Name: Dreamveil

Power: Dreams and imagination

Adjacent Realms: All planes connect to this realm and are connected by this realm. it is not effected by Istara’s Quarentine

Acessible: dreaming, portals, random rifts in spacetime often lead here, often prefaced by bizzare aspects of the landscape


The dreamveil is a realm of dreams. Anything is possible here. It intersects and connects to all of the other realms, acting as a passage. Every environment that can be imagined is here, in a peculiar dream-like way. The mortal inhabitants of this plane are the Dreamkin, highly adaptable small folk, living in the various environments of thia realm. It is fed by the dreams and imagination of the mortals of the Prime and the other realms.
Blight cannot effect this realm, implying that even dreams can survive the end of the universe, but it has it’s own corrupting dangers. The corrupting force known as the Nightmare plagues this realm, turning everything it touches into entities of fear and terror.
It is highly morphic. Simply thinking or dreaming lucidly changes it. Some elements are stablized as regions where certain classes of dreams hold true. it’s classification is unknown.
It is very hospitable to mortals (and demons!) of all sorts, but many who find themselves here soon become as attuned to the plane as the little dreamkin, and become strange to their own kind. Often, they do not wish to leave.

Istara’s Notes:
Ah, the Dreamveil. A realm of wonders and beauty. I would say it was a realm after my own heart, but while my laboratory has a specific logic, a logic all of its own, but a logic nonetheless, the dreamveil is simple chaotic imagination. It used to be a bit more stable back before… the Cataclysm… but it seems to be doing okay without a god, despite the Nightmares and the dream storms. My, isn’t that a disturbing thought… a realm getting along fine without it’s god…
Well, thats something I will have to look into.
Anyway, the dreamveil is a great place to visit, but you already visit there in your dreams. How do you think we gods manage to get visions and advice to you?


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