Istara's Laboratory

Name: Istara’s Laboratory

Power: Invention and Innovation and Madness, Heavily aligned with Istara. CN

Adjacent Realms: Istara’s Field, Rift

Acessible: Only really acessable via Istara’s house in Istara’s field

An infinite plane of intricate machinery, vials, experiements, and notes (all scrawled in the same elegantly unreadable hand), this is the plane of invention. There is no top and no bottom and physics works however it needs to work. Despite the traditional association of orderlyness with machines, the place is extremely chaotic, with no rhyme, reason, or apparent organization to it’s madness. The machines clang and whirr and shriek and buck and screech to a ragtime rhythm. There is no ground, but bridges of machinery and catwalks of rickety metal and other substances span across infinite clockwork chasms. Stages and computers and other things far beyond the technological level of anyplace else in Istaria, and things that defy all comprehension lie haphazardly and staggered. It is impossible to navigate, as it is constantly shifting orientation and composition. The only being able to navigate it without trouble is Istara herself, as it is her plane and aligned to her incredible inventive genius.
Although it is aligned with arguably the most benevolent goddess in the pantheon, it is very dangerous for mortals, particularly those mortals who couldn’t invent their way out of a situation.

Istara’s Notes:
Ah, my Laboratory. I would say it is my favorite plane, dears, and it would be true, but I dont think that should count for a plane that I own. Just doesn’t seem fair to me, dearies. Its like saying that the child in your class is your favorite because they are your grandchild. Nepotism, thats the word dearies, definitely.
This place is like the inside of my head, dears, the place where I am at my strongest, where I can THINK without all the distractions of… well, everything else dears. I can run my experiments and test my theories and INVENT in peace. thousands of experiments, all running at once, all important. Vital, even. Dears, if you only knew how much I did for you, how much testing and experimenting I do before inspiring you, how much work I am doing on your behalf… I wonder how many of you would become Atheistic then? I study so much, because there is so much to know. I know alot dears, but theres so much more to know out there! The others are mostly content to sit on their high thrones and pick around with you lovely darling mortals, but I cant do that. Theres so much that they dont understand, and so much I dont understand. But unlike them, I dont patch it over. I find out more. And this is the place I do this essential work.
That being said, dears, this place is treacherous for gods and mortals alike. The elemental gods understand my mind well enough to manage with only some trouble, and Mynavashi… Oh, poor Averie. Nevermind, dears, He was before your time, poor dear. Either way he understood the place well enough to navigate it. But only I know my way around. It IS my plane after all.
Mortals woudl be severely disadvantaged here. There are experiments that should not be trifled with, dears. If you have an inventive mind, you have a chance. The plane responds well to innovation. But you aren’t likely to survive long dears, and Nyrevin finds the plane hard to navigate as well. And I’ll have trouble finding you in time.
Best not to enter, and certainly best not to enter unescorted. That is my advice to you, dears.

Note: Dear little Suye also does some things here, but we stabilized a small chunk for him so he could do his own experiments without having to call for me all the time. Such a considerate boy!

Istara's Laboratory

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