Name(s): Kaasha
Titles: Rainbringer, The Outcast, Rainbow Serpent, Southwind
Alignment: NG
Portfolio: Rain, Weather, Reptiles, Outcasts, Rainbows, The South Wind
Domains: Water, Weather, Community
Realm: Cloudlands

Patron of The Sslik
Cleric Training: Kaasha has few true ‘clerics’. She has many shamans who hold her highly and respect the power of the sky, IE, the weather. Many are Druidic or otherwise magically talented, and are specializing in her field of expertize.
Philosophy The rain falls. The rain is reviled. The rain moves on. The rain returns. The cycle continues. What is done with the cycle is up to you.
Worshippers: The Sslik worship her as their patron. In general, any worshippers of any member of the Weather quartet will worship the other members of the weather quartet, typically those who rely on the weather for their likelihood. Druidic covens or cults also will worship her, as will kindly hermits or other such benevolent social outcasts or wanderers. T
Prayers: Kaasha has no set prayer rituals, and many do not pray to her. She is simply revered, and worshipped through offerings. Those that do Pray are rare, but can pray in whatever way they see fit.
Rain dances are a common Kaashaite rite.

Attitudes (Good and Bad)
(Gods Allied: Merrasat (they are kind of dating), The Weather Quarter (Yantuan, Tyulok, Sphirki), Fuuca, Yura
(Gods Hated: Brobbet, Alyssa, Bachantus (though she now forgives him for past wrongs because he suffered as an outcast too), Vikin)

Symbols: A bundle of multicolored feathers in a light blue circle enclosed by a black ouroboros shape
Known Relics:
Favored Weapon Javelin

Favored Appearance:
Kaasha appears as a gigantic feathered serpent with stormy blue eyes and periwinkle underdown, with a multicolored overcoat and crest, and tail tuft. Though she is multicolored she is not the most powerful of the quartet, it simply represents her association with rain and rainbows. She does not have wings, but appears to undulate through the air.

Kaasha is the kind of person who is quiet and will take anything thrown at her without complaint, simply moving away. Her people suffered much pain at the hands of others, and yet they have not (yet) sought retaliation or developed into vicious violent folk such as the Fiends. Instead, they have developed a kind patience, much like her own.
Kind patience and good friends in the form of the Saris.

Kaasha tends to keep to herself, only offering assistance in the form of something that seems like it would have happened anyway, such as a clear day, or a longer than usual rainstorm.


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