Satyr Isles

A chain of islands, far to the north of the Scorpion Island. The former Draconic refuge of the Peak of Storms is a part of this island chain, but usually not considered amongst the Satyr Isles proper.

This collection of four islands was once the homeland of the Satyr race. Each island was once a thriving self-governing principality, making up part of confederation of Satyr settlements throghout the known world. Great travellers, the Satyr were at one point the most widespread race, if not the most populous. Their domains included many coastal settlements; the Satyr empire was based on trade of their legendary pottery, spirits and music. Generally they held peaceful relations with other races in a time where inter-racial conflicts were the norm. Ostentiously neutral, the Satyr flourished whilst their compatriots ground themselves down in endless wars and feuds.

When war erupted with the Withered Aegis, the Satyr again remained neutral throughout the opening stages, even forming a non-aggression pact with Torrin Macalir. This however did not prevent them from supplying arms to the Living Races in their struggle. With the war so far from their homeland, none ever imagined that it would touch them.

Touch them it did. Immediately after the razing of Feledan, a huge Aegis fleet was dispatched to secure Elnath and the surrounding islands of Corvus, Alged and Dahibi. A smaller force was also deployed to the Peak of Storms. Their reason for launching the attack remains unclear even into present times; it is speculated to be an arrempt at opening a second front in the conflict, or possible that the Isles were to be a staging area for an invasion of Dalimond Peninsula. Either way, the results were the same; the Satyr were taken completely by surprise. Generations of peace and fantastic wealth had left their guard lax and watch stilted; what little fortifications they had were long since derelict, and the few warriors amongst their number had never tested mettel outside of a sparring arena. Within a week the last vestiges of resistance had been completely wiped out by the Aegis, and the Satyr Empire was captured intact almost in its entirity. In celebration of their victory, the Aegis erected a great machine upon each island and enchanted it with dark magic. Using these machines they ensorcelled the Satyr population, turning the skills of their finest craftsmen to the art of war.

The Satyr languished under this torment for nearly a decade until the Living Races launched Operation Thunderstruck in an effort to disable the machines and liberate the enslaved nation. Initially successful, the Isles of Corvus and Dahibi were rapidly assaulted and their populations released and evacuated before the Aegis, in an unexpected manoeuvre, ordered the remaining enslaved Satyr to suicide and raised their corpses as undead. Swiftly beaten back, the Living Races were forced to retreat back to Dalimond with the survivors, leaving the islands in Aegis posession.

The Isles today remain firmly in the Aegis’ grasp, heavily shielded and fortified they are the prime anchorage of the undead fleet in the area. Though the Empire has seen fit to blocade the Isles, an attempt to retake them would only result in horriffic casualties, and so they remain a constant thorn in the side of the otherwise secure Lesser Aradoth. Occasional raids arel aunched to gather intelligence or retrieve one of the many artifacts lost in the invasion, but otherwise the Isles are under strict quarentine.

Satyr Isles

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