Name(s): Drulkar, KaAri
Titles:Lord of Dragons, King of Flame, Flamelord, the Incendiary Emperor
Alignment: LN
Portfolio: Fire, Volcanoes, Dragons, Metalworking
Domains: Fire, Domination, Strength
Realm:The Realm of Elemental Fire

Patron of the Dragons, Fire-users, Metalworkers, Various small tribes or villages with shamans or war shamans
Cleric Training:Clerics of Drulkar tend to be dragons, though disciples or shamans of Fire can be found elsewhere. Training involves mastery of fire and it’s use and control, often in terms of metalworking or lava sculpting. For dragons, learning Drulkaric lore and Dragon Law are a part of Cleric training, as the Elemental god created the code of Law that the Dragons, particularly of the Traditionalist Lunus Faction, follow to this day.
Philosophy the power of flame is found within. It is power entrusted to you by the realm of fire itself, determination, anger, rightgeousness. It is a power that is meant to be used responsibly and wisely, and this, my will, shall be taught to others.
Worshippers: The Dragons worship him devoutly as the progenitor and enlightened paragon of their race, and he has a large following and cults among the dwarves. A few human tribes worship him worldwide, anrd he is honored alongside the other elemental gods by mages and magic users.
Prayers: Prayers to him take the form of a deep-voiced chant, usually in Ignan or Draconic. They usually refer to the fire god respectfully and reverently. They are both musical and disturbing in tone.
Rites: Sacrifices, usually offerings of meat or treasure burnt in sacred lava pools are offered. Dragon religious rituals are all rites to Drulkar, as are fire-summoning rituals of many sorts.

Attitudes (Good and Bad)
Physical Strength
Mental Strength
(Gods Allied: Micairn, Istara, Brobbet, Merrasat, Yura)
Unfocussed Wrath
(Gods Hated: Fuuca, Niatha Moraven, Daggarth, The Weather Quartet. He is neutrally disliking towards the Blight Dukes)

Symbols: His most common symbol is that of a stone or iron cauldron with a dragon rune on it and fire within, usually on a background of red with a gold shadow below the cauldron
Known Relics:
The Gate of Embers: This transport gate located deep in the Char is a portal directly to the Realm of Fire and the turbulent Rift. It is a part of the rite of Ancienthood to travel through it on a journey of discovery and personal enlightenment.

Favored Weapon the claw, but also the Heavy mace, typically fire enchanted.

Favored Appearance:
Drulkar often appears as a massive dragon seeming to have scales made of dark, shining obsidian that seems to barely contain a moving, incredibly hot furnace that spouts off hot jets of flame and gas from the cracks between the scales and the intense eyes, proud nose, and red-hot diamond-toothed mouth. The great wings are veined with glowing red-orange with stark black ribs, and the claws are the dull grey of cold iron. Great black horns grow from the noble skull and along the back ridge.
He has appeared as a more mortal-seeming dragon before, however.

Drulkar is a noble god of few words. What he says he expects to be followed, and the raw power of his domain helps to make this so, as it comes out in his bearing: noble, powerful, deserving of respect and care, and definitely not to be trifled with.
He takes honor and ritual seriously, though unlike some similar gods he is flexible in this respect. He is as fair as Brobbet and as noble as Merrasat, but more raw and primal than either. He is the god of fire, the volatile element, and it shows.

He also takes on both draconic philosophies of how to “deal with the Naka”: the Lunus view of domination and the Helian view of enlightenment. He pays them equal heed, believing that his people, the dragons, deserve to rule Istaria with both a sharp claw and a sharp mind, sewing fear in the minds of the “lesser folk”, but also respect and the seeds of improvement. He believes that, even when the dragons do not rule, they should at least be the role models for all other mortals. In this, he is arrogant, even proud.


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