Name(s): Istaria
Titles: The Font of Reality
Alignment: TN
Portfolio: Magic, Reality
Domains: Magic, Earth, Fire, Water, Air
Realm: Istaria

Patron of Mages and Magic Users
Cleric Training: Clerics are essentially mages and magic users, though actual clerics are typically extremely magically adept in both divine and arcane magics.
Philosophy None
Worshippers: There are no formal worshipers , though it is revered as the power behind reality itself, divine power, and thought, generally by spellcasters and usually instinctively.
Prayers: There are no prayers, but spellcasting could be considered a prayer to focus and use it’s power. It can also be communed with for advice, though it is largely unintelligable.
Any spellcasting ritual or ritual used in spellcasting can be considered to be a rite of Istaria

Attitudes (Good and Bad)
(Gods Allied: None)
(Gods Hated: None)

Symbols: A white circle with a wave pattern, if symbols are needed
Known Relics:
Anything magical, honestly
Favored Weapon Magic

Favored Appearance:
Istaria doesnt appear to mortals in any physical form, though it is assumed that it’s form is that of it’s plane, the Font of Reality

Being an entity of everything, Istaria does not have a definable personality. It is more like a concentration of energy with an alien intelligence that has its own incomprehensible motives and goals, beyond mortal conception, or even divine conception.
It simply


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