Name(s): Rinuli, Nua-Rinne
Titles: Green Lady, Leaf Maiden, Gift of the Forest
Alignment: CN
Portfolio: Plants, Nature, the Wildnerness, Healing, Growth, Health
Domains: Plant, Travel, Healing
Realm: The Wildlands

Patron of Healers, Farmers, and those who protect the wildnerness and live in harmony with it.
Cleric Training: Disciples of Rinuli must live alone in the wildnerness, doing as little harm as possible. They must aid anybody in the wilderness who is respectful to the wilderness and is harmed, and may take any items as payment for their services. They may not, however, speak language verbally, not counting small involuntary nonlanguage noises. They may gesture.
After their hermitage, they are allowed to return to civilization, though they tend to be quieter and more attuned to plants than those they have left.
Disciples of Rinuli tend to grow personal gardens, of herbs or flowers, and often work as healers.
Philosophy All that lives, grows. Growth is limited only by the predations of winter and time. Call upon that growth within to heal and help, and listen to it’s song.
Worshippers: many Druids worship Rinuli, and many isolated tribes and villages reliant on nature for their day to day survival pay her respect. The keepers of gardens and greenhouses also pay her respect, as do many healers.
Prayers: Prayers to Rinuli are often prefaced with “May all the trees of thy grove grow strong” and then followed by a request, usually for a plant to grow or for a patient to heal.
Rites of Rinuli always involve plant matter and can be as benign as a wild dance of life around an old tree or as violent as a sacrifice in which a tree seed is placed and buried. They tend to be very druidic and primal.

Attitudes (Good and Bad)
Growing things
(Gods Allied: Kaasha, Fuuca, Yura, Alyssa, Ayurlon, Galderos, Istara)
Undue Harm
(Gods Hated: Nyrevin, the Blight Dukes, Tyulok, Sphirki, Drulkar)

Symbols: Rinuli’s symbol is an acorn or region-appropriate tree seed surrounded by three oak or region-appropriate leaves forming the spokes of a wheel that trisect the background, a circle of
Known Relics:

Thorns of Rinuli: The goddess, while not usually martial, will sometimes provide a bag of thorn-crafted darts to those she feels will need it. Each bag has 25 wooden thorn darts that work as hand or blowgun darts with a 2 enchantment bonus. 18 darts are otherwise ordinary wooden thorns, but the remaining ones are unique and differentiated by a band of color around their base: 2 white darts that deliver a tranquilizing venom (DC 17 fatigue initial, unconciousness for 1d41 hours secondary damage), 2 yellow Paralytic darts (DC 15, 1d4 Dex damage initial, Paralysis for 2d4 minutes secondary), 2 blue intoxicating darts (DC 15, 1d4 Wis damage initial, 1d4 Int and 1d4 wis damage secondary), and one gold-threaded dart that deals Holy damage. The normal darts can usually be retrieved and reused but the special darts have a chance of being unusuable after discharging their effect. If they miss a target they do not discharge and can be re used.

Favored Weapon Blowgun and Hand Darts

Favored Appearance:
Rinuli appears as a tall and graceful elfish humanoid, either wearing a skirt and veil-like top or a simple dress. She is green-skinned with swirling patterns etched in the leaflike scales that make her skin like that of a dragon or pangolin. Her feet end in deer’s hooves with leafy, grasslike feathering. Her hair is like entangled vines, sweeping out behind her in a mass of vines, thorns, graspers, flowers, and berries. She wears many wooden bangles and necklaces that seem to have been grown in that shape, and her eyes are a pleasant honey-gold.

Rinuli is curious. She is always interested in new travellers, running beside them just out of sight in the forests and bushlands, watching them. But she keeps her distance, easily spooked into hiding by an uncareful traveller, and spurred into anger by a destructive and disrespectful mortal. Plants and roots and fungi follow her bidding, deadly to mortals who upset her, beneficial to mortals who endear themselves to her.


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