Name(s): Fuuca, Ascaa
Titles: The Deep one, Queen of the Deep, Flowing Knowledge, Secretkeeper, Lord of Water
Alignment: NE
Portfolio: Water, Knowledge, Secrets, Danger, Subtlety, Betrayal, Pure Rationality
Domains: Water, Knowledge, Madness
Realm: The elemental plane of water

Patron of Scholars, the Asiura, and the Merfolk. She is also a patron of scientists and some explorers.
Cleric Training: Clerics of Fuuca are backstabbing scholars, who rise in the ranks through a combination of education and backstabbing, or sometimes just one or the other. These clerics tend to be insular and secretive, never giving information for free. To them, a lot of things are for sale. Information, Liberty, Life… All of it. And they have Information, one of the most important of all of those. And they aren’t cheap.
Philosophy There are so many secrets that this world has to offer. And we have them. Don’t you want them too?
Worshippers: The Asiura worship her as their patron and cocreator, and many scholars and government officals pay her respect, as do people dealing with the water a lot such as fishermen or coastal folks. Mages tend to worship her alongside the other Elemental Gods. The Dwarves worship her as both the Quencher of Flames and an essential part of the creation and smithing process, and as a dangerous force lurking in the deepest caverns.
Prayers: Prayers tend to be attempts to curry favor with the goddess or to appease her and prevent her cruel whims from harming the petitioner. For prayers for information, offerings are given in exchange.
Fuuca is very big on trade. Nothing for free, nothing for more than its worth. It is simple common sense, cold and rational. Rituals of bartering and marketing are common, as are giant ‘ritualistic’ study sessions.

Attitudes (Good and Bad)
(Gods Allied: her best friend Yura, Brobbet, Nyrevin, Niatha Moraven, Mirael, Markus, Kaasha, Istara)
Pro-Bono work
(Gods Hated: Drulkar, Tademos and Vinsi, Suye who steals her secrets, )

A single bright yellow eye on a dark circle surrounded by either images of coral or of kelp.
Known Relics:
Favored Weapon
Trident or the subtle and dangerous War Fan

Favored Appearance:
She is portrayed as a gigantic Moray eel, large beyond comprehension, with glowing yellow eyes that shine with a cold, alien intelligence, and sharp white teeth that gleam with threat. She is sometimes portrayed with tentacles, and when for some reason she has attacked a coastal town, these have been witnessed.

Fuuca is Cold, unfathomable and often cruel, but is known for her excellent advice and wisdom. She is also known for her fickleness and tendancy to hold grudges that can span centuries.
This makes her relationship with Yura, the Lord of Air, all the more remarkable. The two elemental Dieties share a friendship that has endured for countless millenia, the sort not thought possible of an unemotionally rational diety such as Fuuca.


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