Name(s): Merrasat, Myet
Titles: the Solar Cat, The Librarian, Goldenmane
Alignment: LG
Portfolio: The Sun, Libraries, the Saris, Cats, Knowledge, Unarmed Combat, Sand
Domains: Knowledge, Sun, Healing, Good
Realm: Daylit

Patron of the Saris peoples around the world and Sun-worshipping cults, as well as seekers of knowledge
Cleric Training: Clerics of Merrasat spend years in monastaries along with more physical martial arts monks. They meditate and perform sun rituals and worship, recite mantras, and focus their minds . They also study great tomes of knowledge.
As such they are very mentally acute and knowledgeable, as well as able bodied.
Philosophy The light of the sun illuminates all knowledge and destroys all foul things, it is a purifying, illuminating font.
Worshippers: Saris around the world worship him, as do many monks and holy people. He is worshipped in very sunny places such as the deserts and savannahs of Lantania, and by many cults dedicated to the pursuit and preservation of knowledge or the destruction of evil.
Prayers: Prayers to Merrasat are usually done in mantra form, very formal and archaic. The current practice is to pray while practicing martial arts, which led to the use of Ki in the Lesser Aradoth style of martial arts.
Rites: Rites tend to consist of elegant and stern ceremonies, heavy on reflective objects and whites. Services are held daily at Sunrise and Sunset, and noon is considered sacred, and is the typical time for many of the festivals and holidays associated with Merrasat.

Attitudes (Good and Bad)
Martial Prowess
(Gods Allied: Istara, Kaasha, Brobbet, Galderos, Alyssa, Suye)
(Gods Hated: Markus, Ayurlon, Daggarth, Niatha Moraven, Yantuan, the Blight Dukes)

Symbols: A golden lion or cat’s face, often in relief, with a golden mane like sunrays.
Known Relics:
Favored Weapon Unarmed Strike, Glaive

Favored Appearance:
His usual portrayal is that of a great tawny-gold lionlike feline with brilliant pupilless eyes and a enormous flame-like mane.
He often also appears as a muscular and noble saris male, or as a tall, golden haired, human male wizard, often with catlike traits.

Merrasat is very feline, aloof, sarcastic, proud, and very vain. He is also very intense in focus, never straying from his goal until he reaches it, never stopping until he solves whatever problem is plaguing him. He is also extremely fair, in both feelings and personal judgement, but unlike Brobbet he also is strongly good aligned and has compassion.
This is most evidenced by the alliance between him and Kaasha, an alliance that is both of close friendship and of possibly romance. She and her people were cast out wherever they went, until they arrived at Lesser Aradoth and were taken in and befriended by Merrasat and his saris, regardless of the personal opinion of the other gods.


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