Name(s): Sphirki
Titles: Cloudlord, North Wind, Snow Herald
Alignment: CG
Portfolio: Snow, Clouds, North wind
Domains: Air, Weather, Cold
Realm: Cloudlands

Patron of Tundra folk and Sailors
Cleric Training: Sphirki doesnt have many clerics. Mostly, they are shamans that stumbled onto the god by chance or disciples of the other members of the weather quartet. Many are present and hired on ships and the like.
Philosophy Snow cloaks all and hides all. One must be cautious and watchful.
Worshippers: Shamans from the cold regions of the world worship Sphirki, as do many tribes of the northern regions
Prayers: There are no prayers to Sphirki. It is just not done. All he/she asks is a gesture of respect, perhaps a gift or two, and maybe a polite and to the point offer, query, or plea will be answered.
Rites: Sphirki asks nothing of his/her worshippers. However, a common gesture of respect is to meditate during heavy snowfalls or snow storms.

Attitudes (Good and Bad)
(Gods Allied: Suye, Markus, the Weather Quartet)
(Gods Hated: Bachantus, Niatha Moraven, Daggarth)

Symbols: a horizontally bisected white and blue circle surrounded by a black ouroboros
Known Relics:
Favored Weapon Nunchaku

Favored Appearance:
Sphirki takes the form of a gigantic feathered serpent with glowing, light blue eyes and a downy undercoat and tail tuft of white feathers, a long trailing crest of silver-grey feathers. The crest seems to taper off to a transparent sheen of silver that flickers in the wind. They also have an overcoat of clear, ice-blue crystalline feathers, giving them a blue shimmer as they undulate through the sky

Sphirki is distant from both gods and mortals, associating mainly with the other gods in the Weather Quartet. Though polite, Sphirki is quiet, preferring to watch others behind a veil of snow then to participate themselves. Conversations tend to be terse and to the point, shortening the time between interaction and returning to a distant state.


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