Name(s): Micairn, Kyre
Titles: The Patient, Gemlord, Earthlord, The Slow
Alignment: LN
Portfolio: Gems, Patience, Merchants, Metals, Metalworking, Stability, Rigidity, Negotiation
Domains: Earth, Strength, Travel
Realm: The elemental Plane of Earth

Patron of he is the Patron God of the Trolls and of miners and people working off the earth, as well as people living near fault lines and Earthquake zones.
Cleric Training: Clerics of Micairn tend to not have specific religious training, so much as they simply are hard-working sorts that see their connection as just a way to work harder and better. Religion just comes along as an undertone.
Philosophy Fast action can move a feather, but slow patience moves worlds.
Worshippers: the Trolls worship him as their creator and mentor, as much as they can comprehend the concept of worship, and the Dwarves revere him as the god of their caverns and stone, very important to the welfare of the dwarves. The Goblins and Kobolds revere him for the same reason. Many Salt-of-the earth sorts of people also pay him respect, as do many mages.
Prayers: Micairn does not require prayers. To him, actions speak louder than words, and silent reverence is enough for him.
Rites: Micairn’s rites are very shamanic and simple, typically respectful of the ground or of mountains and such Earthy things. Many require some preparation in advance.

Attitudes (Good and Bad)
Hard Work
(Gods Allied: Drulkar, Brobbet, Vikin, Atmi-Lasoathim, Tung-Arieth, Istaria)

(Gods Hated: Tak-Atun because of several acts by that god that have been harmful to Micairn and his people, Yura, Bachantus, Suye, Galderos. However, he is willing to hear them out and negotiate with them.)

A gem or a tusk encrusted with gems

Known Relics:

Favored Weapon
Bastard Sword

Favored Appearance:
Micairn greatly resembles a huge mound of loamy earth, with eyes of glowing sapphire and turquoise and stubby, root-endowed arms and legs. His body is studded with gems and stones, and he sports great tusks of stone, though he does not have the trunk of his Trollfolk (nor their smoother, cleaner appearance).

Micairn is a slow, patient being, the most powerful earth spirit in the elemental plane of earth. His patient calm has helped to resolve many a divine spat, and his people, the trolls, are much the same. He is a gentle soul, though powerful, and is willing to listen to whatever anybody has to say, and he does so with incredible patience.


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