Gaphnezephori is the directly opposing counterpart to Istara. Istara is creation, beginning, and inspiration.
Gaphnezephori is the opposite. She is destruction, ending, finality.
Essentially, Gaphnezephori is the goddess of the end of the universe, and that is her purpose and her role. Her realm, the realm of Blight, is a reflection of her ultimate purpose.

During the age of dawn, for the most part, she stayed out of things. She had her worshippers, but her presence would have corrupted the new world.
And, despite the fact that that was her intent and aspect, she did not wish for things to decay and be destroyed. The duality of her responsibility of destruction and entropu and her longing for things to remain forever beautiful conflicted. She sought to ease her suffering by making her own realm so.

The Cataclysm changed alot of things. The mortal that caused it had first ventured into the realm of blight, fought her, and coated his sharpened wooden spear with her blood, then, as she lay bleeding, went on to continue his revenge and slay Mynvashi, the god of time, dreams, and love, causing the cataclysm.

Gaphnezephori was very injured and subsided into a comatose state. But the cataclysm caused her masculine aspects to break away from her and become the entities known as the blight dukes while the remainder of her original form locked itself into a torpor in an egg cared for by one of her sons… until it is time for the universe to end.

So she sleeps.
And so her sons try to push the universe to its end, unknowing that it would mean their own destruction.


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