Name(s): Markus, Divnen, Markuk
Titles: Night Watcher, Lord of Gamblers, Dealmaker, Fickle Fate, the Fickle Dealer
Alignment: CN
Portfolio: Night, Darkness, Gambling, Luck, Shady Activities
Domains: Darkness, Luck, Trickery
Realm: Nightlit

Patron of Theives, Gamblers, Low-Class sorts, Goblins
Cleric Training: Clerics outside of goblin society tend to be thieves and gamblers, or other shady folks, who found themselves in a bad rut and made a deal with the obscure god for better luck and a break from the law. Often, they end up furthering his aims and collecting his debts. In goblina nd kobold society, they are the shamans and religious leaders of their communities, sometimes the chieftains.
Philosophy Deal is a deal, luck of the draw. Until you cheat.
Worshippers: Markus is fairly obscure, however he does have temples, usually hidden affairs in seedy parts of town with offerings that, despite their value, are never stolen. Nobody wants to piss off Fickle Fate.
Goblins and Kobolds are not ones for temples, and Markus is not one for the lavish. However, his shines are usually well adorned
Prayers: Prayers to Markus are usually a quick plea asking for luck on a job or in a game.
Rites: Typically, if one is lucky and successful in a gamble or in a robbery or other venture, an offering is made at his temple or shrine or thrown behind them into a dark alley. His cut of the deal.

Attitudes (Good and Bad)
Money and Valuable things
(Gods Allied: Suye- he is so allied with Suye that many of his temples either have or are associated with the even more obscure shrines to the moon god, Niatha Moraven, Galderos)
Guards or Police forces
Pro Bono work
Being Cheated or tricked
(Gods Hated: Brobbet, Merrasat. He is actually neutral to the blight Dukes.)

Symbols: A tan Kobold’s claw clutching a pair of brown 6-sided dice with white dots, both on ones (snake eyes)
Known Relics:


Favored Weapon Daggers of most varieties

Favored Appearance:Markus tends to appear as a pitch black- so black that he is blacker than the darkness that surrounds him- with glowing white, intense eyes.. Outlines of leather clothing can be seen, again black on black, and a gemmed ringlet can be seen on his tail, visible only when he chooses.
He often has black dice with silver dots, which he uses when gambling with gods and mortals. He tends to appear in the deep shade of alleys and dark woods, rarely in the light of a lamp or such. When appearing in front of a light source, he always seems to bring the shadow of these dark places with him, causing eerie effects.

Markus considers himself neutral, a god of rogues and ruffians and the lower classes. He doesn’t wish to busy himself with the war and suchlike, even though it reaches to his very doorstep. He is a rogue, not a warrior. While upset with the loss of his Aradoth peoples, he is satisfied with his Pastao holdouts and his urban worshippers. And besides, he chooses to fight with information: As Secondary spymaster to Suye, who is technically his son, he has access to information which he sells to mortals as wishes, and to the gods as needed and at a discount.
Understandably, he is a very urban god, rarely worshipped outside of large cities with a thriving underworld. He tends to be very in-touch with mortals on the lower rungs of society, occasionally walking in the shadows, or, with some of Suye’s help, unseen among the ranks of mortals.
He is, however, honest in his own way. If you give him what he asks, he will give you what you ask, and he will give it to you in as complete a form as he promised. No less. And his form is one of the things he is honest about- he has no other.


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