Geography of Istaria

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Aradoth Major Cities: Feledan Aughundell Kirasanct Mahagra

Dalimond Peninsula Major Cities: Bristugo Chiconis Dalimond Sikhnikija

Lesser Aradoth Major Cities: Kion Sslanis


Char Major Cities: Dralk

Tazoon Desert Major Cities: Tazoon New Rachival

Scorpion Island

Satyr Isles


Istaria is a land of many extremes. Dominated by Aradoth, a large, mountainous continent with numerous smaller islands, it has given rise to a great many races and civilisations throughout its troubled history. The large island of Lesser Aradoth lies just off its western coast, with the southern Scorpion Island forming part of an island chain that extends throughout its southern half. Further north lies the continent of Tralendar, though natural disaster has rendered it mostly uninhabited save for the most pioneering of expeditionaries.

The northern half of the continent is dominated by high altitude mountain ranges and vast valleys and frozen plateaus. The envoronment here is cold, harsh and nigh impossible to navigate, easy to get lost in and conceales many dangers. The Kirasanct Plateau is perhaps the most habitable area, being merely a region of tundra as opposed to icelocked arctic. To the west lies the Char which is a permenantly volcanically active region.

South, the environment is more mild. Rolling steppes and grasslands surround the great desert of Tazoon, where many early civilisations had their beginnings. Further soutch still lies the Dalimond Peninsula, a temperate region making up the foothills of the Granitefall Mountains cut by valleys and surrounded by many offshore islands.

To the West is the vast island of Lesser Aradoth with its exotic inhabitants, deep and forbidding jungles, and vast mineral deposits. The source of many rare and valuable materials as well as a haven from the looming war, the island has undergone a rennaisence of late and is still struggling to asser itself as it rises from obscurity to a position of prominence. Off its southern coast, the Satyr Isles lurk in the far distance, a constant reminder that not even paradise is safe.

In the east, the strife inflicted by the war is most apparent. Once a place of vibrant grasslands and forests, much of the land is now rendered uninhabitable by roving monsters and the pervasive Blight. The bones of many nations and civilisations litter the tainted soil, and the once great bastion of Old Rachival stands as a permenant reminder of the sacrifices that hubris can bring.

However, even in this ruined land civilisation struggles to flourish: The great cities of Feledan and Aughundell remain strong in the face of adversity, and smaller settlements have again begun to spring up in the least affected areas. Forests of Selen and vast swamplands still teem with life, though have become dark and dangerous in recent years. The great fortress of Harro remains strong, a watchful guardian against the depredations of the Aegis, though an imperfect one; even far from the Deadlands, attacks are an all too common occourance.

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Geography of Istaria

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