Mutations are genetic abnormalities that grant special powers from birth to their carriers. However, this occurs at the cost of one of their ability scores, since the development of the mutation’s characteristics have to have their energy apportioned from a related part of the organism. Often, these abilities are very powerful or useful, but can be potentially debilitating.
They are only available to certain races/species.
Only one mutation or bloodline trait may be taken per character.

Mutations come in three ‘grades’ or power levels: Lesser, Moderate, and Greater, and three flavors: Mind, Body, and Soul. Each of these has a subcategory.
To aquire these traits, the character loses a large amount of points to their ability score and gains a disadvantage. The amount of points lost is proportional to the power level, however in most cases a related save will be compensated by the same amount.

The power Levels:

Costs: -2 to the ability score and +2 to the associated save.
This is more of a natural proficency, little more than a simple heightening of natural ability. As such, the individual is often unaware of their condition and cannot control it.

Costs: -4 to the ability score and +4 to the associated save
This is a legitimate and recognized ability. Its not absurdly powerful but it is beyond normal for their species.
However, they are aware of their ability and will have some degree of control over their ability.

Costs: -6 to the ability score and +6 to the associated save
This is a huge power, trancending what their species can do. They often cannot fit into normal society and have a compensating serious disability. While incredibly powerful and aware of their ability, it is too powerful to be effectively controlled.

The Types:

Mind (Sight)
The Sight mutations are a sixth sense often registered through vision but sometimes through intuition or through hearing. Prophetic or divinatory abilities are related to this mutation.
All of the subtypes cost Wisdom, as the mind of a sighted mutant percieves the world so differently that they might not be considered entirely sane, and they botch more easily when trying to notice things. However, the strangeness of their minds makes it a bit harder to effect their minds, so they gain bonuses to their Will save.

Body (Heart)
Body mutations are mutations in how the nerves are connected, how the muscles work, and how pain is felt and registered. Heroic feats of strength and endurance, as well as reflexes, are related to this.
Most of the subtypes cost Constitution since their metabolism is different, however the Endurance subtype costs dexterity. The saves they effect are Reflex and Will.
Their bodies are different, so any clothing they buy must be modified, costing half again as much.

Soul (Aura)
Soul mutations are mutations effecting the essence of the organism. Their essence and essential being practically overflows into their auras, often giving them bizzare powers. They tend to be weaker, costing Strength, than the others. Their bonuses are varied depending on the type of soul essence they have. They are also considered vulnerable to opposingly typed attacks.


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