Name(s): Mirael, Miraa
Titles: Fatespinner, Weaver of Reality, Weaver of Time, the Apathetic Weaver
Alignment: TN
Portfolio: Fate, Prediction, Memory
Domains: Oracle, Knowledge, Luck
Realm: None

Patron of Oracles, the Huntresses or Spideerkin in Southern Lantania
Cleric Training: Mirael does not have clerics. Instead, she has oracles and the occasional shaman. Training differs depending on the society, however it has to do more with controlling and interpreting an already existing ability to see the past or the future than with training in her gospel or lore. In fact, she doesn’t have much in the way of gospel or lore.
Philosophy Things will happen as they will happen, as they have happened before. Wait for the threads of fate to split, then change it. Otherwise, ensure that things proceed and proceeded as they should.
Worshippers: The Spiderkiin/Huntresses are the only real worshippers of Mirael. There are small cults of oracles or aesthetics elsewhere, but otherwise Mirael is not a proactive goddess, and is actually fairly obscure. Unlike many of the other obscure gods, she can be found worldwide, but worship is not heavy, and more respectful than reverent.
Prayers: There are no guidelines to praying to her, and few actually pray to her. Her worshippers, disciples, shamans, or oracles simply draw power, strength, or inspiration from her. Simple contemplation on the past and the future, and the mutability/immutability of it all is all that is necessary or even wanted.
Mirael is a low-maintainence goddess and needs no rites or rituals aside from those already needed for scrying or divination.

Attitudes (Good and Bad)
Things going as they should
Timelines shifting to a positive timeline
Timelines shifting to an interesting timeline
(Gods Allied: Suye, Istara, Tademos and Vinsi)
The forming of doomed offshoot timelines
People thinking that, since something fated they don’t have to do anything to get there
People thinking that, once something is predicted, they can avoid it somehow
(Gods Hated: the blight Dukes)

Symbols: A white spiderweb on a dark purple backdrop. Possible variations have small blue dots or gems in the gaps.
Known Relics:
Fate Thread: these relics appear as thick threads of spider silk and can be used to tie the fates of two people together, whether it had been fated already or not, by cutting it in two and tying it to them. Once tied, only Mirael herself or the tie-er can untie the connection.

Knot of Fate Caught: this knot of clear, spongy, sticky thread holds a ball of multicolored ever changing lights. If the knot is untied, then the energy inside will be released, changing reality completely and permanently in an unknown way. Only Mirael and the untie-er will perceive that a change has occurred, as will some individuals and some gods, for all intents and purposes the reality took a different path from the original reality at some point in the past.

Map of Time: a map in celestial that can help the mortal or divine viewer navigate the complexities of nonlinear time shenanigans.

Favored Weapon The Sap, though she doesn’t truly favor or use any weapon.

Favored Appearance:
To most who see her, Mirael is a pale, Yellow-eyed humanoid female with white, wispy hair, eight arms, and a lower body that fades into mass of twisted threads like a serpent’s tail, and eventually fades into the distance. She is often portrayed with a colorful bird mask with a parrot’s beak.
To her own people the Spideerkin/Huntresses, she appears as a large pale spider whose ending segments (legs and abdomen) trail off into unwinded threads which move and shift. As a spider, she does not have a mask.

Mirael is polite and aloof, not involving herself unless it is necessary to ensure fate continues as she feels it should. She is usually the one who tells gods when they can interfere without causing issues in reality, or when their interference is necessary to maintain the timeline she sees as true. As the main descendent of the lost god of time, she does not treat time as linear. As such, conversations with her can be confusing, since her tense is whenever she feels like it.
Some gods like her, some are neutral, and some feel that she is too stuck up and quiet and that she should tell them more about their fates.


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