrically opposed to Daggarth, Niatha Moraven, Galderos, and especially Tung-Arieth and Tak-Atun. She has a Bizzare rivalry with Suye.)

Symbols: a stylized grey-green bird on a brown background, wings outstretched to the left and right sides of the rhomboid background, and head and tail to the top and bottom.

Known Relics:

Staff of peace: a clawed staff holding a gem of swirling white and blue and decorated with doves. When held by someone who says the proper words, blesses the staff and activates it properly, and bangs it on the ground once, all fighting and violent activity within 100 miles of the staff ceases until the ritual is undone, usually by killing the one who did the ritual. This ritual can be amplified to cover an entire country.

Favored Weapon Doeli and her Clerics are nonviolent, and thus do not have a favored weapon. However, many opponents find it difficult to bring themselves to strike them down, as such, disciples of Doeli are often taken as prisoners.

Favored Appearance:
Doeli often appears as a diminutive female humanoid with the ears of a large mouse, pure white skin, a simple dress, and dull pidgeon grey wings. Her hair is dark black grey and her eyes are kind,glowing white. A constant, serene smile plays across her face, and her touch is cool and calming.

Doeli cannot feel hate.
She is pure kindness and peace, sociable and friendly to all mortals and gods alike.
That is essentially what she is, a source of joy and friendliness, the arch-nemesis of all gods of violence and war.
Then again, Her contident is one of the most violent, aside from Lantania, and her rivalry with Suye borders on taunting and violence. Of course, she cant PERPETRATE the violence, but she can frustrate him. And cause his doom.


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