Istara's Field

Name: Istara’s Field, The Field

Power: None, TN

Adjacent Realms: Istaria’s Font/Ein Sohf, The Prime Realms, Istara’s Laboratory

Acessible: Currently, any sucessful interplanar travelling diverts to here

Description: The Field is a realm consisting of a placid field of low grass and blue, clear skies. Large, smooth grey boulders lie scattered in the bright light, perfect for sitting on, picnicing on, or basking on. In the approximate center of the field is a little log cabin with a well. This is Istara’s cabin. The plane istelf is spherical, though all percieve it as flat, and small- one can circumnavigate it in about 3 hours.
Istara’s cabin, though it appears small, is variable in space on the inside to comfortably accomodate guests. There are guest bedrooms and there are always cookies. A door in the kitchen, usually locked, leads to the plane known as Istara’s Laboratory, Istara’s main plane of existence.
Being neutral ground, other gods use it as a meeting area for pleasant conversation, romance, or simply to have an amazing home-cooked-by-the-creation-goddess meal. Some of the more hard-off gods (Bachantus and some minor gods) are cared for here and call it their temporary home.
The Vielo often intentionally travel through the plane, as it is the most hospitable to mortals, which is partly its purpose- it serves as an intermediary plane for interplanar travellers, a way for Istara to regulate traffic and to keep mortals safe from their own need to adventure.

Istara’s Notes:
Technically, Dears, this is my home plane. You could say that the Font of Istaria is my home plane, but thats very technical indeed. Istaria, Ein Sohf, Font of Reality whatever you choose to call it, is home only to itself and its children (Us Gods, dearie) have grown up and need to live on our own. Its very much like that anyway.
If you ever find yourself travelling across planes, you’ll be finding yourselves here eventually. As in, before reaching any other plane. I made quite sure of it, dears, and when I make sure of something, dears, I made DAMN sure of it, yes yes indeed. If you ever find yourself here, dears, do drop by and say hi. I always have cookies ready.

Istara's Field

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