Nightlit Realm

Name: Nightlit or Nightlit Realm

Power: Associated with Markus and other dark and sneaky dieties ???; Darkness, Nighttime, Shadow, Stealth. LN

Adjacent Realms: Sunsands/forest (Daylit), Cloudlands, Prime realms, Twilight realm, Voidscape, the Realm of Blight, Dreamveil

Acessible: There is a permanent portal in the Twilight Realm and in an old shrine in the prime???, otherwise Markus will attempt to open portals as needed

Nightlit is a plane of perpetual darkness. It is a shadowy plane illuminated only by the sparse light of the far-off Daylit (Sunsands/forest) plane and the luminescance of every plant and animal. Animal life is the same as the prime but Nocturnal with gleaming eyes and furtive steps, and mild lumesence. Plantlife is typically the usual for the Prime, but some species are unique to this realm of night and thus are valuable. Markus can be found anywhere in the plane, he has no set home.
The plane is home to the Nightlit spies, the Shades who are either skulking through nightlit or associating with their Daylit Mote counterparts and creeping through other realms, bringing Markus, their master, the information he so desires, as the spymaster of the gods.
It is at least as large as the Istarian Prime(s), and about as hospitable, that is, it depends.

Istara’s Notes:
Despite it’s name and the fear of darkness built into many mortals, this realm of night isn’t all that bad, my dears. In fact, its quite a facinating place, and the Shades are very polite and reasonable.
I am afraid I can’t tell you why the things here glow, but REST ASSURED dears, I am working on it. I DO have alot on my plate you know.
Oh, and don’t worry if you don’t see Markus. He’s a sweetheart, even though his people are so few, poor dear, but hes a mite shy, even to me. If you ever travel here, chances are, he’s watching from the ample shadows.

Nightlit Realm

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