Istaria's Wellspring

Name: Istaria’s Wellspring, Ein Sohf

Power: Everything, infinite potential, infinite existance

Adjacent Realms: All

Acessible: only by Istara’s portals, though it can be tapped as a power source

An endless flowing river of reality, gleaming pure white, the color of all things mixed together. Those who have viewed it claim it has a strange intelligence of it’s own, at even as they watched it it watched them.
It is a plane both revered and feared by gods and mortals alike. The rushing energy is potent and has the potential to sweep away anything that gets too close, returning it to it’s most basic of states.
Although the Twilight Realm is considered the plane of magic, in truth that is magic as a construction of mortals, controlled and regulated, serving as a tool to utilize the raw power of elemental reality that flows through Istaria. This is the plane from which all things have their ultimate origin.
Mortals cannot interact with this plane safely, nor can many gods. Istara and the Elemental Gods are the only ones that can manipulate the raw forces of existance without harm to themselves, and that is because they are more a part of it’s flow than the other gods. Mortals who attempted to handle this energy without the barrier of the Prime or of the Twilight Realm would find themselves melting away, body mind and soul. The most any mortal can do at this plane is make camp along the bank of the river.

Istara’s Notes:
This place is very special to me, Dearies. I know it’s hard to imagine the mother (or i suppose grandmother in some cases) of the gods to have a mother of her own, but it is my mother and father. Although my memories of my probably facinating Primordial time are very foggy and strange, I am well aware that my existance began as an elemental of this plane, just as Drulkar, Fuuca, Yura, and Micairn are greater elementals of their planes, temporary offshoots of this river.
I had to invent myself to stabilize myself and going from an unnamed sentient blob of reality to… well, me, required me to shed some aspects, forming the other gods out of fragments of my whole. I am the only one with those memories, of course.
What does this teach you dears? That all gods; Major, minor, and Demi alike, including myself as I am now, (and the Blight Dukes and their mother, my nemesis) are all merely facets of a greater being that draws its power from the source of all existance. I still do, but I am not that being anymore, and thank goodness for that! I like who I am, Dearies, individuality is a treasure I never want to give up… because I remember a time when I was just a drop in that river.
Anyway, It may be the source of all creation but that makes it far too potent for most mortals to handle even seeing in person.

Istaria's Wellspring

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